Feb 23, 2013


Which is also Chor 6.
Went to Singapore IKEA with my mom, sis & baby nephew.
I love IKEA! Not just because they have tasty food but also I love looking at home deco stuff & furnitures. LOVE! hehe

So I randomly grabbed a pillow & his hugged it like this. Damn cute I cannot TvT



He loved it. Ahhh spent so much time with him. I miss him already although I ran around & carried him & entertained him in IKEA with him for like 3 hours.

Then we came back to JB for dinner. Had korean meal at City Square. It's a new shop called BORNGA in the food level of inner city.

Some kind of appetizer which is sour :x

The interior. Nubad lah. Quite nice & they keep playing KPOP. I'm actually quite surprised they played Super Junior's Wonder Boy cause I don't think many people (especially non ELF) know this song.

Bulgogi my brother in law ordered. I didn't eat cause I have my huge bowl of Beef Ribs Soup.

Which is super nice. I love it. A bad move to order cause it's too big for me to finish it. There's so much beef inside. & because I orders samgyupsal too :x

OMG I'm drooling as I'm typing this. Sorry everyone for making you crave for korean food. hehehe. Seriously, I think you all can try the food there cause I think it's different from other Korean Restaurants like Kimchi & BBQ which is my fav restaurant.

That's all for my boring CNY.

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