Jul 3, 2014

SID Year 2

So, it's officially the second term of Year 2 in SID.

This year, it had been great cause I missed lesson a lot a lot lesser. In Year 1, I remember hating school so much and I'm always tired in the morning although I sleep early the night before. I'm always skipped lessons (sorry mom) but I still did my assignments and stuff and of course, I never let my attendance affect my studies. I'm not dumb to throw my parents money into the sea just because I'm tired.

This year, my lecturer said, my attendance had been good cause idky maybe cause class had become more fun, now that we (classmates) are so much closer than last year and we actually went out for a lunch trip at AMk Hub. Not everyone was there but still close enough.

EDT +1 

And because that day was also AlanO's birthday, we took a Happy Birthday photo for him which totally doesn't look like the word 'happy birthday' at all.

Also, before this we had trophy project if you haven't forgotten about my previous post. Then we all had a class photo again. The last one was taken in Year 1 and then there was people from other classes and also some of us weren't inside and also, drop outs.

This year, I got close again with Joyjoy, and XH and Ger. Also had a clique EDT (Eat,Drink,Twerk I have no idea why) which consist of 7 of us, which are Eunice, Cherie, T, F, OSX and KYJ. It's nice, to finally have regular friends to hang out with without feeling like I'm intruding.

Then besides the friends and fun, the modules are pretty hectic and so so so different from Year 1. Now I think back, year 1 really is the honeymoon year cause you just do and don;t have to think so much. This year the difficult part ain't the assignments but the thinking process. Ok, 3d max is still very difficult for me.

Window Display for MAC (the brand I chose)

And I got hooked on oreos.

Do you see a wardrobe?

Do you?

Unexpected city

Really, I have no idea what I'm doing too.

Wearing shades cause I look super shag with 2 nights in a row without sleep.

So, basically Year 2, in conclusion, uptill now, it's very tiring. Very very very tiring. At times I really cannot cope and wants to quit but then I look at everyone and everyone is struggling too but they aren't giving up. This gives me strength to keep going on cause I'm not the only tired one. I'm not the only one stuck. I'm not the only lazy one. Everyone is struggling, yet everyone is trying so what gives me the right to scream I'm tired and give up?



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