Jun 29, 2014

Trophy Factory

It was actually nothing interesting at all. We tricked Ariel (one of my lecturer, Wayne's wife who is also our adjunct  lecturer) the day before into telling us where he was bring us. But we still went because we were bribed by the pizza party afterwards. Which was actually what he owed us after pushing the stupid trophy project to us. 

I never mentioned about the trophy project before, have I? If I did, just ignore and look at those photos, or if you don't want you can just skip this post cause below is actually just similar photos of my classmates hahaha
Anyway at the start of the year, we were told to design a freaking trophy for a client and it was actually a competition. Initially, it was for anyone who wants to participate but (I think) there wasn't anyone so Wayne forced us to take up the challenge and said we all have to do it. But there wouldn't be a grade. But (I think also) everyone didn't give  damn about it so he said there's gonna be a grade for it WHEN THIS ISN'T EVEN IN OUR FREAKING MODULE. 

Anyway, the top 3 got awesome prizes from the client and proud to say that one my closer classmates got 2nd prize. YAY someone from my class is good at Product design yay, no change course! hahaha jk.

Then, after a few weeks, we were invited to go to the client's factory and look at how to produce the trophies. Which is so boring. When it ended, we went down using the huge lift and took class selfies, which explains the photos below.

After reaching school, we had pizza party which I never bothered to take photos of because I was too busy stuffing pizza in my face hahahahhaa

Then we stayed back to do AlanO's bloody 3D MAX again, which is due on the next day. We stayed in school until 11+pm the day before and I stayed up until 4+am cause typical me calculated the timezone wrongly and thought it's on Thursday dawn. That day after going home I did 3D max all the way to 4am and watched FIFA until 6 then did 3d Max a bit again then bathed and went to school. After that I rushed home cause I buey tahan and because it's finally term break already.


Just only say term break finally started, now I'm going to say term break just ended. Back to zombie life. Haih, sometimes I really hate being a design student. the work load is so ......


Jun 27, 2014

EX United

Many of you who followed me will know that I went through a bad break up last year end. I'm not gonna elaborate much. Let's just say I was too gullible and was cheated over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore and left.

After a few months, the two girls that he cheated on me started talking to me and I realized I wasn't just dumb. I was beyond that, and that's why he stuck to me for so long, cause I believe everything he said and will never leave him. I was the bottom card. The spare tyre that will always be there. Ugh, shall stop before I get agitated.

Meeting both of them made me realized how much better I'm off without him and made me understand why would he forbid me to talk to the both of them. I hated them. The both of them, but right now, we're friends. Not super close friends but went through the same thing so probably that's what bonded us.

Ok lah, dowan to talk so much. I'll show you them pretty girls (no wonder I got cheated on, both of them so pretty and bubbly and sexehh I wanna cry cause I iz a potato beside them) *cues TS song : she wear short skirt, I wear Tshirt... She wear high heels, I wear sneakers* all photos taken with XB's TR! Thats why all so chio hahaha.

Met at Jusco, Xb came all the way down to town to fetch me then C fetched me home from JP Perdana after that. Them: "He don't want to fetch you, nevermind, he complain your house far, nevermind, WE FETCH YOU!" So touched TvT hahaha

It actually felt very surreal that they are real life, right in front of me that day. I kept staring and pinching myself. It felt so weird I'm meeting them...

I know, I need to work on my smile. I'm being too stingy with it.

Had a great with these lovelies. Waiting for C to come back soon and for my next break!
How funny, I never thought I can ever bring myself to look at them much less talk to them, not to even mention hang out with them. Now, they've become someone important in my life. Because they made me feel stronger whenever I'm with them. Miss you girls already, we totally need a longer hang out time, half a day where got enough!!!


Jun 26, 2014

CNY 2014

Omg, just uploaded all my photos onto dropbox from my phone and realized that I never even blogged about my Chinese New Year this year!!! Such a bad blogger. Ugh. My apologizes. And thank you all for sticking around eventhough I haven't been the best blogger. I'm so sorry #slapself

So, this year's cny was the shortest I ever had. I was so used to having a week long cny break that I refuse to accept the fact that I only have 2 days break for cny this year. (singapore only has 2 days break while malaysia has the whole week for students)

New year nails, which I ruined RIGHT AFTER I painted them cause kena my pants ): So I had ruined nails the entire cny hahahhaa

Because this year is the unicorn year. #closeenough 

Are we there yet? I'm so hungry already...

This year, we had our reunion dinner at a super super quiet place. So quiet I don't even know where was I at and our family was actually the only customers in that restaurant. The scenery is nice though, so we took some photos before the food was served.

