Sep 30, 2013

Another Boyfriend Post

As in my dream boyfriend. Who don't exist. Yet. Maybe.

• someone who I can exchange silly selca/videos with.
• someone who gives me surprises. 
• someone who sings for me. 
• someone who will give me phone calls when he misses me.
• someone who calls me babygirl/princess.
• someone who hugs me in public. 
• someone who likes giving me forehead kisses. 
• someone who would tolerate my monthly mood swings.
• someone who would act silly with me. 
• someone who would stay away from girls for me. 
• someone who knows what I like.
• someone who can give me good advices. 
• someone who would go to church with me. 
• someone who likes babies.
• someone who is able to accept my friends and vice versa. 
• someone who will never judge me for every choice I make.
• someone who is willing to let me bite him. 
• someone who would tell me how much it hurts to see me cry. 
• someone who would tell me what he loves about me. 
• someone who allows me to mess up his hair. 
• someone who tells me I'm pretty. 
• someone who will always tell me how much he loves me. 

Although it may not be 100% like this, maybe 80%, I'm still waiting for him. If you are willing to do this for me, please come find me already.

Sep 23, 2013

Things I Do When I Am Bored/Down

1. Play with my make up
2. Play with my nail polish
3. Dress up
4. Sing
5. Bake
6. Annoy my friends
7. Annoy my mom
8. Stalk people on social websites
9. Stalk celebrities
10. Random googling

PS: No, I didn't pass my driving test. So the Journey To A Driving License still had to go on. Although I very much want to give up already. So sick and tired of driving. I'm blaming the car for the failure. Click that link to read about it.

PPS: I'm planning something recently and might be a little busy to blog. Forgive me!

Do drop me some questions(or rather comments) on my account. My phone can now receive notifications from this app so I'd be replying even faster than usual (:


Sep 22, 2013

Journey To A Driving License (3)


Wow. This sure took me a long time. The excuse is that I started school in NYP and I'm too busy to have driving lesson. So now since I'm on sem break like finally, I 'fasterly' called up my driving instructor and book a slot of driving lesson. Actually I left only 1 lesson, pretest, actually test and I'm done. But since I haven't been on the wheel for like 5 months, I forgotten everything about driving and I had to take extra 2 classes :X

The first time after 5 months, I cannot remember how to even start the car wth. I stared at the paddle for a few seconds then I asked, 'erm which is the oil paddle?' to which he scoffed and started nagging (again).

So this is me driving to Perling while he nagged.


Not so happy also la of course but hmm at least I'm kinda safe. I guess.

 Ok la, I fast forward to the day I had pretest cause others quite normal only. Getting nagged for forgetting which is which, how to do what.... Me, being a little pissed off by his non stop naggings blahblahblahhh..

Anyway, I think I did really well without him on the car telling me/reminding me what to do. Except this once that I got stuck at the 3 point turn section and it was so embarrassing. No one came to help me at all. They all rather wait for me. Thanks ah everyone -.- 5 cars waiting for me sia. Still no one came and offered any help. So I phone called my driving instructor (he was somewhere else) and asked for help. And he laughed at me T^T

After that I had pretest and it was all so sudden that I never had time to even panic wtf. I was given a number to pin on my shirt and then get on a car (newer version kancil that I never drove before) to try out the brakes and gear and everything. Then another guy came up the car and told me to drive road A. I'm like what? Test already? O_O ok lor. And I think I panicked a little when I was reversing cause I never reversed a car from a parking lot before asdffhgjhkl. Anyway, everything went quite ok. I thought I would fail because my car slid down on the slope :X but yay I got 92/100 :D

Now all I have to do is to wait till Monday for the actual test and hopefully I pass, then I'm an official P driving wheee. Like finally ah omg.


Test drive mom's car (Alza) in church's parking lot on Sunday. Wah, auto car so easy one ah omg. No need to step oil also can move :O hahaha #suakukia Mom was super tense in the car. And I wasn't even stepping on the oil paddle. The car is literally moving at 0kmh hahahahahaha omg mom. What to do next time when I can really drive out. You'd probably be clenching your fingers at the side. Kidding. Bye.






WTH. I failed. I'm blaming the car. The brakes. The clutch. The people who blocked my way. And mostly my own stupidity in driving. Wo hen pek chek ): kthxbai



I can like, finally drive officially ugh hahahahaha damn excited k :DDD

So I made time to take the test again and thank god I passed. I think i wouldn't be able to pass everything if weren't for me praying so damn hard hahahaha

So this is the end of the journey to a driving license. thanks for reading. really! so now that i can finally drive, hehehehe MOMMMM I NEED YOUR CARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 21, 2013

20 Days To My 18th Birthday

OMG. I'm gonna be 18 soon wtf. Actually it's my chinese birthday today. So in the chinese calendar, I am actually 19 today. Omg, that's even older.

I always thought being 18 would be fun cause its the legal age but I guess this year kinda sucked for me LOL
Ok la, shan't talk about this now. Will leave this to the annual end of the year reflection post.

No one except my mom had asked me what do I want for my birthday. TBH, I don't really have any idea cause after so many years. I don't dare to even expect anything at all now. Everything planned will go boom because of exams or other shits.

Anyway, I never fail to have a wishlist for my birthday that never comes true HAHA but it's ok. Next time I can look back and look at the stuff that I wanted but never got then I can work hard and get them by myself. (and I went back to find my birthday post last year, wtf I never even blogged about it. Just had a cake with my cousin and mom brought me for korean food and 2 presents)

1. TR15/150/ZR1000
2. More clothes.
3. My melody.
4. More baby eeyores.
5. Money.
6. Become prettier.
7. Ab line.
8. Bikini.

