Jul 29, 2014


So I've been thinking about this for a really long time.

I'm gonna be taking a break from blogging. For how long, I don't know. As long as I want to I guess. I just don't see the point of me updating anymore. I don't know who on earth still reads my blog. For years I have been blogging hoping something good will come out from this perseverance but until now, it's more than 5 years already. I see people who blogged for less than a year doing even better than me. Good for them, really.

I've been blogging properly since I was 15 & even before that I had another personal blog that I started using since I was 13. I'm 19 now, you do the math. All these years I keep believing it will get better but it didn't. I just keep seeing other people doing so well while mine has no progression at all. I don't even know who reads this blog. No one ever comments anything about it, when I ask what to blog about, no one replies me, ask anything also no one reply. I'm alone on this street.

I'm tired until to a point where I feel like this is really just pointless. I'm going nowhere. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm no time to think too.

So this is it. Goodbye, whoever that actually reads. Sorry I'm leaving. Good day.


Be back soon, maybe, maybe never.

// How about we take a vote. If I get 8 nice comments (not asking for too much am I? C'mon, I have about 80 view everyday and idk how it happened...) on ask.fm (sidebar) about my blog, i'd probably starting again. Hopefully i'd be able to even get like 2. Ugh let's not get our hopes high okay.

Jul 19, 2014

No Impact Project (Challenge)

Well well well. It's been a while since I last updated. I must say I had been super busy since school started 3 weeks ago. I had been in school for 2 weeks as in like 14 days including weekends cause of the need to rush a group assignment for submission. Then the next week, we were much much much more free and relaxed but still then, we had to do another assignment which required us to vlog our daily lives. 

No Impact Project.

What is this?

It's a project/challenge for people to care more about the environment and to know and understand how to help save the environment by doing or changing little little things in your lives. 

Wanna know more? Read here!

This assignment was actually given by my lecturer who is super super pro environment. You can talk to her about anything but hating on environment lolol jk. She's quite nice which is probably why my whole class took her for granted (another story!) 

So, for the assignment, we were to follow the instructions given on the page when we signed up for it and then make a video about it, recording us doing the deeds every day. And because I think it's a waste to just show the video to my lecturer, classmates and family, I decided I wanna show off my hardwork (not quite, it's actually just simple tasks) to other people. HAHAHA. Btw, I did not follow 100% the instructions given but I guess what I did was good enough (: 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional videographer and am in no way, a professional environmentalist so what I did might be wrong. May not be the best video but still, my virgin video edit. Enjoy!

Watch it on youtube if you can ^^

After doing this video, I actually thought of starting to make vlogs cause *deep secret!* I talk to myself all the time and err, sometimes I video myself doing stupid things alone in the room like random dancing/singing/role play. HAHAHAHA. Saving up for a camera! Siapa nak sponsor aku? LOL.

Be back soon,

Jul 3, 2014

SID Year 2

So, it's officially the second term of Year 2 in SID.

This year, it had been great cause I missed lesson a lot a lot lesser. In Year 1, I remember hating school so much and I'm always tired in the morning although I sleep early the night before. I'm always skipped lessons (sorry mom) but I still did my assignments and stuff and of course, I never let my attendance affect my studies. I'm not dumb to throw my parents money into the sea just because I'm tired.

This year, my lecturer said, my attendance had been good cause idky maybe cause class had become more fun, now that we (classmates) are so much closer than last year and we actually went out for a lunch trip at AMk Hub. Not everyone was there but still close enough.

EDT +1 

And because that day was also AlanO's birthday, we took a Happy Birthday photo for him which totally doesn't look like the word 'happy birthday' at all.

Also, before this we had trophy project if you haven't forgotten about my previous post. Then we all had a class photo again. The last one was taken in Year 1 and then there was people from other classes and also some of us weren't inside and also, drop outs.

This year, I got close again with Joyjoy, and XH and Ger. Also had a clique EDT (Eat,Drink,Twerk I have no idea why) which consist of 7 of us, which are Eunice, Cherie, T, F, OSX and KYJ. It's nice, to finally have regular friends to hang out with without feeling like I'm intruding.

Then besides the friends and fun, the modules are pretty hectic and so so so different from Year 1. Now I think back, year 1 really is the honeymoon year cause you just do and don;t have to think so much. This year the difficult part ain't the assignments but the thinking process. Ok, 3d max is still very difficult for me.

Window Display for MAC (the brand I chose)

And I got hooked on oreos.

Do you see a wardrobe?

Do you?

Unexpected city

Really, I have no idea what I'm doing too.

Wearing shades cause I look super shag with 2 nights in a row without sleep.

So, basically Year 2, in conclusion, uptill now, it's very tiring. Very very very tiring. At times I really cannot cope and wants to quit but then I look at everyone and everyone is struggling too but they aren't giving up. This gives me strength to keep going on cause I'm not the only tired one. I'm not the only one stuck. I'm not the only lazy one. Everyone is struggling, yet everyone is trying so what gives me the right to scream I'm tired and give up?