Jan 30, 2013

Chocolate Cupcakes - Cheat



As promised, the yummy post hehehehe

The ingredients:
1. 280ml water
2. 85ml vegetable oil / cooking oil
3. 3 eggs

Things you'll need:
1. cupcake tray/cups 
2. cupcake linings
3. mixing machine
4. oven


Pour all the ingredients into the mixing bowl.
This looks kinda disgusting but trust me, the cupcake is yummy.

Mix well on low speed for 1 minute, then medium speed for 2-3 minutes.

It will turn out like this & smell delicious.

Pour the batter into the cupcake linings.

Half a cup will do.
Too much will cause the cupcake to become oversize & ugly & turn into muffins because muffin = ugly cupcakes.

Send to bake for 20 minutes. When it is done, poke a toothpick through to check if it it fully cooked. If there are chocolate stains on the toothpick, send to bake again.

First batch done!!!

Are they pretty? hehehehehe.
Not much of a tutorial cause its a lazy ready mix recipe :p
At least I blogged!


I went out!

Like, finally. LOL ok lah, I did went to church & all those stuff but it's a daily routine so there's nothing much to say.

On 27 Jan I went to my aunty's open house party + cousin brother's 5th birthday party. Kinda boring to be honest cause I have quite a huge age gap with my cousins & they are mostly BOYS. So you can guess that I am not really close with them. Sad case. We used to be close. But we all grew up & have our own stuff and friends and own circle so we dont hang out anymore. Especially now, my cousin brothers have girlfriends and they dont come to every family gathering now. Well, it's okay. I got used to being alone & entertain myself.

I must say that I really cannot tahan that black dog staring at us when we are eating. I keep complaining & wishing that dog to move cause it's seriously making me not able to eat in peace. I'm damn scared that it will suddenly come under the table & brush against my leg. Idk why I'm terrified of things touching my leg. It's disgusting & scary, I think. After having 2 plates of fried rice & other food (I'm super hungry) I stood beside the table for awhile & felt like an awkward turtle. So I went into the house and watched 夜市人生 (FML) with the older people. It was all nice until the kids started bringing balloons into the house & ran around IN FRONT OF THE FUCKING TV. I mean, yes. I don't like this show but I am watching it & YOU ARE NOT MADE OF GLASS AND NEITHER ARE YOU QUIET OR TRANSPARENT!!! Don't fucking block the whole tv ok. I don't wanna watch you dance around with your stupid balloon & get hit by it! #reasonsidislikekids These are the kids that made me dislike kids. I used to like kids and be able to tolerate them annoying me but now, hell no you move your butt out of my sight & don't make a noise. I'm sick of noisy children that act like monkeys. Was I ever like that? If I were, I apologize to every human that I annoyed & I ought to be slapped for disgracing myself. So what if you're a kid. It doesn't give you enough reason to annoy people when they are watching the television or eating in a restaurant. You spoil the peace. STFU ok. I know I sound damn mean now but idc, don't preach to be about how kids are. My mom runs a child care & I have seen lots of different children throughout my whole life. I probably know more than you.

After getting hit by the ballon on the face, its the last straw. I went back outside. I need to get away from these pests. FML. I found my mother & cousin brothers chatting away outside the house and joined them. Kinda awkward by just standing there & not saying a word but better than being inside and get annoyed by kids & increase my dislike towards them -.- Stood outside & we talked about our life and which school I'll be going and all those stuff. It's kinda nice actually. To be talking to them.

