Aug 24, 2012

Gardens By The Bay - Bay South

Super Junior nails nail tutorial below this.

So, here's the story of how is begun,
12 noon.
Umma: Wake up, I'm bringing you out today.
Me: Where?
Umma: I don't know. Eat then decide.
*after breakfast*
Me: So, where are we going?
Umma: Where do you wanna go?
Me: Our neighbour country.
Umma: Singapore? Really? Ok, go get ready. I'll write the white cards.
Me: Huh? You got SGD meh?
Umma: Not much but I wanna go to the new sight seeing place in Marine Bay Sands.
Me: Oh, okay.

And we really went there.


on the car

a long journey

cox its far from woodlands

so i selca-ed to kill time

oh look, umma!

"are we reaching yet?"

oh look, ferris wheel!

i look like a retard LOL


"Wah, look at that beef pastrami"
you'll know this quote if you watch sgp advertistments LOL

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Oh look, we're here.

dragonfly bridge

I like this, it was going to rain soon.

it was a sunny and windy day.

pretty or not? hahahhaa

I think recently my selcas all very pretty leh LOL

what do you think?

I like this :D

ehehhee :3

i did not go up cause i think my legs will go jelly then i die cox i fall from up there. hahahahaha drama.

had dinner in Marina Square. this pasta is yummy! why sgp food court got quality food one yer. hahahha

saw this in Watson and i couldnt resist it

nerds! :D

i used to love this when i was young. idk why is it not selling in Malaysia anymore.

Overall, I think it was a very nice place. I dont ever rmb being a tourist in SGP cox i only go for shopping at places like Vivocity, Bugis, Far East Plaza, Causeway Point, Ochard, Takashimaya, Ion... Even if I actually went to places where tourist goes, it's be Science Centre, Sentosa and the zoo. HAHAHAHA

Super Junior

Nail Tutorial

"This post is dedicated to the world biggest fanclub. The ELF. My sisters, my family"
- edited From U. 

I think I should start watermarking my nail artwork. Just in case.

Things you'll need:
1. Pearl sapphire blue (cox its the SJ official colour)
2. White
3. Glittery polish
4. Black
5. Red
6. Yellow
7. Dotting tool
8. Thin brush

I used arcylic paint to write these. It means "SU JU"
Used a dotting tool to make a small dot using the glittery polish on my pinky.

Time to draw the superman logo.
Draw a diamond shape on your thumb with yellow and fill in to make it look nicer.

Using a thin brush, outline the yellow diamond with red lines.

Write a letter "S" on it. 

Draw the shape above on your ring finger.

Draw lines to make a diamond shape.
Apply top coat and you're done!

Now you can haz a Super Junior inspired nails that you can wear to their concert! :D

Have fun! ^^

Aug 20, 2012

Picture Post

I've run out of stuff to post about other than nail tutorials. So here's a random picture post. Complete with crappy captions. Hahahahaha.

Oh look, a nerd. 

Oh look, who's this cute little guy?

Oh look, a grumpy baby!

Oh look, who's this pretty laday who selca-ed with my phone? hahahaha

Ok, this "oh look..." thing is getting annoying.

Travis says HI!..

..With a cute smile..

.. I mean, cheeky.

Oh look, le BFF! 

Oh look, it's me!

#ootd Going to church on a Sunday morning.

Oh look, my wall. Can you spot my oppas?

Hey baby

We were at Kimchi & BBQ

Ah wai you sho cute one

"Oh look! An iPhone!"


*Ran out of things to caption*

#RandomFactAboutMe : I hate writing.