Jun 27, 2014

EX United

Many of you who followed me will know that I went through a bad break up last year end. I'm not gonna elaborate much. Let's just say I was too gullible and was cheated over and over again until I couldn't take it anymore and left.

After a few months, the two girls that he cheated on me started talking to me and I realized I wasn't just dumb. I was beyond that, and that's why he stuck to me for so long, cause I believe everything he said and will never leave him. I was the bottom card. The spare tyre that will always be there. Ugh, shall stop before I get agitated.

Meeting both of them made me realized how much better I'm off without him and made me understand why would he forbid me to talk to the both of them. I hated them. The both of them, but right now, we're friends. Not super close friends but went through the same thing so probably that's what bonded us.

Ok lah, dowan to talk so much. I'll show you them pretty girls (no wonder I got cheated on, both of them so pretty and bubbly and sexehh I wanna cry cause I iz a potato beside them) *cues TS song : she wear short skirt, I wear Tshirt... She wear high heels, I wear sneakers* all photos taken with XB's TR! Thats why all so chio hahaha.

Met at Jusco, Xb came all the way down to town to fetch me then C fetched me home from JP Perdana after that. Them: "He don't want to fetch you, nevermind, he complain your house far, nevermind, WE FETCH YOU!" So touched TvT hahaha

It actually felt very surreal that they are real life, right in front of me that day. I kept staring and pinching myself. It felt so weird I'm meeting them...

I know, I need to work on my smile. I'm being too stingy with it.

Had a great with these lovelies. Waiting for C to come back soon and for my next break!
How funny, I never thought I can ever bring myself to look at them much less talk to them, not to even mention hang out with them. Now, they've become someone important in my life. Because they made me feel stronger whenever I'm with them. Miss you girls already, we totally need a longer hang out time, half a day where got enough!!!


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