May 21, 2014

Awkward Wednesday

Today was a super awkward day for me......

1. I was in the toilet when someone blasted into my cubicle -.- HAHAHAHA damn awkward. I'm counting my lucky stars that I was actually already done and dressed, just pulling down my shirt. I heard someone coming into the toilet and suddenly my door jerked open and I looked at the super super shocked girl quite calmly and said 'woah'. It wasn't even a 'WOAH' or 'woooahh!' 'or 'woah!', I just simply stated 'woah.' I think she was super embarrassed cause she was screaming 'I'm so sorry' in a super high pitched voice. Eunicebby at the next cubicle said that she heard someone screaming apologies and heard me saying 'woah', rather calmly. LOL. She thought I was flashed hahahahhaa wtf. I'm not! I'm really lucky I'm already dressed hahaha. I could have been doing my business, or worse, halfway pulling up my pants HAHAHAHA PLEASE DO NOT PICTURE IT!!!!!!

2. I was suppose to go to cca today but then cannot find the club room so we went up and down and walked pass that same room twice but we weren't sure if it was the room so we kept walking and looking at that room and the people there were like, looking at us. We got awkward so we eventually walked away. Then i thought maybe we should go back and take a look. So we did and those people were like staring at us, we got even more awkward cause we actually walked pass and stared at the room... Then we saw someone who was also *i think* looking at us too coming out of the room (there were people outside too), we got embarrassed and quickly walked away hahahaha this one not so awkward as the first one.

3. I bought mcdees fries in school cause there were the best ever. Then I was minding my own business, walking to Subway to find eunicebby which was beside mcd, then these 2 guys were talking and lining up for Subway too, then suddenly one of the guy said 'WHAT' and flapped his arms out and his arms hit me ~.~ luckily I had my paper and wallet held straight (perpendicular to my body) in front of me, or else he would have hit my boobs or face HAHAHAHAHA he was damn shocked and his friend just kept laughing and laughing and laughing. I think he had friends sitting at the tables at the side too and they all laughed. SUPER AWKWARD i tell you!!!!!!

May not sound as awkward/embarrassing like this but imagine if it was you :x
HAHAHAHA, hope you found this funny. 2 more days to Friday!!! Hang on peepo!!!

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