Dec 31, 2013

2014, Loading...

Hi there dearies, so, how was your 2013?
As I said in my last post, mine sucked but I'm not gonna elaborate on that.
But as sucky as it seems to be, it was a not bad year too *counts blessings*

So, there usual year end post, here is a short summary of what I did this year! (:

Went to Lasalle and NAFA's open house.
Click here to read about it. I might go again this year for fun. IDK hahaha.

Photo shoot for mom's friends's friend for her shop banner *shy*

Dyed my bottom half hair red for CNY!

Met Kim Jong Kook!
Click here to read about it :D

Got sponsored a camera ZR700
Click here to read about it.

Went back to SSI for Hari Koko!

Officially started school in NYP.

Prayed a lot of Malaysia (changing govenment)

End of 1st semester, end of first time submissions (:

Nose bleed a loooooooot and went to see the doctor to get 7 different types of medicine ):

GD OOAK Concert In Singapore!
Click here to read about it :D

Super Show 5 in Singapore!!!
Click here to read about it :D

Went to Hk Town in Johor but couldn't get inside due to sold out tickets ):

Did hair extensions that dropped after 2 days to a week.

Baked macaroons for the first time

Had my first outdoor photo-shoot.

Baked rainbow cupcakes!
Read about it here.

celebrated darling Travis's 2nd birthday.

Second outdoor photo-shoot at night!

Celebrated my 18th birthday at my house with a few people.

Started my online shop, Fashion Bling Online.

Fan girled over Shio wtf hahaha

Celebrated CY's birthday

Broke up.

Model submission that I'm very proud of hahaha. Will post the photos next time!

TF camp!

Celebrated Christmas at church and it was all awesome.

And right now, I'm getting ready to meet Lee Hom for count down. Cheh cheh like my friend hahaha.

GTG bye everyone,
thank you for reading all these and hopefully you'll be here to read next year's year end post too :D

Sending a lot of love to my loyal readers.

Dec 30, 2013

La Vie

Well hello there.

It's a night post again.

As you have seen from my title -- La Vie, which means the life, in french, I'm talking about my life. The life, actually. The life I want, to be specific.

So, what do I want in my life?
What is THE LIFE that I'm craving for?

Probably due to my current boring school life, or because I am an 18 year old youngest daughter of my protective parents and sisters, I somehow crave for an adventurous life.

Yeah, I know. But a girl can dream right?

I'm always dream of how would it be like to have a very happening life.

To be an air stewardess to be travelling all over the world.
To be a cover model taking photoshoots for magazines and advertisements.
To be a make up artist making people even prettier.
To be a dancer joining all sorts of dance battles.
To be a singer performing on stage to many people.
To be an actress trying out many different characters.
To be a photographer taking photos of beautiful sceneries everywhere.
To be a fashion designer designing clothes to be shown on the runway.

I, I don't really want a quiet peaceful life.
For me, I'm only young once and I don't wanna grow old regretting not doing any of the things that I wanted to do. I can have the quite boring life when I am old and not able to walk anymore. I'd then tell my grandchildren what i did when I was young and to tell them to do the same as I did because if they don't, they'll soon be old like me, without much time left and energy to do so.

2013, haven't been the greatest like I always thought it would be, due to being 18 years old. Actually, 2013 sucked ttm. For my close friends to know, I had a real sucky year. But however sucky it was, I managed to tick off half of my list.

1. This blog to become popular / instagram hit 1k followers / twitter 500 followers
2. Attend a countdown party 
3. Go to Disney Land / Sanrio Land
4. Go to Korea / Greece / Japan
5. Keep my hair long
6. See the Eiffel Tower (Go to Paris)
7. Date someone
8. Dancing on water
9. Sleeping under the stars
10. See my bias 

Haven't been able to travel this year, but it's okay. It's gonna be 2014 in 3 days, in 3 days, it's been a whole new year to start. So, have you all set your new years' resolution? I haven't really done mine yet. But here is a draft of it.

1. Instagram 2.5k (currently 1.7+k, almost 1.8k)
2. Splits. (lost them and my flexibility!)
3. ZR1000/TR150
4. FBO to go well.
5. Go to church more often.
6. Directors's list (WHO AM I KIDDING WTF)

hahaha stupid list, i know but it keeps me going. Just so I can have the sense of archievement of ticking it off every year (:

ok, going off bye.
(oh I saw this pencil case or whatever case it is at *scape that day that says xoxo, so tempted to buy but I know I woudn't us it so yeah hahaha)

Dec 27, 2013

have you ever...

have anyone of you had this feeling before?
one minute you're happy and another minute you saw something you don't wanna see and your mood instantly turns bad.

