Aug 16, 2012

Union Jack Fan?

Nail Tutorial

today, i'm teaching you how to make a pretty british flag on your nails with only 5 easy steps.

Things you'll need:
1. Dark blue
2. Red
3. White
4. Thin brush
5. Blings

#1 paint your nails with colors as shown.
(rmb to clean the edges with a cotton bud) 

thumb & ring finger - dark blue
index finger & pinky - red
middle finger - white

#2 using white paint and nail brush, draw a cross on your thumb.
make sure it is wide enough for you to draw red lines on them.

#3 draw white lines as shown.
do as the same with your ring finger

#4 draw red lines on your thumb and ring finger. and your flag is done.
draw red lines horizontally on your middle finger.

#5 stick on a bling each on your index finger and pinky.

apply top coat and you're done.

now you have a pretty and smart nail design that you can wear anytime and anywhere and it stands out with any outfit.

thanks for viewing and look out for more tutorials.
have fun! (:

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