Dec 13, 2012

Journey To A Driving License (1)

pun intended. (if you even catch it LOL)


So I am already 17 years old and is legal to get a driving license for a motorcar. What is motorcar? Good question. It's basically just cars & vans like Kancil, Proton Wira, Proton Saga, Viva, Myvi, MPV, normal van etc. To be precise (and confession), i don't really want to drive. I'm quite reluctant to go & learn how to drive. To me it's quite troublesome because of the procedures & stuff. Why cant we just learn them at home from our parents & then go to JPJ for a car driving test and get the license, thats it.. NO! We had to go through the torture of sitting for a undang lesson for idk, 8 hours? Yes, ofc there are rest time & lunch time, dont be silly they cant starve you.

Anyway, I'm still on my way on getting a driving license *determines to be a better driver than spongebob. FHL* I decided to make a post of my journey to learn how to drive so that you people (some younger than me) knows how it works.

I never said I am going to be 100% accurate hor. Everything is based on my own personal experience. Everyone's is different so if yours is different...


I am a year end baby (October) and most of my friends had already gotten their driving license. My dad had also been bugging me to learn how to drive & to look for an instructor since forever. So since my birthday is in October, I decided to wait for Cheng Ying (November baby) & we'll take driving lessons together after SPM (November). Her dad found us an instructor who taught CY's sister last year. His name is Mr Kee & if anyone wants to find an instructor, please ask me for his contact number. We (my mom & Mr Kee) discussed everything & CY & I were arranged to have our undang lessons on 5th of December.

SUMMARY: Undang Lesson is boring.

I forgotton what time (7am/7.30am) he said he'd be coming so I woke up @ freaking 6.30am and got ready @ 7am. I havent woke up so damn early since 27th Nov ._. After waiting until 7.40am, Mr Kee reached my house & we went to Perling Berjaya which is the driving school (?? is it called like that? I'm sure spongebob squarepants' was a BOATING school so is it suppose to be a CAR-ING school? oh my, whatever is it) We had the fees collected & procedure done & it was 9am. The classes started & we had a really funny Malay woman teaching us. She's like the funniest ever teacher I ever had. She kept saying walao here walao there LOL We had a colour blind test (very important, idk why) and YAY CY & I passed it :D it's just a normal test, they give you a book with questions inside 7 you draw out the answers on the answer sheet. There are drawings of ships & shapes & numbers. If you don't know how a colour blind test looks like, below are some examples I grabbed from google.

I'm not sure why is it important to pass this but to me la, I think it's quite embarrassing to fail this cause they announce to the whole class of 50 people (strangers). Like, they'll say out your name & you'll have to raise up your hand so (everyone) will know who are you. I'm not saying that its wrong to be color blind hor! I am not judging colour blind people! Just saying how I feel if i were to raise up my hand & then everyone will stare at you like you're a freak :x but la, if you fail this test, if your teacher is not kind, he/she can ask you to leave the classroom & go see a doctor to either fix this colour blind thing or give you a letter so they'll add some err idk, notes/notice in your license i think.

Ok, @ about 12.30pm, we had our lunch break & we must eat in the canteen there cause we don't have our IC with us at the time. The people there took it for some kind of procedures. After lunch, another man came in & the funny woman was gone. Apparently, we exchanged teachers with another class (altogether 5 classes that day). He was so late & we had lunch break for like 1 & half hours. He then came in and fiddled with some paper works & returned our ICs. About 15 minutes passed & we started our class. HE IS SUPER BORING I TELL YOU! Like, trying to make us sleep.. Dahlah after lunch is sleepy time, the room has aircon & is super quite with only your boring voice. I really felt like sleeping lor :/ So for like 1 & half hours I keep eating sweets non stop. I think I'm gonna get diabetes if his class was from 9am -.- hahaha. His class wasn't much use cause I don't understand whats he saying & most stuff are just repeating what the previous teacher said. Then he let us go home early. When we went out of the class, we had to take our thumb print on a machines at the counters for idk what also. Just do what they tell us to. I mean, everyone is doing this ma! LOL. Then I went home. It was about 5 when I reach home.

SUMMARY: I didn't get to take my undang test today.

I don't even feel like talking about this but I feel that I have the need to say. So that you all know that you might meet with incidents like that & just in case anyone of you who has suey luck like me & number 2 is your 克星 *touch wood la* then also you'll know it didnt happen to only you *hugs*.

I was suppose to have my undang test this morning. But obviously I didn't la! Why? Lemma tell you my story, its quite long so you can get a drink first.






