Aug 10, 2012

Taiwan 5


the long awaited post..

the Hello Kitty Restaurant post! 

loading ......

please be patient cause i'm bringing you on a Hello Kitty Restaurant tour LOL.
wanted to make a video but the video takes forever to upload plus i was ugly that day ):

anyway, here is it..


it was raining when we reached

waiting for the shop to open. we had our appointment at 11.30am.

i want this cake for my birthday lehhh!!!

yeapoh interior 

this shop is real

ground floor


will you just look at the bread!? totally love lor!

i want this. no, make that a need. LOL

upstairs, where we had our meal ^^

annyeonghasaeyo umma.


happy kid

ordering ^^

loving the lights

kitchen door LOL

ugly duckling of the day

a view of the ground floor

these are fake.

desserts in the making

ugh, i wanna work here!

caption this

how i wish i bought one.

mushroom soup

with bread ^^

mom's. some kind of animal's liver.



ehehe :3

totally in love with this lor!!!

ahh, complimentary pudding. i love complimentary stuff :b

my future toilet bowl hahahhaa, i keed.

a sofa for waiting.

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