Feb 9, 2013

CNY Nails

Nail Tutorial

Hello everyone! Sorry, haven't been posting any nail tutorials lately cause i've been lacking of inspiration and time and yeah, being lazy. hahahaha. If I ever painted my nails before this, it would be a plain colour. So I don't see any point of making a tutorial of it ~.~

Anyway, here is a super simple cute cny nail design tutorial =. i'm a little late cause tomorrow is already the first day of cny & now it like, evening & everyone is getting ready for reunion dinner except for those poor souls who are working ): K la, why I always start with so much crap one. Should change this habit haha

Things you'll need: 
1. Red
2. Gold glitter
3. Red caviar beads
(pls dont ask me where I got the beads from, my friend got it for me online)
4. Top & Base coat (duhh)
5. Thin brush

base coat on, (I JUST cut my nails, I think I'm mad)

French mani on these fingers, don't have to be too neat cause you'll be covering them with the gold glitters (:

Apply a thin line of gold glitter like the picture.
Mine was a mini mani specially for fine lines.
Got them from etude house but they dont sell them anymore.

For the ring finger, apply a base colour of red (or any sort for background colour you like) and the dip or sprinkle the beads onto the finger while it's still wet.

Apply top coat on the 4 fingers & at the TIP of your beaded fingers & you're done! 

Have fun

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