(im not even bothering abt grammar spelling and punctuation and spacing and paragraphs now)

this year had been super roller coaster to me. but at the end of the year, i realized its probably a test from god. and god's way of asking me  to go back to him (not as in die lah of course).

if you were to ask me what happened, tbh. i really dunno whats going on.
all i know was my life has been up and down a lot in a fast speed.
one day im in the sky and another day im in the mud pit with pigs (no offence, pigs)

it could be abt friends or relationships or school or my emotions
its like its all messed up
my life is all messed up

and right now, when i first started typing this paragraph for some reasons i was in the verge of tears
then now im feeling better again probably because of some friends who never abandoned be despite all the shitty crap i went through and ranted abt to them. fyi im always spamming them whenever i got angry or upset or happy or anything. well, they usually just ignore me (stares angrily at you all) but you know i still love you all.

anyway, since im feeling better now i thought i might just finish up my homework that i was doing halfway until i decided to rant  bit here.

just to let you all know im not an emotionless robot who just types random stuff and not feel anything
i do have stuff going around my life
its not actually as boring as i always made it sound like

oh well, i guess i typed quite a bit of stuff here. gg off soon
heart you all

Dec 25, 2013

20 Questions

Since i haven't any time to properly do a blogpost, I figured I might as well just do a quick short random question post! (; Please feel free to copy off the questions as I got them from the internet as well.

Let's start!

1. Thing you cant leave the house without. 
- my iPhone and purse

2. Favorite brand of makeup 
- Etude house? IDK, I hardly apply any make up.

3. Favorite flowers. 
- sunflowers & orchids!

4. Favorite clothing store 
- as long as they sell pretty and cheap clothes hahaha

5. Favorite perfume 
- Victoria Secret

6. Heels or flats 
- flats!

7. Do you make good grades 
- no...

8. Favorite colors 
- b&w, neon colours & pastel colours

9. Do you drink energy drinks
- nope

10. Do you drink juice 
- orange juice is love!

11. Do you like swimming 
- brb, drowning.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork 
- who uses fork when you have fingers!

13. Whats your favorite moisturizer 
- currently using hada labo

14. Do you want to get married later on in life 
- duh

15. Do you get mad easily 
- depends

16. Are you into ghost hunting 
- no

17. Any phobias 
- cats and butterflies and anything that flies or is furry

18. Do you bite your nails 
- gross

19. Have you ever had a near death experience 
- not really, i guess.

20. Do you drink coffee 
- i'm a chocolate kind of girl

the end hahahaha
I'm sorry it's so boring.
Will be back soon k.




I haven't been blogging for such a long time. Have been too busy with camp and christmas. Hahahahaha.

Not to worry, i'd be blogging (and spamming photos) asap about TF camp and also christmas. And maybe by then I've done with 1314 countdown already hahaha. Going to meet Leehom omggggg and The Wanted! OMGGGGG.



OK, just a super duper short short talk here with no photos cause i havent put any photos into my computer.

follow me on instagram @felindabling & my instashop @fashionblingonlinee.

Wo hen love all of you.
God bless!
Will be back soon,

Dec 1, 2013

Little things

So bored of doing my homework already! So, here is an update hahaha. 

Bucket list with my boyfriend/husband.

1. Record a song. 
2. Sleep under the stars/moon.
3. Cook a meal. 
4. Go to disneyland.
5. Go on a picnic.
6. Cuddle.
7. Movie marathon.
8. Decorate a room.
9. Take funny polaroid/purikura photos.
10. Go to europe. 
11. Do manicure or pedicure for each other. 
12. Fly a kite. 
13. Draw a portrait of each other. 
14. Paint fight. 
15. Play an instrument. 
16. Go to gym. 
17. Clean the house. 
18. Bake something. 
19. Elope for a day or two. 
20. Own a shared blog or instagram account. 

HAHAHA. A girl can dream right? I'm still looking for someone who would be willing to do these with me. And can tahan my stupidness and also me being super close with my male bffs. And also someone who would be my best friend as well as my lover. Not the time yet, but i believe when the time is ripe, god will surely give me one. So for now, I would just be enjoying the company of my friends and bury myself in assignments. 

Goodnight everyone, xoxo. 

Nov 27, 2013

Long time no see

long time no see
long long time now see
long time no see

if you heard TOP's doom dada you'd be singing those words above this sentence.

so heyyyyy wassup you guys! :D
I've just done my presentation ppt and I swear the new transition and animation stuff are all damn cool.
You should all go and play around with it. Mine is the 2010 version btw (:

So, it's wednesday. Half a week is gone, again. In 2 weeks, I'd be having my beeeeeeeautiful christmas holidays and I'm so eggcited about it hehehe. For like after 2 years, I'm finally going to a church camp. Too old for teenz camp now, I've 'upgraded' to TF camp whoop whoop. I'm actually looking more forward to the late night fun and on the bus fun. Never been to TF before, heard from laura that its really fun, much more different than teenz camp and the best thing? We dont need wake up early. WHAAAAT!?!Camp, sleep late? whuuut. Ok I'm a little cray cray now idk why..