After cutting up the birthday cake, I grabbed a can of beer and my cousin was like, OMG SHE DRINKS. & my 2nd aunty had to come and say, Yeah she's the alcohol queen (酒后) defug?! I'm not ok. Just to say so! I can hold my alcohol limits well but I'm NOT a heavy drinker. I only drink occasionally so please don't misunderstand me hor! Hahahaha. Why do I even bother to explain? Oh, this reminds me that I am 18 & I can drink legally nao! wheeee :p

This ends my post. I may be going to dye my hair. Quite excited & hope I'm able to dye what I want. Yeah, this is scheduled. Will show ya'll my hair if I dyed it ^^

BYE! ♡

Jan 29, 2013



Oh I miss spam blogging hahahaha. *schedules spam* Just in case I go MIA again & get scolded for not blogging :p hehehe

I'm so hungry now. I need food. Gonna do my hair later. Decided not to perm but dye. Idk what to colour dye! My mom wouldn't allow me to do anything outrageous like blonde or pink or blue one la. Can only dye at the bottom of my hair. But then I got a friend also did that so I scared later she think I copy her T____T Anyway, since the new hair dresser just cut 2 inch of my hair away (my hair grows really slow so 2 inches matter a lot to me!) I'm kinda tempted to cut my hair short & curl the bottom like this

But my mom has opinion on this too -.-
She's afraid that I might become too cute LOLOL but hor 人可爱什么发型都可爱 ok!
hehehehehe so thick skinned omg!

If I dont cut, I might wanna dye the bottom back of my hair pink or turqouise. Like this

My friend (senior)'s hair lah hahaha. follow her on ig! 

I dont dare to do too outrageous now cause scared if I get good result for SPM & can go on the stage to get my result but because of my stupid school they dont lemme take then I can slap myself alrdy -.-

Jan 28, 2013

Please Don't

I know it's a gay song but it's still a really nice song

But aint that guy from reply 1997?

Anyway, I'm in love with K.Will's voice lah omg hahahahaha

Jan 27, 2013

100th Special


I've moved to this blog since last year September & I already got a total page views of 9982. Not a lot, I know. But it'll get better, right? 

I've been thinking, should I make a special weekly update like qiuqiu does? This way I can force myself to blog about something & not let my blog be dead. Of course I dont use a name like QWeekly or what la. Later people throw me rotten eggs for 'copying' her then I die ._. I think I should also take more OOTD photos, do more nail tutorials (huge hiatus, I deserve to be slapped) instead of just my face omg self obsessed hahahhaa :p #girlsbeinggirls

100th post & idk what to say. LOLOL. My week is boring! Nothing much happened since I spend everyday at home. I should really be a more hardworking blogger. My blog stats are so low now I don't dare to look at them. To be honest, idk what keeps me blogging. Whenever I go to my blog stats, I see these people from all over the world reading my blog & I felt this. What makes them want to visit this crap blog? All I say is crap & all stupid selca. Why people wanna read!? Oh no, look. Idk what am I saying again *slaps self* i need to start sleeping early..

OH YES. I'm gonna be jobless soon wooo! Hahahaha, idk why I feel happy that I dont needa work anymore. I can concentrate on doing my portfolio (bullshit la, I know I wouldnt *slaps self again*)

Lemme just insert a random photo of myself here.

and then end this post.

I lied about my title. This post is anything but special.

PS: don't hate me la, I blog about yummy stuff next ok? (;
follow me on ig lah!

Jan 23, 2013

Open Houses 2013 - Lasalle & NAFA

*this post has been in my draft since forever /.\ sorry!*

*also, I saw the mediscorp artiste Edwin Goh (many times)*

As I have said in my last post, I went to both Lasalle & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) 's open house last Friday & Saturday.They are both art schools as I have finally decided that I wanna be a design student. Not sure if I want which design though. Please don't ask me T^T I'll tell when I am 100% confirm about it ok? 

Just some pictures I took when I was there. Not very much cause I didnt actually plan to blog about it...


ANYWAY, here's some student's artwork from Lasalle:

Actually got a lot but I didnt take photo cause a lot of people blocking me, standing in front of the picture. I very pai seh to squeeze & take a picture. These are some of the more interesting artworks. 

