Dec 2, 2012


Hi everyone, I haven't been posting for so long! but thank you for sticking with me ^^
Short post today cause I haven't finish getting all the stuff I need for posts (ie: the photos!!!) 

Mini updates:

- SPM is over
- I dyed my hair
- I painted my nails
- I played with the helium balloon & videod my voice
- I got a instax mini 7s
- I almost finished watching the latest running man episodes
- CY's birthday surprise was a success, thanks to everyone involved (:

Things yet to do:

- Go to Hello Kitty Town
- Go to KL
- Go to Singapore
- Watch movies
- Primary school class gathering
- Tidy up my room
- Clear the books

Well, procrastinator is procrastinating. 
Tick tock tick tock, time is running!

Will be back soon with proper post! 
Lub you all 

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