Actually I do know why, I'm high when I'm tired.
It's a crime scene in my pants now so yeah dang it.

Believe it or not I've already planned out my holiday. This is my list:
1. TF Camp!
2. Go on a getaway with the 2 bees.
3. Adventure cove
4. SEA Aquarium
5. Zoo
6. Picnic
7. Sing K
8. Bake
9. Pedicure
10. Decorate my room.

My mom bought me my favourite thing on earth last week, christmas lights!!! To hang in my room like this,

Yeah, i'm gonna complete it with some nice words/quotes and posters and polaroid photos and my selcas that I printed out and yepp it's gonna be awesome and maybe i'd then do a room tour. A few people had been asking for them since like idk when hahahah, dont worry I havent forget about them!

Enough of craaaap.
I'm off of beeeeeeed. My lovely pillow is awaiting mehhh. My roommate is like, long asleep while I was still doing my ppt. Trust me, it's not even 11 yet hahahhaa.
Nights! xoxo.

Nov 21, 2013


Ahhhh have been doing studio work. We are to redo our work and I think I'm gonna die. I just wanna do this to my work now,

Like, wtf and I doing!?

But nevermind, relaxed my mind a bit by watching handsome guys hehehehee

Why don't we take a moment to thank God for this wonderful creation?
BTW, Tae Yang's Ringa Linga is really nice.

PS: I don't really like this new song of TOP's. Yet. It's just, weird :x

Nov 18, 2013


Hi, so I've been feeling quite blue and sick recently, and also depressed, for some stuff.
Mostly school and relationship.

For school, turned out it's good cause I've been complaining about this lecturer and his weird thinking and attitude, turns out I'm might be as weird as he is because apparently, he thinks my pile of rubbish work is good. Thought of quitting but then after hearing what my lecturer's reasons for not giving up on this course, I thought maybe shouldn't be so pessimistic and just ask God to help me through. Don't waste my 2013's education and be a poly drop out.

As for relationship, didn't turn out very well. I'm officially single now. Does anyone wanna date me?


Nov 14, 2013

Nothing, just nonsense.

Hi, here's a rare photo of me wearing spectacles.

I now have started to never feel guilty about not blogging anymore :x
It's not that I'm too lazy or what, I just don't have anything much to say.
School is normal, life is normal, Singapore is normal, Malaysia is normal..

So, what else can I blog about?
My life is soooo uninteresting right now.
I've nothing to blog about (apart from requested hair style post which I am still procrastinating about them).

My life right now, every single week is:
Weekdays -> wake up, go to school, come home, dinner, do homework, sleep
Saturday -> wake up, slack/do homework/annoy my mom a bit, dinner, slack, sleep
Sunday -> wake up, church stuff, go home, dinner, back to singapore

I miss my honeybees, I miss hanging out with them D:
I want a getaway to idk, a chalet or hotel or something.
Just do girls stuff like, eating chatting laughing swimming sleeping camhoing slacking movies pedicures..
College had made us separate and I miss both of them badly..
I miss seeing them and talking to them everyday and never got sick of it..

Ahhh, right now I'm just slacking on my bed typing this and intend to watch running man after this.
I should be doing my work but nevermind, still have time, maybe after an episode......

I've been stalking EXO lately and erm I suddenly think baekhyun and chanyeol are too cute.
This boy group ah, damn teruk. Too many hot guys...
I wonder how SM manages to find all these hot stuff to put in TVXQ SuJu SHINee and EXO.
And the girls too.

As much as I like YG (BB & 2NE1) , I think I still like SM artiste the best.

Oh, and who said I have nothing to blog about, look at all the blabbers and nonsense I typed.

Nov 7, 2013

Thursday Updates - Fan Girl.


Wassup people.

I've been neglecting this space for awhile.

Had been lazy.

Before anything else, I've been hooked on this song since this morning.

