Jun 9, 2013

Lovely lady


I'm currently on term break and not very free hahaha. Tons of work to be done. Blogging from phone right now cause I didn't bring my laptop back from Singapore as I will still be going back tomorrow for model making class replacement T.T 9am class! 

Ahhh haven't been blogging for so long. I'm thinking if I should blog about small stuff every time something happens, like funny things or things worth remembering. Would anyone read them? Reply me in ask.fm & tell me if you'd read these lame, random daily life things. For example, things that happened in school or about my homework or even my weird funny dreams. LOL. Since I've not been doing anything except going to school.. Sort of just like secondary school but I don't know why I had stuff to blog last time & now no time and nothing to blog about.. Ahhh I should just conclude that because I'm too tired hahaha #lazyass 

Ok la, I'm going to start doing the 1:50 scale house model now! Quite big it is. I have no idea how am I going to bring it to Singapore..

ps: on second thoughts, i think i'm going to nap hahahahaha

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