With mama. Paiseh, our family don't have pantang larang about cannot wear black during cny cause we are cool like that. Not that the others who cares about wearing black during cny is uncool. Just that we're cooler cause we're more open and open is cooler. If you get what I'm trying to say... Ugh #badjoke 

#ootd for chor yat (cny eve)

Of course, there will be yeesang. What is CNY without yeesang! (looking at this is making me feel like eating yeesang now omg)

As you can see, no one's wearing red... hahahha

This soup, the taste is super gross. I don't quite remember what it taste like now. All I remembered was it was gross. Yuck.

The meal ends with desserts and this was just syrup and longan. NOT COLD.
If I get to rate this place, out of five stars, it'll be 2 stars. 1 star for nice scenery. 1 star for being quiet. HAHAHAHA I had noisy and busy restaurants like pekin... But food wise, I'm picking pekin anyday.

1st day of cny

Neber go anywhere. Stayed at home the whole day. Played cards with my aunt uncles and cousin. And ate. hahahahha

I was actually  done with my make up and changed clothes then my dad said this year quite lazy to go visiting so we'd just stay at home. At first I was upset cause I already prepare then you say we're not going out.... Then I remembered, no visiting = no ang pau wtf but nevermind, haih. it's okay. Just take selfies.

When my pink hair was still fresh and bright hahahha

Then we ordered pizza, which cheered me up cause I mega love pizzas. Especially Hawaiian Pizza and peperoni. My fav. Yums.

2nd day

Thought I'd be doing nothing to but then J and JY was free so they brought me out for movie.

I swear I shouldn't be allowed to go out with money cause I tend to want to spend money ughhhhhhh and JY is a super bad person to shop with cause whenever I ask him if I should buy this, he'd say, yeah it's nice, buy it, buy everything. #punchhisface #youbuyformebro? I'm also blaming J for me shopping that day cause he spent too long in that shop, making me look at stuff and started buying too aishhh

Anyway,came home to my cuddlepuff. HAHAHAHA. No lah, not just him. 

Every year, the 2nd day of cny confirm have steamboat party at my house with my mothers side family. But these two years, my dad's side also came. So we had like, 2 separate tables. thank god for a large living area. Today is when my little (not so little anymore wth i'm old!) cousins and nephew comes to my house for makan makan.

After dinner, my sisters stayed back we played mahjong with me cause after they got married. The only person left at home is moi and me iz lonely ): So i'm always very happy when my sisters come to my house haha.

Break time and the cuddlepuff started playing with the tiles. Believe it or not, this custume was bought by my mom last year, and he can still wear it!

Oh, I never mentioned that my aunt and her family came back from America this year right?
This handsome boy is my little cousin! He's only a year older than my nephew!

He's so sweet and adorable. Always tagging along beside me and wanting to play with me. They say it's because he likes the 'pretty lady' hahahaha shy

Travis and Sacha

Cheeky little boy.

3rd day

Mom invited her friend (and mine also) over for steamboat lunch. No, it's not there leftovers!

In the evening, I went over to my grandmother's house to visit my Yap family.

Top from a random RM10 shop at JJ
Necklace from one of a shop CS Innercity near the inside escalator (right side, right aisle, 2nd shop) 
Skirt from KSL Ameoba (level1) RM99 quite heart pain but at that time I really cannot let go of it T^T
One and only strapped black heels which I broke after I went to a club.
3 year old bag from holiday plaza. AA Chanel. hahahhaa
Hair, own self grow and curl with curling thong. 
Hair colour - also ownself grow cause i'm cool like that lolol jk


Just to show off my necklace 

4th day 

Also my last day of break (actually the last day was yesterday but I self declare holiday hahahhaa)

CG girls came for a visit in the afternoon.

After that, I went out with R (one of the BFF) for yamcha.

We went to CARFEE at Molek. We initially want to go Just one then it wasn't open, neither was Liberia or The Brew Orchestra so we found this cafe.


Ambiance not bad 9/10. -1 cause tables are a bit too closely packed.

Ice chocolate taste too chocolately for my liking. I may be biased but I love my sister's hot chocolate the best.

After that, we went S for dinner. Went to Once Upon A Time but their chef was on leave so we went to another shop but it was not open so we ended up having dinner at Mount Austin MCD -.- Then S fetched me home and I went to school the next day ):

This sums up my cny! I was quite surprised cause actually I didn't visit anyone this year (besides my grandmother, ok my aunts and uncles were there but usually I visit a lot on the first day) but I get a lot of ang pau. HAHAHA it's okay. Never complaining. Happy that everyone loves me cause even I never visit them they still pass me ang paus. Like my mother's friends. And even after these 4 days, because cny last for 15 days, I still get ang pay after that hehehe. God loves me. Everyone loves me.