The people from the performance department (I assume) performing drums. Damn nice! Super love the performance. I actually stood there for half an hour looking at them. This is GREEN CAMPUS btw, a place where students can relax or talk there.. Located right in the middle. This is also where I first met Edwin Goh! HAHAHA. I was engrossed with the drum performance & suddenly WS said: "eh eh eh Edwin leh." And he walk pass in front of us & stood beside us *you jelly?* I took a glance at him & at the same time, he looked up and we had an awkward eye contact for like, 2 seconds :x hahaha

After the performance, I wandered to CREATIVE CUBE's black box (?) theater & saw Edwin sitting right there & ngam ngamm hor in front of him got seats. So we sat there. Feeling a bit kan cheong. Me la. Idk about WS. The lecturer then asked him to go in front and talk about his lifein campus. Thats when I took a good look at him, 3 meters away LOL. Ok lorr, looks exactly like how to looks like on TV. Same only. Talk also same. Aiyah, he is just human what. I know. What I am crapping now? -.-


Which gave me a scared cause I was standing right where they are gonna dance. Music changed and suddenly these people jumped to my side and started dancing. I was like, defug?!?! Do you mind? Anyway, the dance was great. I cant get enough of their awesome dance studio, which you are gonna see now.


Just one of the building.

WS & i, going back Jb (:


#OOTD for NAFA's open house.

Never take any pictures here cause didn't really impress me :x

Took a mini tour at the Fashion Studies Department & decided I will never take fashion design cause I have to sew! omg ._. my worst nightmare.

Then took lunch & went to the 3D Design Department. Nubad! Quite impressed with the furniture design & interior design. LOVE! hehehe. The jewelry design lecturer damn funny, kept tricking and teasing my friend. Poor him. I'm very happy cause I'm a science student. Thank God. hehehe, not that I am saying my friend is dumb hor! Just that we are smart in different aspects k (; Don't get the wrong meaning..

Went & watch the last theater showcase & I love it! All except the performance with white masks wtf. I needa get over this phobia -.- After the show, we took the MRT to orchard road for dinner. Walked a bit until my legs are gonna break then we went back to JB.

Hmm, nothing much to talk about alrdy lah. NAFA just replied my email. Gonna check it now. Will tell ya'll when I've decided my school.


Jan 19, 2013

50 Things I Wanna Do With My Future Boyfriend

  1. Go to a play in the park.
  2. Wash the car together.
  3. Take a walk in the park.
  4. Go to a restaurant, and only order dessert.
  5. Have a wine tasting night, trying several different kinds of wine.
  6. Blindfold each other and massage each other.
  7. Make chocolate covered strawberries together.
  8. Go to a couple spa.
  9. Go to the book store and find books for each other.
  10. Give each other pedicures.
  11. Go to a museum.
  12. Sit outside at a park and sketch each other.
  13. Choose one room of the house and clean it together in your underwear.
  14. Go for a bicycle ride and pack a lunch, dinner, or snacks.
  15. Have a picnic in the dark (this can be done in the backyard).
  16. Build a Lego house.
  17. Put a 1,000 piece puzzle together.
  18. Draw your dream house together.
  19. Go to a paint store and pick out a new color to paint your bedroom.
  20. Go to a marriage enrichment course.
  21. Go to an athletic store and purchase running shorts that match.
  22. Play a game on the computer, and whoever wins gets a foot or scalp massage.
  23. Play a favorite CD and dance.
  24. Take out a tablet and take turns writing down what you love about your partner.
  25. Write out a vision for your marriage. Each person writes down an area they personally want to improve in the relationship.
  26. Pick out clothes for each other to wear to work the next day.
  27. Pick out clothes you want each other to wear to bed that night (they must be clothes you already have).
  28. Make the biggest ice cream sundae ever in a huge bowl with both of your favorite toppings. Then eat it together.
  29. Have a heart-to-heart conversation in regards to what is missing in your relationship. Identify at least two things you can add that will help fill it.
  30. Go to a Karaoke club.
  31. Try to begin every sentence with, “Because I love you” (at least through dinner).
  32. Take the dog for a walk and go where the dog wants to go.
  33. Go out for coffee and sit outside the coffee shop while you sip the coffee (tea works too).
  34. Try to talk only about the relationship, not work, and not kids.
  35. Identify at least three things you want to change about yourself, and tell your partner how they can help you achieve them.
  36. Tell each other what you like the best about your life.
  37. Take videos of your partner answering the question, “What I like best about my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend is……..”.
  38. Write your own obituary. This makes it very clear what is important to you. Share it with your partner.
  39. Read your favorite poem to your partner. Discuss it over a glass of wine or hot tea.
  40. Read a chapter from a steamy novel that you like and change the names to you and your partner. This is really fun, and leads to unexpected feelings.
  41. Do a workout tape together (Yoga is especially nice as you are relaxed and it feels good).
  42. Look through old photos of the two of you. Try to put yourself into where you were during that photo.
  43. Write each other a love story. Begin by thinking of five things you love about this person.
  44. Play catch in the back yard. Something about the rhythm of the ball going back and forth makes us relax and we begin to talk.  It makes us feel closer.
  45. Sit on his/her lap and just kiss. Kiss his/her neck, and smell her/his hair.
  46. Wash each other’s hair. Use a fragrant shampoo and conditioner and massage the scalp. Turn it into an experience rather than a job.
  47. Shoot baskets. This is good exercise, and makes you feel more vibrant.
  48. Go to a pool hall and play a good game of pool. It’s fun to see the people who hang out at a pool hall and it is cheap.
  49. Sit in a church. There is nothing as calming and assuring than to sit in a church with no organized program. Hold hands, or just sit next to each other and meditate and pray.
  50. Look at your planner and plan your next date night, reassuring your partner that you live for date nights!!! It is your commitment to the importance of this together time that will make your relationship healthy and leave your partner feeling they are the luckiest person in the world.