我閉上眼睛 貼著你心跳呼吸
而此刻地球 只剩我們而已
你微笑的唇型 總勾著我的心
每一秒初吻 我每一秒都想要吻你

就這樣 愛你愛你愛你 隨時都要一起
我喜歡 愛你外套味道 還有你的懷裡
把我們 衣服鈕扣互扣 那就不用分離
美好愛情 我就愛這樣貼近 因為你

有時沒生氣 故意鬧脾氣
你的緊張在意 讓我覺得安心
從你某個角度 我總看見自己
到底你懂我 或其實我本來就像你

Repeat Chorus

想變成你的氧氣 溜進你身體裡
你有多麼寶貝 我愛你

Repeat Chorus

我們愛情 會一直沒有距離 最美麗


Anyway, life's been not bad I guess. Probably my friends read my blog cause right after I posted that we went back being like how we were before. Or maybe I was just over thinking, again.

Homework was okay too. Had fun taking photos for studio work. And if you followed me on Instagram (@felindabling), you would have saw my drawing of my moving castle. If not, here is a photo of it.

Went and buy materials from Art Friend with MF (my roommate) and other classmates at at orchard and one of my friend's bf came and find her. I was shocked when I saw him cause he look scarily exactly like someone I know, yet I cannot put a finger to it. In the end, I remembered that face and went to find on facebook to find that he was just a guy that look crazily alike with my ex senior in SSI. Even MF thought that looked alike! 

Today's lesson was boring. Ergonomics. Lesson from 9-11am only. Had maggie mee for lunch with eunice and ta pao for XH joyjoy & ger cause they still having lesson. Eunice and I carried  4 cups of cup noodlesand walked from cheers to our class to find that ALAN is in class wth. So we had to eat outside studio and it was damn embarrassing cause people keep passing by and I'm sure they'd think we are cray cray cause eunice and I had 4 cups of noodles with us /.\ their noodles became all dry but we cant help them, well, we walked halfway to class and decided that they soup was too little and it'll be too dry and actually took the effort to walk back to cheers to refill hot water. After awhile, 3 of them sneaked out from the class and ate a few mouthful of noodle and ran back into class cause ALAN was looking for them hahahahaa.

After eating, eunice and I went and bought the pink magnum from cheers. It's so expensive T^T but it's so nice. Champagne flavour! and it's pink! and JB don't have! Actually wanted to try the black one cause like very cool but then it's expresso. Scared too bitter :/ 

Then I went home and sleep and did some homework for colour studies that doesnt link to colours at all wth weird LARRY is weird (*note that I mention my lecturer's name in Caps so that you all know they are not my friends). 


Oh, also, I've been raving and obsessed about this Japanese guy (real people, not some kind of pop idol or anime character, I promise) on twitter (@felindabling) who is bongqiuqiu's hair stylist at cleo - shiotsuka harutaka. Why? 

Because, i was him at JB central and I kena electric shocked. LOLOLOL

I was sitting at starbucks waiting for MF to go back singapore together when I spotted this guy with Japanese fashion (shades, long wavy black hair, moustache, super baggy black polka dotted pants, white top and a hat) and I saw another 3-4 guys following him behind. Then shio looked over at my direction and I gasped. wtf, it's shio *screams in brain* *omgasdfgghjkl so handsome irl!!!!!!* and I tweeted I saw him with my hands shaking. I felt like I saw a celebrity and I can hardly contain my excitement. I wanted to run up to him and ask if he is shio eventhough I am 100% he is shio. 

After I reach my room in sg, I posted a photo on instagram saying I saw shio and tagged him. To my surprise, HE LIKED AND REPLIED MEEEEEEE!!!! I was totally flabbergasted. I was in class then. I almost screamed and jumped up my seat, I felt like eunhyuk replied my tweet hahahahaha and you all know how much I like eunhyuk. Shit I have a thing for older foreign country men. hahahaha sorry local guys. 

And then in the evening, I saw this:

This is the guy who was wearing the japanese fashion that I mentioned just now.

And at night, I was stalking qq in hopes to find photos of shio when I saw the link to cleo's fb page. Clicked in and I found their facebook account :/

I'm such a stalker. Beware. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

Contemplating if I should add to which MF said, just add lah, nvm one mah hahaha and after watching an episode of Running man, I came back to facebook and saw these *silent screams*

Not enough?
This is what happened this evening.
I saw qq tweeting that she's going to cleo to do her hair and I just anyhow tweeted this, not holding hopes that she would see it. AND THEN.

SAY WHAAAAAAAT!?!!! (whaaaaaat is my current favourite phase)

Ok, girls, go away yah, shio likes me, shio iz mine

(but I actually like the idea of having a hair stylist for a husband/boyfriend - free hair treatment, you know)

be right back while I scream into my pillow.

Ok, I'm back.

I actually thought of just dropping by cleo today (cause joyjoy and ger is going marina to take photos) in hopes to getting a glimpse of him :x but I never go lah cause my contact lens too dry, need to go back badly to dispose them. But I rub rub my eyes and then they came out on the mrt, so I walked back half blind hahaha

And so, this is the story of me fangirling.

