Dec 31, 2012


hello everybody.

I iz very very bored.

So, I'm here to blog. I don't even know what I want to blog about. So yeah, it's just gonna be me, ranting & blabbering. If you all are very bored like me then you all read bah. If not, I suggest you all to skip this post cause really is crap post...


You're still here? Ok lor, since you all want to read then read bah. Also lah, you can go & get some drink to drink while reading this cause thats what I am doing now. The weather is very very strawberry terrible vegetable potato ahh. Must drink a lot of water & don't get sick okay! especially when now school is reopening soon *laughs at all students* ok lah kidding. I wish I'm going back to school. I'm so damn bored now. Everyday nothing to do. Ya la I know you all are judging me now. 

*you lazy piece of shit, Y U NO GO FIND WORK TO DO!!!!!* 

yes yes, i heard that...

I'll do that soon. I promise. But then I won be updating this much ok! Don't blame me hor. I am not full time blogger here. I don't blog for a living (yet) I blog for your entertainment! 

ok la, fine. i blog for my entertainment. really, i dont know what to work! maybe i should go to a parlor & be the odd job girl or become a waitress or salesgirl or beer girl. CY told me about a job that sells beer in shopping centers & they earn rm60 per day. sounds not bad hahaha ok la, think about it only. thinkkkkk. 

i am currenly chatting with people on facebook & megan and I are talking about ... apparently.. *ahem* my kid. hahahah my kid shall be an eurasian kthxbye. kinda bored of blogging & is a bit busy chatting now. 

yeah, i just left you hanging. boo ya :p

Dec 30, 2012

The Dream Guy

Here's another lame dream post.

I know all girls must have their dream guys right! If you say no, you are lying (unless you are lesbo/homo). Cause even if you dont want to marry or what, still got a dream boy de right!!! Guys also, confirm got dream girl de ma. Like, the perfect one for you. Even if your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is not like that but before you met them you sure got think of how you wish them to be one ma. Ok, so here is mine. Physically & mentally.

PS: perfect guy in my brain. I know he dont exist. No one is perfect.

  1. Abs. Ok I dont dream for those wwe/mr muscle man/ wtv kind lah wtf. 
  2. Cook. Cause I might get lazy to cook. Haha
  3. Loves his mom/sisters. I think its mega cute if he does.
  4. Can tahan my occassional aegyo & manja-ness.
  5. Knows how to play an instrument.
  6. Willing to sing for me.
  7. Can dance.
  8. Can tahan me fangirling.
  9. Can carry me.
  10. Taller than me, even when I am wearing heels. DUH
  11. Rich LOL cause I love shopping -.-
  12. Loves my family.
  13. Able to mix well with my friends.
  14. Dont play DOTA/COD/DIABLO/idk what else.
  15. Good grammar for god's sake.
  16. Likes kids. 
  17. Carries my bag for me.
  18. Highly educated. At least a degree lah.
  19. Looks must be ok. As in I can tahan seeing everyday.
  20. Loves Jesus.
  21. Don't flirt!
These are my hopes to find in a guy. Bolded ones are those MUST HAVE criteria. What are yours? (;

Dec 29, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons..

You made lemonades. But when life gives you hurricanes, you go surfing. 
- Jon Foreman.

Just some photos from the past few week that I haven't posted.

Jacko came to JB that day & we brought him to Danga Bay. LOL, he haven't change a bit since 2 years ago.

We kinda have the same hair colour. hahahah

Danga Bay is a MUST COME place in JB if you havent been here before. It's a tourist place. Ships & cruises stops here for a few days and then leave. It's really pretty @ night. You can have beer, food, go to the fun fair, ride a bicycle or a mini train here. It's really quite happening @ night cause it's more cooling.. LOL

Advertistment board photo shooting the other day.

BFF & I were school uniform models haha anyone else want to find model for photo shooting? Come & find me! :D

Taken on 20th Dec.

Suppose to go shopping in sg but the jam was so so bad -.-
Anyway it's a clearer picture of my dyed hair


Went KSL that day & bought macaroon cause I havent eat before ~.~

pweddy :D

But taste super meh >p


My beloved & I. He took this picture! hehehe


Few days before christmas. JY came back from KL, taken while waiting for him to come.


M.Sunflower & I !

The last time we took a 4 picture college photo together was during CNY, omg.

Went to sing K with Samuel that day. Will post a video of me singing half a chinese song soon!

Dec 28, 2012


Hi you allll, I'm doing what I am always doing again! Scheduling blog post spams!!! :'D teehee.

To be honest, I'm really no in a Christmas mood this year. Usually I'd be hyped & preparing gifts for friends & families but this year, nuh uh. I'm a totally lazy ass. My only plan was to go to church's 23rd night rally to see the drama (duhhh) I don't know what else I could do @ home. Yeah yeah, blog. I know I know. but I havent been going out much so my life is pretty boring :x I should find some work to do. Really. My dad say I can probably start a blogspot myself. Really? I suck in these you know. Ugh anyway back to Christmas. Went to see the performance & ugh I cannot handle the two rilakumma's cuteness. TOTALLY NOT THEM OMG. (I knew who are the actors & actresses cause I saw the rehearsal the day before & also I knew them) Totally not them. Thats all I can say.

