Aug 20, 2012

Picture Post

I've run out of stuff to post about other than nail tutorials. So here's a random picture post. Complete with crappy captions. Hahahahaha.

Oh look, a nerd. 

Oh look, who's this cute little guy?

Oh look, a grumpy baby!

Oh look, who's this pretty laday who selca-ed with my phone? hahahaha

Ok, this "oh look..." thing is getting annoying.

Travis says HI!..

..With a cute smile..

.. I mean, cheeky.

Oh look, le BFF! 

Oh look, it's me!

#ootd Going to church on a Sunday morning.

Oh look, my wall. Can you spot my oppas?

Hey baby

We were at Kimchi & BBQ

Ah wai you sho cute one

"Oh look! An iPhone!"


*Ran out of things to caption*

#RandomFactAboutMe : I hate writing.

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