Feb 9, 2013


Nail Tutorial


These are my CNY nails. I redid them cause I don't really like the look for the red ones. I feel like I'm over doing this CNY thing, having red hair & red nails!?! hahaha.

Things you'll need:

1. Light pink
2. Silky brown
3. Black
4. Gold & silver (caviar?) beads
5. Brown blings
6. Dotting tool/thin brush

A black cross over your pinky 

Make leopard prints on ring finger

to get this half half look, simply stick a clear duct tape over your middle finger & print over it & then tear it out while its still wet

The index finger, apply some top/base/clear polish & then stick the brown blings & the silver beads on it. 

Apply top/base/clear polish on your thumb & start sticking the gold beads on.
Gently press them so they'll stuck tighter.

Back to the middle finger, apply a thin strip of top/base/clear polish in the middle of your finger & arrange the gold beads in a row.

Top coat & you're done (:

Have fun!

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