Jun 27, 2013

New phone!

Hello everyone I'm so happy today cause
1. General studies (history of arts) starts at 3-5 today and next week we're going to ion orchard for class, coming week and another week national museum then NUS museum. Meaning, no class!!! Haha just gaigai :D

2. I got my new phone after signing my phone plan. Xperia L! The red is so pretty but too bad its not available ): haih it's okay. Black is nice too. I alrdy got a white iphone that why I took black.

3. I'm gonna meet my cousin sister and get my GD concert ticket tomorrow!! Really cannot wait for the weekend la! 

Thanking god for such a nice week.

xx bye, gunna sketch 3 buildings nao! 😘

Jun 25, 2013

How I Got My OOAK Concert Ticket



Wondering why am I so happy?

With my cousin sister cause we got it cheap.

First I saw a girl mentioning she need to sell off her beloved freestanding (mosh pit) ticket for 199 bucks because she had to work until 9pm and might even need to do OT. Then after talking about it she reduced the price to 190 bucks for me cause she say since she cannot go, she wanna sell it to someone who needs it more than her (like charity sia haha). but at night, i got a bad news from her which is her brother took her ticket. She gave me a fb website and told me its a higher chance for being able to get a ticket there. Many people were buying/selling/trading their tickets there and I anyhow asked any person who is selling at a cheaper price than the original prices. Out of 10 person only 1 replied and she said hers is not sold yet, am I interested? (LOL not interested why will I ask wor...) it was a moshpit ticket, she wants to sell it at 200 bucks and I asked if I can get it at a lower price of about 180-190 bucks and she said 190. After talking awhile, she decided to sell her ticket to me at 180 bucks cause i'm a (serious buyer) LOL. So darn happy cause never can I ever imagine getting a freestanding ticket at this time (less than one week!!!) and at such a ridiculously low price!!! Thanked her again and again and again.

Actually I alrdy gave up this concert but since I had some extra money and someone tempted me to go, I went and look for a ticket that is less than 200 bucks and presto! I got a moshpit ticket for 180bucks. the original price including sistic fee was 231bucks. so good deal! for 180 bucks i get to see G Dragon and 2NE1 (special guest)!!! Why not...

Will update sooon. meeting her to get the ticket on friday, hopefully she will not fly me airplane!

PS the website is here, if anyone needs it! (:
PSS please tell me if you're going I wanna know if any of my readers is going!
PSSS I will tell if I am 100% going, say hi if you see me! west side yo! hahaha

Jun 17, 2013


Ugh I really feel like eating cakes right now. I'm blaming the kdrama I'm watching right now -- Porcupine & Miss Panda (εˆΊθŸθˆ‡ε°θ²“ε°ε§) !!! Super duper feel like eating fruit cakes and cupcakes and cake rolls and idk, just cakes. 

Need. Cake. Now!!


Jun 14, 2013

Hair Problems

Ahh I really wanna dye my hair but dyeing is so ex and I cannot be 100% that I can get the exact colour that I like. 

I really wanna get extensions done. My friend did it at bugis at it's only $5+/- for a strand (if I'm not wrong). The colour is so long lasting and still very vibrant after 5 months. 

$5 is so so much cheaper than dyeing can or not! Also it doesnt hurt my hair cause I dont need to bleach it. If next time I dont like already I can cut it off (extensions only, not my real hair) and change another colour or what. Ahhh so tempted!!!

My friend is planning to do it this weekend. Should I do it too? But I really cant imagine what would my family say about it D: but it's my hair right! And im only young once. Im allowed to try right...?

Ahhh these colours are so nice I cannot...

How I wish I'm a natural blonde, wouldnt have to worry about bleaching my hair! *inserts angry face* but ahh i'm asian and I should be thankful I'm chinese and fair. 

If I were to do extensions, I would choose a mixture of these 2 colours! What do ya'll think? Is it too outrageous? It'll be like streaks in between my hair cause dip dye is too mainstream (dont have to get me started about this AGAIN). 


Jun 11, 2013


Looking back at my old blog posts, I seriously have no idea how did I get so many things to blog about!
Right now my life is great but nothing seems blog worthy enough.

I guess you all will just have to make do with all my random blog posts hehehe

I'm actually considering doing extensions at bugis next week or when school starts again. When I applied for my concession card (: hahaha.

I miss super junior.

This is random crap.


Choco Baby

HI !!!

So, I finally dyed my hair yesterday & it was a huge disappointment. I expected it to be red like this..

Instead, it turned out to be brown. Cannot even be bothered to take a photo of it but it doesn't matter cause you'll see it in my recent photos. Oh wait, the photo above IS a recent photo. Just took it this morning when I was lazing. Hehehe. Holidays now! I'm suppose to be doing work & work & work and not work & rest & rest... 

Ahhh, I semi gave up on my driving already. I don't know if I still remember how to even start the engine. BFF already got her license. When is my turn!?!!! ): I shouldn't have procrastinated that time when I was free. Now I'm so flooded with assignments & projects. Two weeks of holidays are defo not enough!!! *demands for a month holiday!!!* 

Also, I'm in need of shopping! The shopaholic inside me is going cray cray. I have nothing to wear!! No shoes, no shirt, no pants, no skirt, no bikini! Hahaha. I really wanna go to the beach. To lie on the sand cause I'm lazy like that hehehe.

Gotta go colour my colour wheel & make a model out of it now byeeee (; 


Jun 9, 2013

Lovely lady


I'm currently on term break and not very free hahaha. Tons of work to be done. Blogging from phone right now cause I didn't bring my laptop back from Singapore as I will still be going back tomorrow for model making class replacement T.T 9am class! 

Ahhh haven't been blogging for so long. I'm thinking if I should blog about small stuff every time something happens, like funny things or things worth remembering. Would anyone read them? Reply me in ask.fm & tell me if you'd read these lame, random daily life things. For example, things that happened in school or about my homework or even my weird funny dreams. LOL. Since I've not been doing anything except going to school.. Sort of just like secondary school but I don't know why I had stuff to blog last time & now no time and nothing to blog about.. Ahhh I should just conclude that because I'm too tired hahaha #lazyass 

Ok la, I'm going to start doing the 1:50 scale house model now! Quite big it is. I have no idea how am I going to bring it to Singapore..

ps: on second thoughts, i think i'm going to nap hahahahaha

pps: follow me on Instagram leh! (:


Jun 2, 2013

crazy kpop fangirl is crazy


I haven't been fangirling for so long sia! hahaha probably because my friends who likes kpop in poly are not in the same fandom as me T_T nevermind, at least got a few kpoppers hehehe

Ok so it's Sunday & I'm at home in JB & decided to go on youtube... Fan girls will know what will happen when you go on youtube LOL endless clicks on music videos, funny videos, trolling videos, sneezing videos, laughing videos, fancams, etc...

And then I finally went & watch Wolf by EXO & omf I fell in love with EXO once again....
Oh Kai, Oh Kris, Oh Chen....




And then I found this mega adorbs video of Kai Chen and Kris (sorry, not focusing on others at all) I watched 3 times to focus on each one of them and I almost died watching Kai wts.

if you haven't watch Wolf yet...



OH YAAAAA CL came out with a brand new MV & I am so addicted!!!

CL jiu shi CL haih. dem legs, dem swag.


Ok don't worry I haven't forgot about Lee Hyukjae or Kim Keybum
but today is not about them eventhough i still nomu nomu nomu love them.