Dec 16, 2012

Princess Nails

Nail Tutorial

I guess most of you knows I did this manicure myself right? You all keep saying I am pro. Seriously I am not! If I am pro, I can draw on both my left hand AND right hand! But unfortunately I cannot, thats why I am just sticking blings on them with simple dots.

I'm gonna teach ya'll how to create this princessy/bride looking nails. It's really very simple so I hope you all can also do this & stop asking me how I do it why I so pro. Really, it's easy and you can do it too.

Things you'll need:
1. Pink glitter polish
2. Barbie Pink
3. Black Acrylic Paint
4. Dotting tool
5. Silver Blings
6. Pink Blings
7. Tiny Silver Beads
8. Rubber Ribbons
9. Platinum Pearl Polish

Remember your base coat! (:

Apply platinum pearl polish on the barbie pink nails so the colour will look less solid & more dream like with a bit of shimmer on them.

Squeeze a bit of paint out and dab with dotting tool. You can use black polish too.

Start dotting from the middle..

To the sides.

I'm sorry I didnt make a step by step tutorial on how to put up the blings but I'm sure you all can figure out by looking at this picture. 

For the thumb, I arranged the ribbons before I stick them on. You will have to apply a clear polish on your base colour before you stick on the blings. 

Use a dotting tool to dab a little of clear polish to pick up the blings. 

Use the tiny silver beads to fill the the gaps.

The rubber ribbons are a bit hard to stick on so you must hold it on until dry/half dry or else in the after a few days you'll get tired of sticker them back & just tear all of them out (its reusable) like I did.

Remember your top coat!
It might cause you to have difficulties in taking them off though. But glitters are pretty and we sometimes have to pay a price to be pretty hahhaha

After a week.

I took them off cause my nail broke. 
The glitters are a bitch to remove.

Have fun :D

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