Dec 28, 2012


Hi you allll, I'm doing what I am always doing again! Scheduling blog post spams!!! :'D teehee.

To be honest, I'm really no in a Christmas mood this year. Usually I'd be hyped & preparing gifts for friends & families but this year, nuh uh. I'm a totally lazy ass. My only plan was to go to church's 23rd night rally to see the drama (duhhh) I don't know what else I could do @ home. Yeah yeah, blog. I know I know. but I havent been going out much so my life is pretty boring :x I should find some work to do. Really. My dad say I can probably start a blogspot myself. Really? I suck in these you know. Ugh anyway back to Christmas. Went to see the performance & ugh I cannot handle the two rilakumma's cuteness. TOTALLY NOT THEM OMG. (I knew who are the actors & actresses cause I saw the rehearsal the day before & also I knew them) Totally not them. Thats all I can say.

BFF & I after the whole thing.

Jack, Ryan & Meeeeeee (:
Ryan was closing one eye cause his spectacle lens fell off on the stage.

Oh, I went shopping @ sutera mall with momma before going to church on 23rd.


On 24th evening, while everyone in the family was preparing for the dinner...

I was sleeping :p

the sampat says that this looks like "ah yee, why you take photo of me without asking again?!?"

*nom nom nom*

The only boy that I can love with all my heart without any hesitation. No matter he love me back or not, I will always love him <3

Dinner was super yums! Ordered from Grill Bar, like last year (:

Address: 202, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor
Phone:07-333 3400

& according to this site, it is the #2 restaurant in JB!

On Christmas Day itself, after lunch, momma, grandmama & I fetched my 2nd sissy & her husband back to singapore & went shopping @ bugis street :D err, I guess I bought the most stuff. I alrdy control a lot leh. everything times 2.5 before I buy. The clothes 10SGD only I almost must think trice - what can i wear this with?, is this worth the price (can i get it @ a lower price)?, can I find this in JB? - 3 times. I know, I know. Wife material. Someone just marry me alrdy! HAHAHAHHAHA I keed.

Came back & realized that its all long sleeves hahaha. I have a thing of long sleeve clothes now. I guess it because long sleeves are now the in thing for asian fashion. 

PS: a bit regret that I never buy the studded hairband but... nevermind

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