(This girl ah, damn teruk.)

Oct 28, 2013

Cest la vie

Just because I don't say anything doesn't mean I don't mind.
Just because I don'y cry doesn't mean I'm not upset.
Just because I smile doesn't mean I'm happy. 

"It's not what I didnt feel, it's what I didn't show." - misery, maroon 5.

I have a love hate feeling towards being alone. I used to think it doesn't matter to me cause I am born a loner. If I weren't born with my friends, I really doubt I will ever make any close friends throughout my 18 years of living. You may see me as a socialable person and is probably 'well known' (thats what people kept telling me which I refuse to think so) on the internet but behind the screen hides an introvert girl who doesn't have much friends. Ok, to correct this, I do have friends. Friends that I only talk to online, hi bye friends.. And please remember this, coursemates are not friends. Coursemates are just people who you know who happen to be studying the same thing by the same lecturer in the same room as you. You smile and occasionally say hi. But you're certainly not friends because friends are people who do stuff together. 

If you follow me on Twitter(@felindabling), I'm sure you saw my recent tweets about hating singapore. Not that I really hate singapore. Is just that I hate coming back here cause now that I'm staying here alone (minus landlord & roommate, they are not my family duh). I really felt alone. Many nights I look at the sky and thought, we're not far, we're all under the same sky, I'm going back on Friday. It's not that tough. You're not alone. You're missed at home. And as I'm typing this my tears are falling on my screen cause I know it's stupid. I mean, it's only Singapore. Home is only a river away please. But you know what? The pain of leaving home every week is tough. I think I would rather go KL and face this pain every month or so than every week. Maybe at least I could tell myself it's because it's so far. But SG is really so near, yet so far. I'm so homesick right now. I miss home. I miss my mom. 

You know what? Last sunday, I cried thinking of coming back here (I'm in SG now). Like, my family members are having dinner and I'm upstairs alone getting ready to come back. I was the first to finish my food and mom asked me if I wanna go back SG now. The first thought that came into my mind was that, why? Why are you chasing me away from being at home? You all havent even finish your food you already cant wait for me to go away?? I must admit that I was quite emotional recently. Tiny things are able to make me cry. I never used to cry so easily. I don't know why, things seemed to have changed. 

Anyway, back to topic. I hate school. I hate going to school. I used to hate high school but now I wish I'm back. At least then, I had CY, WS and Sara. They are my real friends who actually do stuff with me and talk to me and we share secrets and talked about almost everything and we're always together. Ok maybe not Sara but we're always happy to see each other and talked non stop despite the age difference. Right now, I'm truly alone. I don't have anyone. The people who used to be my friends, who I used to always hang out and talk and laugh and do assignments together are gone. I tried mixing into their topics but now all I am is a tagalong. Cause the thumb may be a part of the palm but it is not a finger. I'm the thumb. Many times I am walking behind them not knowing what's the joke, what are they doing after school, how are their assignments going, what are they talking about, where are they shopping, where are they working, which girl are they gossiping about, who is whose eye candy now. I tried keeping up with them and I guess they are probably just too kind to chase me away cause mostly they'd tell me a little and then go ahead talking among themselves again. They don't even mind if I don't follow them around. They left me alone in studio not telling me they went to the toilet or canteen. What is worse is I can't even mix with my roommate who is also my classmate cause I don't get their topic too. I'm just, alone. I thought I would never admit this but it actually hurts to see the people whom you thought are you close friends and will always be until we graduate, leaving you out of the everything that they are doing.

And he will never understand how I feel cause he is really socialable and has many friends cause he is able to talk to almost everyone about everything. Yet, he is always telling me he hasn't any friends. He should be in my place for a day to see how is it like to be me. But it only makes us quarrel if we ever talk about this. 

Also, this course didn't turn out as fun as I used to think it was. We've starting using computer programmes and me, being a total noob at computers is having a hard time. I'm so tired. So alone. But however everything is being, this is life and I just gotta accept it. Friends or no friends. Alone or not. I just wanna pass this 3 years ASAP and then get to do what I want. Be it air stewardess, make up artist, ceramist or lady boss of my own shop. Not as if I dream to because an interior designer. At least not now. I'm just aiming for pass and survival. 

Thanks for reading.
May you have a goodnight sleep. 
God bless you. 

BTW, have I mentioned that I recently just set up an online store on facebook ( and will be receiving orders starting from 31st of Oct which is this Thursday? I'm sure I haven't yet. So please if you're from Malaysia, please come and support me by clicking like, sharing to your friends or ordering from me. Meet ups are available in JB (Johor Bahru) so you can save on your postal fees (;

Oct 16, 2013

Half A Week Passed

So, I'm back to poly and well assignments starting again..