This year, finally finally finally after 9 years of school. I don't have exams before/after/during my birthday. In fact. It's during school holidays! Not quite excited cause I doubt I get to celebrate with anyone. Probably just gonna sleep at home like everyday.

Ok la, 20 more days to being legal and to marry my birthday twinnie Henry Lau ~


Sep 20, 2013

First Poly Result

As in First Year First Sem results.

Came out on Wednesday and tbh I don't actually even know if this kind of result is good or bad. Not a single A. For me I think it's quite bad la. GPA 3.05 only. If this continues, I'm screwed for the rest of my years. Ok, forget this it's over. Just work harder for sem 2. Hwaiting! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ugh this quality is so bad. I need a Casio TR15 T^T.
My birthday is coming soon, anyone? LOL. *buey paiseh*

IOS7 is so pretty! haha ok bye *waves*


Ok, so I found this awesome webpage. It has so many lovely recipes!
I'm gonna try a few of their recipes and share with you all :D

If you're interested, this is the website (:

PS: I'm currently out of idea for nail designs. Do you all miss those tutorials? Suggest something for me to paint by dropping me a question on // tweet me at // tag me on the picture on Instagram @felindabling ! (:

ciaos! :-*

Sep 19, 2013

How To Bake Rainbow Cupcakes (Super Easy!)

Ok, after so many times being asked. I decided I'm just gonna blog about how I baked the rainbow cupcakes once and for al. Everyone is so interested in how I did. They don't believe that it's actually super duper mad easy because I use cheat method. After reading this post, I hope you all will stop asking me how did I made them and will able to bake pretty rainbow cakes/cupcakes for your own or even sell them lol I keed. You cant open a shop selling stuff using premixed flour from supermarkets, well maybe for charity sale or something.. hahaha ok la here goes.

This is the brand I used. Can buy from Giant/Tesco/Aeon those kind of supermarket.
I always use this brand because it is not too sweet. Got one brand the box is red colour "mxxx" something de is too sweet for my liking. 



Mix everything together until it looks like this. A bit sticky.

Food colouring. The liquid kind (big bottle) can buy from the baking section in supermarket. I'm not sure if the gel type (smaller bottle) is sold in supermarkets. I bought them from a baking store at Johor Jaya (next to U-Cha). Gel is more expensive then liquid but it is better because some batter cannot use liquid, the colour will turn out weird (or not vibrant enough). Also, usually you'll only need a small amount of colour for your batter so it's actually quite worth the money la. And gel comes in more type of pretty colour, even in silver and gold!

Ok, separate your batter equally. I have 5 colours so I have 5 bowls of batter.

Add 1&1/2 or 2 small drops of food colouring into your batter. As you can see, top right and top left is liquid food colouring and the others are gel.

Mix well. *note: positions of the bowls had been mixed up so it's different from the photo before mixing* Ok, bottom left should have been in purple but because I'm using liquid type, it didn't come out purplish at all. That's what I meant by colour not vibrant. It can also mean that I didnt add enough food colouring so I can actually add more but since I'm too lazy to open the bottle (a bit prob with this bottle) I can't be bothered :x

Then, either using a pan (for cake) or cupcake liners, just put the batter into it.

For layered cakes like this:

(woah this is a hell of a troublesome cake if you only have ONE cake pan)
You have to bake one layer by one layer. 


Better if you are able to grease and flour your pan before your pour your mixture into it.
Or else the cake will stick to the pan and it's bye bye to your pretty cake but greasing is good enough.

Bake each colours and then layer them up.

(butter cream recipe below)

Ok, if you are making cupcakes then just follow the pictures/video below.
This one no need to grease.

Remember to sift the icing before mixing it with the butter or else it will come out chucky like mine. I forgotten to sift it :x

Oh, this serving is enough for 15 cupcakes.

The flowery patterns are made from piping bags with the patterned cone thingy. Can buy from baking section as well (:

Inside. So pretty right! hehehe.


It's so easy right! Do you feel cheated now? Hahahaha.
Have fun and now go bake some yummy and pretty cupcakes!

Any questions please drop me a question at (or at the side of my blog)
Follow me on Instagram and Twitter both @felindabling

Love, bye! (:

So... I Love You

So I, erm got a little emotional over Super Junior again...

[Eunhyuk] Baby I just want to love you
You open up my heart… So I

I know and I believe in love at first sight.
When I open my eyes in the morning I can feel
the kiss that left me in last night’s dream.
That feeling is still there and I smile all day thinking about you.

So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you (I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way

Then and now those words still make my heart race,You love me.
I wait but am afraid that this feeling of emptiness might
just be my own selfishness.
Even if I’m afraid of lonliness, I genuinely want you.

So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you (I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way

You’re the only one who makes my heart race and the only one for me
I love you so much like this
I love you, and I’m always so thankful

So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you (I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way

So I pray for you (oh) so I
So I promise you (oh) so I
I promise you everything.
I am going to believe that it’s you (I’m going to believe that it’s you)
Will you come to me
I want to be just a little closer to your embrace
Oh I love you my love
I’m always going to be this way

[Eunhyuk] So.. I love you..

Sep 3, 2013


1. I've been learning Hyuna's Change today and it's a total mess. I look like a king kong dancing T^T SML

2. I made my driving instructor fustrated cause I was too dumb to get what he said. I had to make the same mistake 4-5 times ):

3. Mom finally gave me her support on joining the kpopstarhunt3 but now I'm feeling dejected cause the deadline is so near and I have yet to decide on a good song to dance/sing (if my voice is even nice I got a fucking nasal and mumbly voice and I hate it T^T)

4. GD's new songs are out.

5. I finally found the minion's irish drinking song...