Feb 6, 2013

Journey to A Driving License (2)


I find part 1 a bit too long for my liking. Like when you wanna read updates you have to scroll down a lot to read a bit of updates so here is part 2! This post is going to be more about driving. Like, real on the wheel driving.

SUMMARY: Theory class is boring & my ass fucking hurts from sitting the whole day.

I woke up late omg. GD woke me up at 6.45am but I HAVE TO press snooze button twice cause I love his voice too much. haha no lah Cause pressing snooze at least once is a habit hard to break. Even if my alarm song is Gangnam Style I will also press snooze one. Ya lah lazy lah, I heard you. Don't tell me you all set 7.30am confirm 7.30am get out of bed ok. If you do, it either means you're late or you're a freak. LOL kidding.

Anyway, as you all know. I already passed my undang test! *cues happy tears* It's time for the real thing. Theory classes & practical classes. Both for 3 hours. I reached PERLING BERJAYA at about 8.30am without any breakfast (mad hungry!) did the usual stuff of passing the IC to the person working there to 'check in' then only going into the classroom. OH YAH, you all need to give your agent a passport size photo too for your L lisence. I didn't cause I don't have any at home but he say I can give next time ._. ok.. Yeah, after check in & everything else, I went & bought a bread cause I'm going to die of hunger. I have totally no idea why was I so hungry yesterday morning.

At 9.20am, the class started. A chinese uncle came in taught us about stuff. You know? What is what & what should we do and not do on the road while driving, how to pass the JPJ test yada yada. Wasn't really listening to everything cause I'm really cold & sleepy ~.~ At about 11.45am, we all went outside & looked at the car. He told us what to do during the test (check all mirrors, seat position...) & where is what, what is the use of each button, showed us the super complicated (to me la, maybe cause I'm dumber) engine & how to change tyres.. After all that, the class ended. Sound super fast right? Actually i think it's all very simple & could have finished teaching in 1 & 1/2 hours but this uncle HAD TO repeat everything he say in chinese after speaking in Malay. Hello we all Malaysian, don't understand Malay ah? wtf. Even if don't understand, you can ask your agent after that what. Or read that book they gave us. Got chinese version. read lah! tsk. Really waste time waste energy one.

After that, my agent gave me a practical lesson & this is when I first drove a car wtf. Like, most of my friends actually alrdy know how to drive an auto car beforehand except me. I only know how to start engine! Gosh. Not because I'm not allowed but because I'm scared. hahaha ok lor, laugh at me. Next time I drive better than you then you know ah! LOL.

He first told me to turn the steering wheel & I was like bitch please it's easy la, turn only ma! But when I really turn the wheel, I'm like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS WHY SO HARD TO TURN ONE OMG. Yeah, I don't have enough strength to turn the steering wheel. It's super heavy! I'm like, aghhh omg I cant! then he would go, haiyo never eat is it! where got so heavy! Turn la can one, 2 turns! & I'd be like DEFUG? I turn 1 round wanna die alrdy you say can turn 2 rounds!?!! After that he told me to step on the clutch. THE CLUTCH. I must say, is the most annoying this EVERRRR. Up till this, I know you all are judging me now. I'm a bimbo & I know nothing bout cars. NOTHING AT ALL, Wooo Wooo nothing at all. lol The lazy song wtf -.- K, actually the main story is that I shout OMG MAMA!!! When the car moved. Yes, laugh. Laugh all you want cause now I think about it I think it's stupid & embarrassing *hides face* It's the first time I made a car move & I had to shout for my mother. Told my dad about it & he asked me, why you never shout daddy? ): LOLOL DADDDYYYY. Then the agent taught me on the road driving & turning u-turns & side parking & uphill. I think I did not bad except that I still cant really coordinate my hands & legs. BUT HOR, I'm very proud to say that the engine died on my 3 times only throughout the 2 & 1/2 hours of learning lol.

Hmm, I think thats all about my virgin driving experience. Quite scary & fun at the same time. hehe. Will be taking my 2nd lesson after CNY. yayy cny! I wanna go shopping lah omg. I'm going out with the honeybees tomorrow :D Ending the post with my face.

Damn tired cause I have a super sore & cramp butt from sitting since 7.30am to 4.30pm.

SUMMARY: I drove to Sunway College JB

Nothing much to say today. I drove my driving instructor from my haos to permas to get lunch for his kids & then drove to Tebrau city. Saw darling & her mom at tebrau city & they kept laughing at me /.\

Then I drove all the way to Mitiara Rini & back to Austin cause I'm meeting my friends for Lynette's birthday. Thats all..

Here's some photos of me driving. I mean, on the wheel.

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