May 31, 2014

Last Week

OMG HAD BEEN SO BUSY!!! Haven't blogged about my week like I promised I would since that time I said I would ): Submissions are coming again and I have so so so many work to do!!!

Nirit's Presentation
Sean's Furnitures
Studio Model
Window Display
Weiling Homework
Wayne's Model
AlanO 3D Max

1 more week to submission and 2 more weeks to term break.

* * *

Anyway, just a small recap on interesting and fun thing that happened last week.

-Monday, bloody nirit not accepting my selected design AGAIN *blows fire out of nose* *tears out all my hair and sticks them back cause I dont wanna be bald* Since last year, she kept picking on me one lehh idky arhhh ): when Eunice sleeps in class, she looks and me and ask me to wake up and go wash face. Then the girl sitting behind me de phone ring and she scold me for not silencing it. I came to school and she never tick my name and say I never come UGHHH


I really hate how she keep smiling at me and telling me 'sorry, i cannot accept this, the information is not enough. you need to find a new project, do you understand me?' BLOODY HELL LAH YOU I GOT MORE INFORMATION THAN WHAT THE OTHERS FOUND, JUST NO FLOORPLAN ONLY WHAT BLOODY NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION. YOU GO FIND ONE YOU LIKE FOR ME LAH WTH. Others (a few, i asked!!!) they got no floorplan, no background story, no ppt sides, just shoe her photos and tell her what it is, NO FLOORPLAN ALSO. she accept theirs!!!!!!



Sean's work, I got it right the first time after listening about the other people's work (the wrong ones) and I feel so proud of myself. hehehe Now the problem is i need to make 5 furniture models that dont look like furniture. IKR. It's always like that. FIVE. and I havent done anything now.

- Tuesday, sick sick sick ): sinus happened in the middle of the night once again and I missed studio lesson. Then idky that day maybe cause I was sick then I was upset and kept crying and missing my mom. Watched A Werewolf Boy (korean movie) and cried even more cause it was too sweet and touching TvT

- Wednesday, went to school and found out WL's class is cancelled so 16 of us (classmates) went out for lunch at AMK Hub after morning lesson then took a Happy Birthday photo for AlanO. Took a lot of photos and it was fun :D

On the same day as the class outing, bff and I went out for dinner and shopped a little hehe for my baby niece lah and also a super cheap polaroid film from the vending machine

- Thursday was super tiring and packed but fun! Morning lesson was just chill and fun cause all we did was discuss about Wayne's new assignment which sound really fun to make. A video/mv! So excited for it but I'm just worried we spend too much time on this and neglect the other more impt work like Studio & AlanO.

In the afternoon, we had NE lesson at the navy@vivo! So fun but very very hot and tiring cause the sun was blazing hot and then we all had to wear jeans. I think it was jeans day for SDN cause almost the whole school (3 course's year 2 only lah) wore jeans hahaha. The navy trip was fun except for the super narrow and high and many many staircases. I have fear of heights and it was a super challenge for me. I kinda hogged everyone behind me hahaha but the person behind me was nice, he just asked me not to worry and go slowly and keep asking me if I am okay. So so so many stairs!!! Then we had a boat ride for like, maybe 20-30 minutes? I'm not sure cause never keep track of the time, just took photo and blow wind. Got a handsome angmoh navy guy on our boat and we took a photo with him haha *shy*

After the navy visit ended, we all got free mcd :D then after that XH and Ger went back to XH's house to bathe while Cherie Eunice and I stayed at Vivocity to buy cake and get balloons (OH DID I MENTION IT WAS XH'S BIRTHDAY THAT DAY??) And since we were too early, we went Sephora and I got my virgin buy there. Kinda ex and heart pain but I keep telling myself I can use it for 1 year + so it's worth it? I guess, I seldom buy make up also! Mostly are pass-it-downs from my mama cause she seem to always buy stuff that she dunno how to use/lazy use/not suit her. I just make do with everything hahaha

In the evening, after getting the balloons and cake we waiting for the taxi and was almost late! So kanchiong cause long queue and no taxi but luckily soon after then got taxi le. Suppose to go to de'Good Cafe then went to wrong shop cause our dear himbo princesstira told us the wrong place cause he wants to go there -.- after we reach, we were so worried she'd be early so we fasterly decorated the place and it was nice. Also, the food was nice and the place is pretty! too bad it was very hot and the lightings are not that great for photos, but they still took a lot of it nonetheless.

I'll make another more detailed post on this with a lot of photos and the place soon after I finish my submission. Bear with me okay. School (education) > Blog.

- Friday! Almost finish with extruding my whole house in 3d max :D Finally started doing Studio model cause the laser machine finally worked. Skipped half of studio lesson to do studio work (legit right?). After that, had an early dinner with Eunice in school Koufu then rushed to Art Friend at Clementi (SO DAMN FAR T^T) to buy stuff. Spent a wee too much time there cause we contemplating if we should buy the pretty colourful wires. In the end, we did. haha

Went back to my place and waited for my friends to pick me up at 1am to come back to JB. Reached home at 3am. Poor mama, had to wait up for me cause I forgotten to bring my house keys ):

- Sat, today :D DIMSUM WITH MAMA HEHEHHEE then payed back my sleep debt a bit and I'm just done with 3dmax exteriors, searching for 3d models and decided I should maybe blog a bit haha.

I said it's just small update but i think I just blogged about everything HAHAHA just that there are no photos...

I seriously cannot wait for the term break, praying that there will be no homework cause everyone is going guangzhou for school trip so probably no homework... I hope.

Need to go! Going to see my baby niece later! so happy, i'm gonna carry her this time :D


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