BFF & I after the whole thing.

Jack, Ryan & Meeeeeee (:
Ryan was closing one eye cause his spectacle lens fell off on the stage.

Oh, I went shopping @ sutera mall with momma before going to church on 23rd.


On 24th evening, while everyone in the family was preparing for the dinner...

I was sleeping :p

the sampat says that this looks like "ah yee, why you take photo of me without asking again?!?"

*nom nom nom*

The only boy that I can love with all my heart without any hesitation. No matter he love me back or not, I will always love him <3

Dinner was super yums! Ordered from Grill Bar, like last year (:

Address: 202, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone:07-333 3400

& according to this site, it is the #2 restaurant in JB!

On Christmas Day itself, after lunch, momma, grandmama & I fetched my 2nd sissy & her husband back to singapore & went shopping @ bugis street :D err, I guess I bought the most stuff. I alrdy control a lot leh. everything times 2.5 before I buy. The clothes 10SGD only I almost must think trice - what can i wear this with?, is this worth the price (can i get it @ a lower price)?, can I find this in JB? - 3 times. I know, I know. Wife material. Someone just marry me alrdy! HAHAHAHHAHA I keed.

Came back & realized that its all long sleeves hahaha. I have a thing of long sleeve clothes now. I guess it because long sleeves are now the in thing for asian fashion. 

PS: a bit regret that I never buy the studded hairband but... nevermind

My Dream Party

I like parties. I cant say I love parties cause I am quite a shy person when I am with people I'm not familiar with. & parties are mostly full with people like these. Sometimes I wish I were one of those super sociable people. Those brave people that can mix well & get comfortable immediately with people. I cannot. I tried. But I can't. It'll just turn out to be damn awkward :x

Ok lah, on internet I can talk to people I don't know. But when it comes to face to face. I cannot T^T even some of my school mates or tuition friends or you know, friends of friends. I can talk to them on twitter/facebook/instagram no problemo but when we see each other, we get speechless ._.

Oh yes, this is not a post to rant about these. Sorry I was gone for awhile. I cant find the mood to blog T^T mianhe. Actually I wanted to blog 2 days ago but I fell sick ): I had a high fever.. But all's well now except for my flu. Which is really annoying cause I cannot breathe properly & I can use up to a whole box of tissue paper a day. Madness -.-


So, my dream party.
My dream party is actually very simple.

  • theme: baby pink / pastel
  • a lot of pink helium balloons in the room
  • karaoke set / DJ set
  • photo booth (polaroid & dslr) complete with accessories
  • champagne / sparkling juice / soda 
  • pink theme / cute food (snacks)
  • ice cream

These are basically just it. Actually I typed a mega long passage about it but in the end it makes no sense & looks complicated so I backspaced everything LOL. When I'm rich enough I will hold a party like this & invite my (close) friends so if you wanna come please come & be my friend LOL

Dec 22, 2012

Bang Bang Choo-Choo Train

Get on down, just do your thang!

Ok. Idk what to caption this post cause it's just to tell you all I updated my Driving License Post again. Oh, I went to BOB today. Will update about it when I get all the pictures. I'm thinking of changing my blogskin/layout too. But idk what to do with it & I'm quite lazy to do so. HAHAHAHA. Really need people to help me with the design. I like those known bloggers' de blogskin but they got pro people to help them. So it's either I learn myself or get famous LOL

Christmas is coming soon! Counting down to 3 days :D you all excited or not? To be honest, I'm not really cause I have no plans. My plan boom alrdy. No, I dont wanna talk about it. I dont think I will be free/have anything to update for these 3 days. So yeah,


Dec 19, 2012

Dyeing My Hair

... for the first time!

I used liese cause it's always on the TV & it seems quite easy to use. I also tried using it once on my mom & BFF always uses this.


Last time seeing my natural colour

Spot my green contacts ^^

kkk anxious


I'm gonna miss my natural colour


Things in the box. Read the instructions properly & do the allergic test ok! Follow ALL the instructions given. You dont wanna end up being blind (foam get into eyes) or rashes (apply on skin for too long) or anything else.

Use an old towel to protect your clothes from being stained. I'm stupid. I wore my white HK shirt -.- i dont have step by step tutorial cause hand are full of foam. Please be careful when you dye hor! You dont want to end up with a dyed ear or forehead. & & & MOST IMPORTANTLY dont kena your eyes!!!

Here's the outcome!

Not very visible right?

almost same with my natural hair colour -.-

a bit wasted

I wanted a lighter colour

but forget it la


SWAG. bye