If you followed me on Twitter you'll know I passed my undang test. Wait, what do you mean you dont know? You must not have been following me then! Tsk. How dare you?

Jan 17, 2013

3D Drawings

I've been engrossed with these drawings recently. Planning to use them in my portfolio. Must master at least one! MUST. *determination* My FA (Fine Arts) classes starting tomorrow.. A bit kan cheong cause very long never draw. HAHAHAHA

ok bye.

Jan 15, 2013


(hello everyone)

First of all, I would like so say desole (sorry) to everyone.
I'm such a bad blogger. I've been busy for the past few days and neglecting my blog! But thank you for not giving up on me & continues to visit me & keeping my stats still at least >100 everyday TvT *throws tons of kisses to every loyal reader*

Here is a photo of the BFF & I ♡
Pretty? Interested in her? SORRY. YOU HAVE TO PASS THROUGH ME FIRST! hahaha :p
Anyway, this is out couple (or rather BFF) pullover! Bought together it in Jusco last week cause we bought looooove pullovers. Not caring that Malaysia weather is a bitch. LOL.

I went to both Lasalle & NAFA open house last weekend and I'll post about it in the next post. All I can say now is LASALLE IS SO DAMN PRETTY & I SAW EDWIN GOH SUPER DAMN NEAR OMG!!! Not an edwin fan or what is his fandom name? edwinner but, DUDE HE'S AN ACTOR & THE WHOLE OF SG (& JB) KNOWS HIM OK! tsk. What do you mean it's no big deal? You jelly? (;

NAFA campus is quite meh. But it might be my future school so I don't criticize it now. kthxbai.

(but I really really really wanna go to Lasalle)

I'm gonna be busy doing portfolio for the following days so I might not be able to post a lot (again), you all must get used to my occasional disappearance but please dont leave me T.T I will rattle my brain & find some crap to post about. Or maybe when I start college I'll have stuff to blog about since I am finally going outside LOL. CNY is coming soon! I'm cho happy. I love ang paus ok bye :p I wonder how is the CNY outing planning going.. I miss my secondary school friends.

OH WELL, look I'm crapping again. Gotta go now. Need to find an art course for crash course.
OH MY, 20 portfolios awaiting me. What have I done to myself?


Jan 9, 2013

Back ♡

(yes sir, I'm one of a kind)

Hahahaha. Hello. I'm back. I'm finally blogging! But before I start on anything, you all HAVE TO hear this song (; It's fabulous & watching it can help to increase view. kkkkk :p I think you all can guess whose song is it lah. BUT I must say first, I understand that there might be kpop haters here but I promise, THIS IS NOT A KOREAN SONG. Watch ok! Or just open it & turn listen & go to another page -.- LOL.