Ok. I contacted Mr Kee on monday (two days ago) & told him I want to take my test on Wednesday which is today & he said ok, he'll come & fetch me. Then yesterday night I was quite anxious about the test cause I long time never take test & never took this kind of test before ma. Plus I'm not familiar with the system so I'm quite kan cheong & excited. 12/12/12 ma, although I dont believe that it's gonna be a lucky day but 12/12/12 seems like a nice date to rmb that I took my test on that day la! So I was quite nervous & fell asleep only @ about 2am. In the morning I woke up @ 6.40am to get ready properly. This time I double check the time with Mr Kee alrdy so I no need to rush like siao & wait in vain (WHICH I ACTUALLY DID! wait for it). I did my getting ready routine slowly & took my breakfast. @ 7.30am sharp, I alrdy wore my shoes & sat at my door waiting for his car to come. I'm quite anal on stuff like that, if people say they'll come & fetch me then he/she must be on time else I go bonkers. Ok, not the point. @ 7.35am I alrdy quite worried cause I scared he forgot & I alrdy start tweeting is it he forget about me liao or what. Then my mind say, nevermind la, wait a bit, maybe he a lot of people to fetch or jam leh? So I waited & continues tweeting my kan cheong tweets. 7.50am liao leh! Why haven't come de? Sekali he really forget me leh? OMG. So I called him & TRUE ENOUGH!!! saeng sang nim forgotten all about me & he is in JJ alrdy! I'm in a totally FML mode cause I woke up damn early & I cant sleep back anymore. I ask him what time he come again & he say about 10.30am/11am. So I say ok lo, I die die want to take the test on that day ma, dowan to drag.

@ 10am I already siap sedia cause I scared he come early. 10.30am, I wear my socks & shoes are already in place (must wear shoes that cover toes & long jeans & no singlet. boy's shirt must got collar) Then I wait lor, he say 10.30am-11am ma. 11.05am, ok. Maybe he stuck in jam. 11.15am (sorry I'm anal about time), I call him & he say he is coming now. Ok lo, idk where he come from la but he about 12pm only reach. Late by an hour. FINE. When I go up his car, he went around fetching people & I spent about an hour on the car with my legs (black jeans) exposed to the bitch of a sun that is fucking scalding my legs & I can feel the pain on my knees. I felt like my legs were on fire & can burnt an egg chao dar on it already! Even I use my bag to cover also no use cause my bag too small. Then I also havent had my lunch & that bitch of my iPhone  battery is fucking running out. ALSO, the uncle cannot stop talking to me & i just want to sleep but I cannot. @1pm, I reach Perling Berjaya & the person told me "hari ini terlalu ramai, kalau nak ambil test kena tunggu sampai pukul 5 baru ada tempat, habis agak pukul 7" (today too many people, if you want to take test have to wait until 5pm & its will only finish @7pm) I'm like in this FML, FYL, FU, FU, U, U, & U mode then. Cause its only freaking 1pm & you ask me to wait HERE, an isolated place with no one I know, a dying phone, no line coverage for 4 fucking hours?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! YOU THINK I SIAO LIAO MEH!?! Of course I dowan to take today lah, walao! SO, I reached this place after waiting since 7.30am, used 1 hour to reach this damn place & now YOU TELLING ME TO GO HOME WHEN I HAVEN'T EVEN REACH HERE FOR 5 MINUTES?!?!!! The stubborn part of me wants to flare up & shout like one of the guy who did to an instructor there today. But the better part of me told me to go home & take a rest. So yeah, I went home & my mom was shocked to see me back so early.

Hmm, turns out my story aint that long after all. Quick, finish slurping all your drinks before you spill it.

BUT LA, although it seems like nothing but imagine if you waited for a thing for half a day & in the end nothing happens & you cant do anything about it you pek chek or not? Plus travelling to & fro is a bitch. For those that who don't know, I get dizzy spells on cars that I'm not familiar with. And also, I didnt have my lunch yet. A hungry girl is an angry girl.

*will continues this update soon*
I hope I get to take the test successfully with CY on monday when she came back from her school trip.


SUMMARY: I failed undang for the 1st time.

Today I went to a 狗不拉屎 鸟不生蛋 (isolated) place with Cheng Ying for undang test. It was about 8.45am when I reached there (I think it opens at 8.30am) & fuyoh! alrdy so many people -.- When we first reached, we were like this


Seriously. I was just a dirty blue painted stairway & there are a lot of cigaratte butts on the floor and it smells like smoke. When we went up & opened the door. SHIT. WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS!!! JPJ U NO MONEY TO GO TO A BETTER PLACE MEH?! omg *facepalm* nevermind. We gave our IC & filled in our information & time in. The two kakak there looks like we all own them money. Face black until cannot compare with charcoal ._. THEN. I need to pee. So CY went & asked where is the toilet & you know what she said? "tandas tersumbat lah, pergi cari tandas sendiri di bawah" (toilet is clogged la, go downstairs & find toilet yourself) Me & CY was like, WTF?!?!! now not 9am yet, downstairs shop all not open yet leh walao. But when we went downstairs, THANK GOD AH, the coffee shop is just opening TvT else I think I need to pee at the longkang hahahahaa

