May 7, 2014

Blogging feels

Thinking back, I just realized that I've been blogging since year 2008! Can you believe that? That is like, a whole 5 years+ of blogging!!! And that is definitely a long time for a blogging career. Ok, maybe not quite of a career but I'd like blogging to be my part time career!

So what made me started blogging?

I always had a diary when I was young, to write down all the events that happened in my life, I even had drawings in them to make them more interesting. Eventhough I don't write everyday, I still write them whenever something happens, for example, what had I done that day, what kind of dreams I had that night, my crush, my dreams with my crush (hahaha so young then fa hiao dy) etc, I vaguely remember that I had one that I even drew a picture of my crush and a lot of hearts around it LOLOL

Then when I got to secondary school, I got my first email address and heard about blogging for the first time. Of course, I started my own blog and it was then privatize for only my close friends because there are so many secrets in there. Of course, I still had a physical diary to write in when I couldn't go online.

When I was 15, I started taking blogging seriously and I made myself an official account which is the blog before this, some of you may have been already following me then. It was great, I had some regular readers which were mostly my friends. I wrote about my outings, school stuff, rants, happy stuff, sad stuff, basically everything. I was then still a really passionate blogger who blogs about everything that happened to me almost everyday. I had all these tags that link to everything I write, so many tags that I decided I need a change. To which, I changed to this blog! 2012 was the year I officially started blogging on this blog. This humble little space I have that I rant on.

On this blog, I started blogging how tos (mostly on baking stuff), nail tutorials, some ads and reviews, Q&As, fangirl posts, the places I went to, my ootd, the ulzzang post which has almost 4000 view on that post alone since the day it was posted. Also, throughout my posts, you get to read about random facts about me to know more about me as a person. I, too, post about my feelings though i try hard not to post any negative or angry feelings to affect any of my readers hahaha. Also, ocasionally when I am in a blogging mood but has nothing much to talk about, I'd be posting a lot of photos of myself shamelessly. LOLOL. Like this.

After blogging for such a long time, I finally had a chance to get a real advert from Casio which the chance was given by MrStyleKing who tweeted about a chance to review a camera. I thought that was the start of me being a better blogger. But alas, chance isn't easy to get. I'm back to being a normal blogging person. But I'm thankful, thankful for loyal readers who still visit my page despite the irregular and boring stuff school updates. Really. Jeongmal kamsamabnida *90 degrees bow*

Anyway, as I was reminiscing all these good memories, MyFatPocket is having a Are you the Next MFP Blogger? contest!

How I knew about MFP is through reading SG super pretty blogger, Miyake Ng's blog. She is also a blogger from MFP! As much as I want to say I love MFP and how long have I been reading all MFP's bloggers blogs, not gonna lie, I only know Miyake and her ONLY. I don't read other bloggers blog. I'm not gonna po this company just because I want to win this contest cause what is the point of faking something you aren't? (:

As a blogger from JB, I, myself think that JB isn't really a place for bloggers as not many people read blogs as much as those in KL or SG. So, there aren't as many events or sponsors going around for blog in JB. Ok, I do admit, my writing sucks, I do irregular blog posts, I'm lazy to take photos, my posts are mostly overdue and I don't deserve to win this but why am I still joining it? Because 99% is hardwork, 1% is chance, I did 90% of the work I need to do, so now i'm just waiting got that 1% chance so I can push myself to do that rest of the 9%. Geddit? ok, no. It's okay, I'm just crapping as usual.


To win this or not, it doesn't matter, I'm just hoping for a chance to be noticed even more because 5 years+ of blogging is no joke. It's a really damn long time ok. And I don't get how some bloggers can get those sponsorships so easily. I don't really. Someone sponsor me? HAHAHA. I have 2.5k followers on instagram, 300+ followers on Twitter! LELONG LELONG LOL.

* * *

I'm been talking wayy too much crap above so to make up for it, here is a little something for you all *throws kisses*

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Thank you all for staying with me through everything for these few years and maybe months or even just week or goodness gracious me, probably just days or this is the first post you read (not gonna be the last, I hope! haha) Will  be blogging again. Till next time,

PS: DO follow me on instagram and twitter @felindabling, drop me a comment down here or ask me anything on my account (sidebar)! love you all byeeee


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