Aug 10, 2012

No Harm Having a Little Fun

ahhhh, the tests are freaking over babeh!!! :D

So i went to KL to attend my aunt's wedding and then to Genting with my cousins. Stayed over in KL at PJ Hilton, my first time staying in a five star hotel LOL #suaku

ready to set off!

haih i'm bored.

totally bored

and i'm cold #brrrr

YAY we reached the hotel

ffffuuh damn shiok can :D i was watching xmen: the last stand 

after a long day of running shoes, it chipped )':

after going to the salon and done with my make up, i'm all ready to go!

yaepoh umma

chiang! vintage setting.



act sexy LOL

i'm not sorry for selca-ing

me again

i haz nothing to caption

umma and i



chuuu~ ^^




next day, #ootd to Genting! (:

waitin' fer my cousin brother who woke up late

lub mah hair :D

in genting alrdy. the weather freaking cold and foggy. cannot take many pictures ):

see, the space shot!

ok, pause for a while cox this is the highlight of the post.

you ready? (: 






I, Felinda Yap Qian Wen, took my first ever space shot ride :O :O :O

You want proof? ok, here's proof.

here's the whole story (all me talking) :

While lining up,
"omg i must be crazy to say i'd ride this. omg it's so high up. i'm gonna die. i must be crazy. i'm not taking this anymore. ahhh, noooo they'll laugh at me for chickening out! no, i must take this ride. i will not die. i will live. but ahhhhhh it's so scary i'm gonna die!!! (cousin: its very high up, you're gonna die) OH SHUT UP YOU'RSE SUPPOSE TO BE ENCOURAGING ME!!!"

On the ride,
"omg omg omg i'm really going up. i cannot go out now, everyone will laugh at me. i must be crazy. yes, i am crazy to say i will ride this. why did i say such a thing. omg its going up, omg put me down i dont wanna taking this anymore. omg its going uuuuuuuppppppppp!!!!! OOHHHHHMAAAHHHHHGAAAAAAWWWDDDDDD AAAAHHHHHHH ASDGFDGFF!@#$@!$&r%CSYVUILBQLUTW!^@#!%#@%^!&*^ OHHHH MAHHH GAWWWWDDDD OHHH MAH GAAAAWDDDD I WANNA GET OFFFF LET ME OUTTTT ASGQDBASJK AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" 

And it ended. i couldnt move from the seat, not to mention walk cox my legs have gone all jelly. but yeah, i was the hero HAHAHAHAHA

no, i did not take this. my heart would stop if i take another scary ride again.

super colddd and empty :D

we didnt have to line up for anything except the space shot.

dragon coster was closed ):

did you see the splash?

ehehe i took diz :D


looks so yummy can

i major love this idk i rode for how many times hahhaha all no need to line up one. straight away can go up.


another one

can you feel the (i wanted to say heat wtf) breeze

ffuh! missing.

Went home at 6 smtg and reached at 1.30am. 

k bye.

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