After waiting & waiting & waiting. Finally it's my turn to scan my thumbprint & photos taken. After waiting for another like, 10 minutes, we finally went in & took the test. Before that, they told us which number should we sit @. Then we left our bags & phones & books & everything on the shelf outside the room & went in to the computers. My number was 9 (was quite disappointed that I didnt get computer number 4). First, we had to type in our IC number then can start alrdy. I could alrdy feel my suey luck working cause the mouse is not working properly! It'll suddenly lag & not move & I'll be like OMFG WHY IS IT NOT MOVING T^T & then it'll start moving again i was quite pek chek with it & kinda smacked the mouse on the pad (I mean, who still uses mouse with rolling balls inside!?!!! omg) You could choose to take the test in either BM or English. I took BM cause I read the whole thing with BM (damn scared I read in English then cannot use English -.-) Part A was colour blind test & i past with full marks. Part B was the number plate test & I also past this easily. THENNNNN it was freaking Part C.. I failed this test with 39/50. The passing mark is 42/50 ): BUT BUT BUT you cannot blame me! CY & i discussed about our questions & hers was like super easy while mine was like... ugh :/ They ask me all those that need to memorize 7 my memorizing skill very bad ma. It's all those "if you go against this rule, take away your license for how long" (3 questions on this!) "if you go against this rule, deduct how many marks on your license" (also 3!) & those about akta KEJARA or what one ._.



So, the moral of this story is NEVER EVER EVER listen to people when they say undang test is very easy & anyhow study a bit can alrdy! Cause this all depends on your luck. Whether you got easy common sense questions or shit questions like mine that requires you to memorize a lot ): Which i hope every one of you that who reads my humble little blog dont get! BUT just in case la, read all 500 questions! haih, so I'll need to retake my undang test this Friday. Wish me luck, God bless me...


SUMMARY: I failed for the 2nd time.

We are all suppose to die on that day. Yeah, I died too. But I came back alive today (22nd Dec). You know why I died? Cause.... I FREAKING FAILED UNDANG TEST AGAIN FML!!!

So early in the morning, I went over to the Rilek (?) aiyah dunno lah the place where we are supposed to take our undang test lor. This time me mom brought me there. It's at another place. In Bakawali, Johor Jaya beside 发亮鸡饭. I was super kiasu so I reached there @ about 8.15am. No one was there *happy tears* means I am the first! but then I saw a L plate car parked beside me then a bit sien cause i'm not first LOL but good also lah, at least got someone accompany me hahahha. The place still havent open when we reached so I waited in the car while revising again. I damn scared I fail again (which apparently, I did -.-) @ 8.30+am, finally the kakak came & I mad kan cheong, immediately got down the car & walk damn fast inside & gave my ic.

After giving IC (I wasn't the first! fml but nvm cause I think i'm like 4th), I went over to grab a seat. Waited until 9+am only the kakak start to process everything -.- then slowly call us go scan thumb print & then wait again... then another kakak ask me to go take a picture (again) as well as pay rm27 cause I retake exam & come by myself. if come with agent need to give rm40 wtf. Then, it's a long wait again. until 11+am, STILL no one went into the exam room. I sit on the chair until my back going to break but I die die dowan to get up & move about cause I scared seat kena curi & also my row of joint chairs squeaks whenever any one of us move. I alrdy move a lot cause of discomfort but still die die dowan to get up. hahaha. the girl beside me can even sleep idk how.... -.-"

Almost 12pm & I finallyyyyyyy went into the exam room. Quite pissed off cause I 明明就是 the first 5 person to give IC but why that fat boy eugenne or justin or whatever fuck is his name who talks damn loudly on the phone and came in half an hour later than me go in first!?!!! Like fucking unfair to me cause I came (& prolly woke up) earlier than you but why the heck you went in earlier than me!!!!! wtf. Luckily the next batch is me or else I think I might go complain to the kakak ~.~ Nothing much happen lorrr, went in & took the test & saw I fail & kinda depressed after that cause I cannot believe I actually failed twice T^T for those who wants to know, I fared 40/50. improved by 1 mark fml. means I need to take another 2 times to pass lah? walao...

I think I'm giving up driving. Not like I actually wanted to get one in the first place.
FML gao gao

SUMMARY: I passed at the 3rd attempt.

And so I plunked up my courage to take the undang test again. It's a RAINY SATURDAY MORNING!!! Mind you. It's a Saturday morning & I sacrificed my precious sleep. I was quite mad that my mom forced me to wake up so early. I was kinda late, 8.45am & I was still on the highway. But I think it's because it's raining, the kakak reach late cause when I reached, they were just unlocking the door. LOL good for me. I was number 6! nubad. It was very empty today. Super empty. Me likey cause will be very fast hehehe. So we went through the normal procedure of scanning thumbprints & taking a photo. Then, at 9.30am I went into the examination room.To be honest, I was secretly prepared to fail again. I dont dare to hold my hopes high for the fear of failing once again. I did the test really really slowly this time. Praying for God to help me and angels to remind me of the answers. I checked my answers again after finishing it.

I prayed a quick prayer again before clicking 'results'.

I closed my eyes.

Took a deep breathe.

Peer open my eyes.



Words cannot express how happy and shocked I am. I sat there for a minute. Shocked at this utter disbelieving result I got. I got only 3 wrong. THREE!!! I. AM. AWESOME! *drops happy tears* I did it. I finally did it. I passed. I can tear my undang textbook now. I will never have to go back to that place again! TvT

Thank you, all of you who has been reading my story. Those who have been praying for me. Those who believed in me. Those who wished me luck. Those who never gave up on me. Thank you. Thanks, you.


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