So, how's everyone doing?

It's the 9th day of 2013 & I am approaching my 100th post on this new blog very soon.

My 2013 is still quite meh for the time being. But I believe it'll get better ^^
I've been at home. Every fucking day. Ok la only Monday to Friday cause I'm working at home as a teacher (we run a daycare at home, remember?) I only get to go out during weekends to yeah, you guessed it. Church. If I happen to go out during weekdays, it'll be because I'm running errands. Or simply just because my mom decided to bring me out. So yeah, nothing exciting. I wake up at 8.20am +/- everyday, sometimes I get a nap when the kids are asleep. I get off work at 6pm. Then I eat dinner, bathe & watch the 9 o'clock singapore drama, continued with korean dramas until 12am. Then I try to get some sleep. *repeats until Friday* On Saturdays, I wake up at 12pm. Eat lunch & get ready for church. 6pm, I go back home and have dinner, bathe again. Then I just laze around and play with my phone apps - kakaotalk, line, twitter, facebook, instagram, gifboom, subway surf, blockolicious - instead of thinking of stuff to blog about. Then I fall asleep. Sunday, I go to church at 8.30am & go home in the afternoon or evening. Yep. So much for my 'holidays'.


Wait, I'm not gonna let myself become such a boring person ok! I still take selcas, I still talk to my friends. I still read books. I still blog. And I am currently still deciding which stud button to buy on etsy cause I wanna DIY my old school shoes. The white one. Mind you. Black school shoes are plain ugly. Nothing but ugly. Also, I'm thinking of going over to holiday plaza to get some plain cheap iphone cases and some pens to DIY more phone cases. Then I'll do more DIY posts. I know you all like DIY stuff right? I might MIGHT AH MIGHT take in requests and sell them or to do giveaway. I still dont know. I'm planning. If I got time, I'll do so ok? No promises ^^

Actually, to be honest. I'm actually not 100% very free. I have tons of stuff to do but I'm doing what I do best -- procrastinating and delaying them. Like, getting my license. I have YET to pass my undang test. Took twice & I kinda gave up on it. Praying for God to give me the strength and bravery to take the test again. Yes, I'm scared. I'm afraid of failing again. I'm afraid of going back to that place to wait and wait and wait and wait again D:

2. I should be checking out which school I am going to apply for. But instead, I watched running man & went on youtube.. Talk about being a huge fan. This is the bad side of it. Losing track because of fan girling. ANYWAY. You all don't want to know about me fan girling. You want to know what course & want school am I going to. One thing I'm berry berry (watched too much strawberry shortcake movies with the kids recently) sure about is. I WANT TO ENTER INTO A SINGAPORE SCHOOL! This, I am berry sure of. But, getting into which one and if I am able to get into is another whole story. Setting my target on Design/Visual Communication. At least I know what I want now. FINALLY. I also have a few targeted school - NAFA, Lasalle & Singapore Poly - which I am still checking everything I need to know.

3. Nope, I have not forgotten about my dream to dance on that stage with bright flash lights and audience screaming my name and paying to see me. Also walking on that red carpet (not aisle hor!) with flashing camera light to an award night.. *dreams of MAMA/GDA stage* I'm still working on my stretches & regretting not continuing dancing in my last dance school. OH, DID I MENTION THAT I FINALLY GOT MY RIGHT SPLIT PERFECTLY?!!! I was so glad but also pissed that my middle splits and left splits are going nowhere *inserts rage face meme*

4. Redecorating my room ._. SHIT ME. I moved all my vanity stuff to another cupboard and I left there hanging cause I have gotten a high fever the next day & things are left untidied up since then :p I need a mirror. A fucking hugeass wall mirror like those you'd see in a dance studio. If I cant have 'em now, my future house shall have it. This reminds me that I have already decided my CCA for college... If they even have one - NAFA and Lasalle, i mean - then I'd be contented & die in peace. LOL I keed.