First day of school:
Weird, totally weird. almost everyone changed their hair style/colour. Even the lecturers. Alan started wearing glasses. No wonder he looks weird, i thought he changed glasses until eunice reminded me that he never use to wear specs. Ahh, first day of school was not bad. Expected to have colour studies the first thing in the morning but when I went into the studio, I was like WHY IS WAYNE HERE. And i got the news that they changed the timetable, again #typical. Anyway, lesson was great cause we got to watch one of my fav cartoon anime - howl's moving castle (and got asdgfbflmwhjo by howl's handsomeness... omg, i'm fanatising a cartoon character.) after watching the movie, the real deal came. We are freaking expected to design a moving castle of our own. How to even......


15th oct:
Its Hari Raya Haji! Went back to jb cause my roommate is going back too. Don't wanna be alone in this place, landlord and landlady went holiday so i'll be all alone.. boo hoo. Anyway, I drove! OMG. At first I told me dad I'll just be driving in the neighbourhood but when I went on the car and started engine and opened the gate, I panicked. I realized I have no idea how to reverse out from our parking space (slanting position). So i off/closed everything and went back to find my dad to help me. He accompanied me a few rounds in and out of the neighbourhood and then I'm good to go. drove around by myself a few more rounds and went home. played a few rounds of pokopang on the bed, bored out, not daring to ask daddy if I can drive up to austin to fnd him. but after awhile daddy came in my room, saw me lying on my bed and ask why am i not going out. to which i said that my friend is in austin, i cant drive there by myself meh. and he said sure, why not? just be careful. I was like omg seriouslyyyy yayyyy. So then I drove up to austin all by myself and to tebrau city as well. And I made it home safely..


2nd day of school:
Early morning came back singapore for a 2 hour lesson T^T
TYPOGRAPHY. So boring ok. this lecturer (a new one, as in never thought us before cox he is part time lecturer) asked us to self intro wth the thing i hate the most... and class ended at 1pm. came back and started doodling, searching for ideas for my moving castle. wanted to eat the banana mom bought for me on sunday to find worms on it euw *thows out of window* (just kidding, I dont wanna be fined) (ini bukan malaysia)

ok lahhh will blog about my birthday when I am free, no nice pictures ah, no mood to blog also ):

Oct 10, 2013

Super easy and fast bake cookies

Believe it or not, I did these cookies in less than 30 minutes.
It's super super easy and all you need are 3 ingredients with you can most probably find in your house right away. A very good recipe for last minute baking I got from

225g caster (granulated) sugar
1 egg
225g peanut butter

*I think about 100g of sugar would be enough as the peanut butter itself is already quite sweet. i mine mine with 225g and it turned out a little too sweet. Also, puttingless sugar means being able to sandwich your cookies with some jam or nutella (:

Preheat your oven 180C for 20 minutes.
Combine everything in a bowl, if your batter is toohard and dry, can add a little bit of milk.

Roll the batter into round shapes and place them on a sheet of baking paper. This size is the size of a tablespoon.

Flatten them.

Send them into the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes.

Cool them off on the wire rack and keep them in an airtight container.


PS: omg it's my birthday tomorrowwwww

Oct 9, 2013

Blue Mix Print Nails

Nail Tutorial

Things you'll need:
1. white
2. black
3. blue
4. black and gold beads
5. dotting tool
6. thin brush

start with your base coat and then paint them as shown

zebra prints - draw black stripes using a thin brush

and more lines

start by drawing a cross in the middle of your thumb and slowly thicken it

leopard prints - make random white sploches and then line them with broken black lines

stick on the beads, apply top coat and its done.

enjoy painting! (:

Oct 8, 2013

Rainbow Tipped Nails

Nail Tutorial

As promised, a nail tutorial (:

Things you'll need:
1. white
2. colours of the rainbow
3. dotting tool

start of with your base coat and then a base colour of white

start by making red dots on of of the tip of your thumb

then orange on the rest of the tip of the thumb and half of your pointer finger

do the same with yellow

and green

and blue

and finally purple.

apply top coat and you're done!
You can also choose to paint the tips of your fingers white instead the whole of the nail

Have fun (:

Oct 3, 2013

18th Birthday

Few days ago my mom kept asking me what do I wanna do for my 18th birthday since turning 18 is a special occasion. Like, I've turned legal. She suggested a small celebration, inviting my friends over and have bbq. I just said I don't know. Actually I do know what I want. I just don't think it'll work cause my birthday plans almost never work..

