Jul 19, 2014

No Impact Project (Challenge)

Well well well. It's been a while since I last updated. I must say I had been super busy since school started 3 weeks ago. I had been in school for 2 weeks as in like 14 days including weekends cause of the need to rush a group assignment for submission. Then the next week, we were much much much more free and relaxed but still then, we had to do another assignment which required us to vlog our daily lives. 

No Impact Project.

What is this?

It's a project/challenge for people to care more about the environment and to know and understand how to help save the environment by doing or changing little little things in your lives. 

Wanna know more? Read here!

This assignment was actually given by my lecturer who is super super pro environment. You can talk to her about anything but hating on environment lolol jk. She's quite nice which is probably why my whole class took her for granted (another story!) 

So, for the assignment, we were to follow the instructions given on the page when we signed up for it and then make a video about it, recording us doing the deeds every day. And because I think it's a waste to just show the video to my lecturer, classmates and family, I decided I wanna show off my hardwork (not quite, it's actually just simple tasks) to other people. HAHAHA. Btw, I did not follow 100% the instructions given but I guess what I did was good enough (: 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional videographer and am in no way, a professional environmentalist so what I did might be wrong. May not be the best video but still, my virgin video edit. Enjoy!

Watch it on youtube if you can ^^

After doing this video, I actually thought of starting to make vlogs cause *deep secret!* I talk to myself all the time and err, sometimes I video myself doing stupid things alone in the room like random dancing/singing/role play. HAHAHAHA. Saving up for a camera! Siapa nak sponsor aku? LOL.

Be back soon,

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