There's a few post that I wanted to post about but I cannot find any pictures and I cannot blog without any pictures! I mean, birthday celebrations and weddings without photos? NOTHING BUT WEIRD.

This post is getting too long and wordy. Here's my face. 4 of them, in fact.

Oh yah, I went and watch Les Miserable again. On Sunday, after morning service. With le BFF, who apparently didn't notice that she dozed off about 5 times during the movie of 2 hours and 45 minutes /_\ got so boring mah this movie? It's awesome. A classic. Just like The Phantom of The Opera. I asked her "Got so boring meh?" & she replied me "It's so scary! Why you like these kind of shows!?!" I don't know. Because I like art. I guess. And music. And war scenes.. I think. LOL. Both of us were mad excited cause this is our first solo date! After knowing each other for freaking 17 years. Shame on us. Hahaha but we were always hanging out with our mutual friends and yeah, her brother. Super happy that we finally got our solo date (more to come if both of us get to study in singapore! kkkk). JC was super nice to give us a free ride from church to Aeon. When BFF and I reach, first thing we did was to 'fast walk' to the cinema because for some reason I was afraid of the tickets being sold out. Goodness knows why. It's not even a hot movie. Not many people knows how to appreciate it. Many people said "Ahhh, finally finish." after the movie. Quite saddening that they kept laughing during the movie. Don't even get me started on that annoying guy beside me. I don't know is he retarded or what. Let me show you all what I mean. Everyone knows that before the actual movie starts, confirm got trailers first right? This guy. This retard came in and starts going:

"Huh? Why is Jack Reacher? I'm not watching this leh! I'm watching Les Miserable (yes, he said that instead of the proper way - 'le mizerab') leh!"

*takes out movie tickets* *inhales real loudly*

"Uhhh, I came into the wrong room meh? I'm not watching this leh! This is Jack Reacher, why is it showing Jack Reacher?"

*takes out movie tickets from back pocket and check again*

Repeat another time.

*movie starts*

"Ahh, I think correct already lah."

*take out chewing gum from pocket, nudging my arm* *opens plastic packet* *takes the gum out*(note that the gum come in err idk how to say, but the type of plastic that keeps the medicines sealed in) *chews loudly* *takes out another few gums*

Throughout the movie, he

- sits to the front
- lies to the back
- puts his hands up
- puts his hand down
- puts his hands into his shirt
- takes them out
- puts back
- moves roughly causing my chair to move as well
- lies his head to my side
- lies his head to the other side (which is good, I dont care)
- take out phone 
- keeps phone
- takes out phone
- steps on my shoe (I'm 200% that my feet are on my side of my chair, fuck you)
- takes out gum and chews loudly again
- dozing off to my side

I HATE HATE HATE these kind of people. Damn annoying! Let me enjoy my movie can or not? wtf. Find it boring? You can straight away move your butt out of the cinema and watch some other shows one ok? No one is forcing you to watch this show. You all must be asking "why are you noticing him instead of watching the movie?" CAUSE HIS ACTION DAMN BIG AND EVERYTHING HE DOES I CAN SEE IT. If you are human and is not blind, confirm you can see your sides right? I'm sure none of you are blind or is an animal (prey).


The only photo I found about CY's birthday surprise last year. LOL, the cake I baked (; with the help of a few other friends.

Ok lah, I have to go nao. It's late. I needa sleep cause tomorrow still have to wake up early for work. I'm going to Singapore on Friday (Lasalle) and Saturday (NAFA)! YAY. A getaway!!! kkkk

Before you go, check out SNSD's new song - I got a boy. It's fab, my current favourite song (;

OHMYGOD. Yoona is a goddess. Yuri's bod is damn hawt. Hyoyeon is becoming prettier everytime. Sooyoung's legs. Tiffany... I cant even.

OH YA. Support my friend's new blog (:

Thanks for reading, I heart you all.

Jan 6, 2013

Things I Hate

Here's another random fact post again. hahahahaha.