Initially I wanted a party like I mentioned in my other the other time on my dream party but I figured that would be for my 21st birthday cause it classier. For 18th birthday, I would want it to be more of a fun party. A pool/beach party. With bbq. I really like bbqs. The chicken wing, the hotdogs with honey, the corn, the fish, the meat, the drinks, the fun. But I dont think this will work since my friends are all so busy with their own lives :x

But well if this doesn't work, I'm actually thinking of just going out with him, a nice place, nice meal and cake maybe (omg i love birthday cakes, I always eat cakes but birthday cakes are special), or high tea/meal with a few friends also can, hmm or maybe get some money to go shopping or pamper myself with a pedicure/manicure. Just to pamper myself a little before school starts, which is on 14th oct. So not looking forward to it. I actually feel like quitting school already. Taking a course here might be even cheaper. And I can stay here. I hate going back to Singapore. I hate school. Not to mention the exchange rate is so high now I can't even....

Anyway, I passed my driving test like, finallyyyyy. Can't wait to get my P license and be able to drive out. Yes, I did mentioned that I hate driving but I think thats because i'm annoyed by the driving instructor's naggings. Ahhh but now its finally all over.

PS: will be posting some nail art tutorials soon (;


Oct 1, 2013

Hello, birthday month.


I'm not sure if anyone here is aware of this but it's my birthday month again. I'm turning 18 very soon. Omg. I'm gonna be legal soon. I can go to clubs and drink now hahahahaha kidding, I never clubbed before although I'd very much like to try it one day. I mean, I'm really curious how inside looks like. In my imagination and from what I see on tv and photos of other people and heard about it, it's a dark place with loud songs with a lot of dancing (drunk/half drunk/just started) people, people smoking and a lot of colourful lighting that I like. Also, I'd finally be able to change my I/C photo TvT the photo now is really damn ugly wth. It was taken when I was 12 years old, round specs, short ugly messy hair, stupid smile and overexposed lighting...

Anyway, today is officially the first day of my shop opening. I'm currently selling baby outfits, children outfits, family outfits. Will be adding pet outfits soon. Shipping only throughout Malaysia. If anyone of you is interested, this is my FACEBOOK PAGE and the instagram account is @babywearhouse143. Will be uploading cute baby/little animal photos as well so follow follow and help me share out the page, like and follow my ig account! (:

Retaking driving test tomorrow. I must say I don't know how should I feel right now. I just hope I wouldn't waste money and faster pass the test. May God bless me and my car and the pegawai......

Sep 30, 2013

Another Boyfriend Post

As in my dream boyfriend. Who don't exist. Yet. Maybe.

• someone who I can exchange silly selca/videos with.
• someone who gives me surprises. 
• someone who sings for me. 
• someone who will give me phone calls when he misses me.
• someone who calls me babygirl/princess.
• someone who hugs me in public. 
• someone who likes giving me forehead kisses. 
• someone who would tolerate my monthly mood swings.
• someone who would act silly with me. 
• someone who would stay away from girls for me. 
• someone who knows what I like.
• someone who can give me good advices. 
• someone who would go to church with me. 
• someone who likes babies.
• someone who is able to accept my friends and vice versa. 
• someone who will never judge me for every choice I make.
• someone who is willing to let me bite him. 
• someone who would tell me how much it hurts to see me cry. 
• someone who would tell me what he loves about me. 
• someone who allows me to mess up his hair. 
• someone who tells me I'm pretty. 
• someone who will always tell me how much he loves me. 

Although it may not be 100% like this, maybe 80%, I'm still waiting for him. If you are willing to do this for me, please come find me already.

Sep 23, 2013

Things I Do When I Am Bored/Down

1. Play with my make up
2. Play with my nail polish
3. Dress up
4. Sing
5. Bake
6. Annoy my friends
7. Annoy my mom
8. Stalk people on social websites
9. Stalk celebrities
10. Random googling

PS: No, I didn't pass my driving test. So the Journey To A Driving License still had to go on. Although I very much want to give up already. So sick and tired of driving. I'm blaming the car for the failure. Click that link to read about it.

PPS: I'm planning something recently and might be a little busy to blog. Forgive me!

Do drop me some questions(or rather comments) on my account. My phone can now receive notifications from this app so I'd be replying even faster than usual (:


Sep 22, 2013

Journey To A Driving License (3)


Wow. This sure took me a long time. The excuse is that I started school in NYP and I'm too busy to have driving lesson. So now since I'm on sem break like finally, I 'fasterly' called up my driving instructor and book a slot of driving lesson. Actually I left only 1 lesson, pretest, actually test and I'm done. But since I haven't been on the wheel for like 5 months, I forgotten everything about driving and I had to take extra 2 classes :X

The first time after 5 months, I cannot remember how to even start the car wth. I stared at the paddle for a few seconds then I asked, 'erm which is the oil paddle?' to which he scoffed and started nagging (again).

So this is me driving to Perling while he nagged.


Not so happy also la of course but hmm at least I'm kinda safe. I guess.

 Ok la, I fast forward to the day I had pretest cause others quite normal only. Getting nagged for forgetting which is which, how to do what.... Me, being a little pissed off by his non stop naggings blahblahblahhh..

Anyway, I think I did really well without him on the car telling me/reminding me what to do. Except this once that I got stuck at the 3 point turn section and it was so embarrassing. No one came to help me at all. They all rather wait for me. Thanks ah everyone -.- 5 cars waiting for me sia. Still no one came and offered any help. So I phone called my driving instructor (he was somewhere else) and asked for help. And he laughed at me T^T

After that I had pretest and it was all so sudden that I never had time to even panic wtf. I was given a number to pin on my shirt and then get on a car (newer version kancil that I never drove before) to try out the brakes and gear and everything. Then another guy came up the car and told me to drive road A. I'm like what? Test already? O_O ok lor. And I think I panicked a little when I was reversing cause I never reversed a car from a parking lot before asdffhgjhkl. Anyway, everything went quite ok. I thought I would fail because my car slid down on the slope :X but yay I got 92/100 :D

Now all I have to do is to wait till Monday for the actual test and hopefully I pass, then I'm an official P driving wheee. Like finally ah omg.


Test drive mom's car (Alza) in church's parking lot on Sunday. Wah, auto car so easy one ah omg. No need to step oil also can move :O hahaha #suakukia Mom was super tense in the car. And I wasn't even stepping on the oil paddle. The car is literally moving at 0kmh hahahahahaha omg mom. What to do next time when I can really drive out. You'd probably be clenching your fingers at the side. Kidding. Bye.






WTH. I failed. I'm blaming the car. The brakes. The clutch. The people who blocked my way. And mostly my own stupidity in driving. Wo hen pek chek ): kthxbai



I can like, finally drive officially ugh hahahahaha damn excited k :DDD

So I made time to take the test again and thank god I passed. I think i wouldn't be able to pass everything if weren't for me praying so damn hard hahahaha

So this is the end of the journey to a driving license. thanks for reading. really! so now that i can finally drive, hehehehe MOMMMM I NEED YOUR CARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 21, 2013

20 Days To My 18th Birthday

OMG. I'm gonna be 18 soon wtf. Actually it's my chinese birthday today. So in the chinese calendar, I am actually 19 today. Omg, that's even older.

I always thought being 18 would be fun cause its the legal age but I guess this year kinda sucked for me LOL
Ok la, shan't talk about this now. Will leave this to the annual end of the year reflection post.

No one except my mom had asked me what do I want for my birthday. TBH, I don't really have any idea cause after so many years. I don't dare to even expect anything at all now. Everything planned will go boom because of exams or other shits.

Anyway, I never fail to have a wishlist for my birthday that never comes true HAHA but it's ok. Next time I can look back and look at the stuff that I wanted but never got then I can work hard and get them by myself. (and I went back to find my birthday post last year, wtf I never even blogged about it. Just had a cake with my cousin and mom brought me for korean food and 2 presents)

1. TR15/150/ZR1000
2. More clothes.
3. My melody.
4. More baby eeyores.
5. Money.
6. Become prettier.
7. Ab line.
8. Bikini.

This year, finally finally finally after 9 years of school. I don't have exams before/after/during my birthday. In fact. It's during school holidays! Not quite excited cause I doubt I get to celebrate with anyone. Probably just gonna sleep at home like everyday.

Ok la, 20 more days to being legal and to marry my birthday twinnie Henry Lau ~


Sep 20, 2013

First Poly Result

As in First Year First Sem results.

Came out on Wednesday and tbh I don't actually even know if this kind of result is good or bad. Not a single A. For me I think it's quite bad la. GPA 3.05 only. If this continues, I'm screwed for the rest of my years. Ok, forget this it's over. Just work harder for sem 2. Hwaiting! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ugh this quality is so bad. I need a Casio TR15 T^T.
My birthday is coming soon, anyone? LOL. *buey paiseh*

IOS7 is so pretty! haha ok bye *waves*


Ok, so I found this awesome webpage. It has so many lovely recipes!
I'm gonna try a few of their recipes and share with you all :D

If you're interested, this is the website (:

PS: I'm currently out of idea for nail designs. Do you all miss those tutorials? Suggest something for me to paint by dropping me a question on // tweet me at // tag me on the picture on Instagram @felindabling ! (:

ciaos! :-*