  • waiting (if I wait, you're special)
  • being hungry (who doesn't?)
  • being bossed around (who the fuck are you to boss me?)
  • pushy people
  • animals that flies including insects (flies, mosquitoes & butterflies!)
  • cats
  • over confident people (*punches*)
  • people with bad grammar (cannot stand it)
  • texting without punctuation 
  • p30pL3 wh0 tYpeS L!k3 d!z (*throws dictionary in your face*)
  • bean sprouts 
  • beans (especially red beans & green beans)
  • unabashed people (*slaps*)
  • vegetables (ugh)
  • purple
  • rejection
  • fail 
  • broken promise (don't promise if you're gonna break it)
  • people who worries too much (you'll get depression sooner or later)
  • people who are constantly worrying about their studies (GET A FUCKING LIFE PLEASE)
  • people who complain about everything
  • people who cant keep their mouth shut
  • people who cant keep their comments to themselves
  • mean people who think they are cool being mean
  • people who smoke (get lung cancer & die alrdy ok?)
  • bullies
  • fishes (fatass goldfish)
  • ah beng & ah lian who think they are very cool
  • girls that act dumb & think its cute
  • people who always sends me stupid chain letters & game requests
  • gangnam style

Jan 3, 2013

Non-bake Cheese Cake

I love cheesecake.

I used to hate it cause I feel like I'm going to puke if I eat the whole of it. I couldn't understand why was cheesecake even invented. I mean, cheese is salty. WHY ON EARTH PUT SALTY THING IN A YUMMY SWEET CAKE!?!!! Plus, it's so damn rich I feel jelak after eating it.. 

But as I grew older (yes, older), I think it's actually very nice. Super yummy, in fact. It'a amazing how people can turn cheese into such, such... heavenly stuff. hahahaha, yeah, I'm weird. I know.

Anyway, I have wanted to make a cheesecake since before SPM started. But because I was busy, I had to postpone this plan until after SPM. Which then, I have totally forgotten about it & went along baking rainbow cakes instead. Yeah, I made rainbow cakes. You should have seen them on instagram, what do you mean no? HAVE YOU NOT BEEN FOLLOWING ME!!! *angry stares* Twice & no, not gonna do it again. Maybe next time. hahaha. 

One thing I hate about baking is, baking. No, seriously. I hate baking the cake. I have to keep checking the cake when it is in the oven for the fear of it getting overdone or under cooked. It's troublesome, really! & then cleaning the baking tray is a big mess too. It's as huge as my sink is small. Also, it's hot & burns me. So yeah, I really love non-bake baking rather than real baking. If you even get what I mean...

I'm getting side track again. Back to cheese cake. Sara was asking me for the recipe that day & I suddenly remembered that I have actually already bought all the ingredients for it & forgotten all about it. It was all at the back of the fridge, forgotten. On 31st December 2012, after coming home from movie - Les Miserables (nice show, felt like singing my words too when I came out from the theaters) with le M.Sunflower, I took out all the ingredients & finally started baking. 


1. Digestive biscuits
2. 500g Philadephia Cheese
3. A can of peaches
4. 2 cans of Nestle cream
5. Soften butter
6. Gelatine 



1. Crush 15-18 biscuits.

*TIPS: put them into 2 layers of plastic bags & crush them

To get this.

2. Mix the biscuit crumbs with soften butter.

3. Put them into tupperwares & send them to chill in the freezer.


4. Put the whole block of Philadephia cheese into the blending bowl.

5. Add 2 cans of Nestle cream into the blender bowl & blend them together.

6. Take out the syrup from the can & boil it with 3-5 tea spoon of gelatine & mix it together with the cheese & cream mixture.

7. Slice some peaches.

8. Dice the others.

9. Mix the diced peaches into the cheese mixture.

10. Spread the cheese mixture onto chilled biscuit base.

11. Place the sliced peaches on top for decorations.

12. Send into fridge to chill for up to at least 5 hours.

It's done! It's super yummy & I love it! hehehe. It's easy too :D
Have fun, bye!

OH, here is the sampat's version. Hers is oreo cheesecake.