Apr 28, 2013

2nd Week of College

Hi I'm terribly sorry for not updating this space. Actually, I'm not sorry. I have been busy. Busy with school. So, it's almost the 3rd week I've finally started going to college (polytechnic) and it was quite nice. The only thing I hate is that I have to think of what to wear and what to eat every day! LOL. The assignments are still fine. Some seems quite ridiculous to me though, like, taking a photo at a memorable place in town in singapore. How on earth.... Anyway, I did mine at Gardens By The Bay.

During the first week, we had orientation week & it was boring. Really boring. Tell you what I did.

Monday: Meet the course manager and lecturers and listen to them talking about life in SID, what to bring for next class, lunch, dismiss.

Tuesday: Listen to my lecturers blabber (they like to do that a lot, half of the stuff totally unrelated to our module), got lost in poly (actually is dismiss)

Wednesday: Boooooring Design Primer talk, go to Singapore Art Museum, go home

Thursday: Boring Design Primer talk again and also by our seniors that just graduated, check out the Club Crawl (CCA), go home.

Friday: Talk about our Design Primer activities in groups and design something that tells people about what we learnt (nothing!), took photos, went home.

Second week was better.

Monday: Listen to Wayne (lecturer) talk with power point (damn sleepy! and we never use the freaking heavy bag full with cardboards & other stuff). Listen to Larry (lecturer) 's blabbers. dismiss.

Tuesday: Missed Nirit (lecturer)'s class cause we thoughts it was cancelled wtf . (yes mom, i missed a class alrdy cause i didn't know, sorry) . Introduction to Blackboard so no class. General studies module (gsm) with a funny young lady who speaks damn fast cause she was a debater and she sometimes speaks witha british accent.

Wednesday: Mad boring comm skills with a lady that told us a funny story about her mentally challenged students who 'fired' her. Then Drawing & rendering class with Alan (lecturer) who speaks damn softly and because the door was jammed, we can hear everything the lecturer was talking about next door. to which Alan kept answering her questions to us / talking about her. I tell you hor, wtf I really hate it when we have this class cause we have this super heavy drawing board to bring -.- and i'm carring it from jb to nyp... Oh ya, we(foreign students) had this TG talk that day so I skipped half of Alan's class.

Thursday: Reached too early in sg cause I thought class starts at 12 but actually is 1. So i want shopping at causeway point LOL. A freaking boring GSM again. Something about cameras and photography..

Friday: Briefing from Mr Teo (course manager) then Sean & Larry talked again. Then it's Alan's class again & lastly Mr Kuou's class about Material Technology.

It's quite boring actually. Haha, I know. But I'm happy cause I'm busy (:
So, how was your week?


Apr 18, 2013

Blogger Survey

Hi, just a random survey for my readers, if you care to reply me hahaha. Cause I am curious of what you guys think of me (& if you guys will bother to reply me haha).
Can copy & paste on comment box as anonymous if you don't want me to know who are you or if you don't mind, can email me your answers @ qw.yap1011@gmail.com also (: 
or you can just ignore this

DISCLAIMER: I stole this from the FB status thingy. I did not make this up. If you want, feel free to steal it as well. hahaha

You look like a:
[] Korean
[] Japanese
[] Chinese
[] Eurasian
[] Filipino
[] Malaysian
[] American
[] Punjabi
[] Indonesian
[] Asian
[] Indian
[] Others

I would buy ___ for your birthday:
[] anything you want that I can afford
[] candies
[] clothes
[] a bottle of alcohol
[] drugs
[] rocks
[] nothing

Would I date you:
[] Maybe, in future..
[] Of course!
[] Why not? (;
[] Ew.
[] Idk ._.
[] I'm okay with it, would you?

If we were together, I'd:
[] break up with you immediately!
[] text you good morning everyday to make your day (:
[] bring you to watch shooting stars
[] try to last long with you
[] meet you everyday ♥
[] ew.
[] LOL! Impossible.

If I saw you with another guy/girl
I would be:
[] very jealous
[] text you to ask, Where are you?
[] walk over and say HELLO
[] Ignore you

You are:
[] Pretty
[] above average
[] cute
[] normal
[] friendly
[] mean
[] sexy
[] F A B
[] crazy!

I want you to:
[] text me
[] hangout with me
[] meet me soon
[] party with me
[] chat with me
[] make this as your status
[] worry about me every time

Where do I know you :
<> Nursery
<> K1/2
<> Pri School
<> Sec School
<> Poly
<> FB
<> IDK you

Do I love you ?
<> Yes!!! ♥
<> As a Brother/Sister :p
<> As a friend :)
<> Maybee ^^
<> A bit
<> I don't know you
<> Confused

If I saw u on public i'll :
<> HELLO/HI ! :D
<> Pretend i never see u :p
<> Smile :))
<> Ignore , walk away & dont care
<> Take something and thrown at you
<> Hug you

<> Wave

Rates :
<> Below 20 % ...
<> 30% :(
<> 50% :/
<> 60% :)
<> 70% :D
<> 90% :DD
<> 100% ♥
<> you broke my scale ♥ ♥
<> No Response

I want you to :
<> Stop being a stranger!
<> Do nothing
<> Blog more (obviously I added this myself)
<> Meet up soooon!!!!!
<> Stop blogging (and this...)

<> Go away


Or if there is anything else you want me to know about me you can also tell me.
You can be honest. You can tell me I am bitchy/stuck up/ugly/pretty/cute/mean/try-too-hard/blogger wannabe or whatsoever la. Positive & negative also can. But please ah, don't be too mean about this ok. Thank you. Wo love ni men. Mwah!

Apr 15, 2013

1st Day Of School

OMG OMG OMG. First day of school!
Hoping it would be good.
Going to the clinic to get my medical report & then going to TF CG for the first time as well!
Ahhh. God bless me. And you, the one who is reading this.

Apr 14, 2013

Casio EX-ZR700


Hello, you guys! 
I haven't been blogging properly for quite some time hehe sowwie :p
Anyway, as a girl. A vain girl, I love cameras.
And when I say camera, I mean this.
When I say this, I mean the Casio Exilim ZR Series, the EX-ZR700! 

What I love about this camera is that it is a compact camera.
I know I know, the pros must be judging me right now.
WHAT? Compact Camera? What can you do with a silly COMPACT CAMERA?!?!!
HAHA, yes. I can almost heard you.

Yes, it's true that Professional/Semi Pro cameras are much better but excuse me?
Have you noticed that I am a girl? A skinny girl to be precise. 
How the hell do I carry a hugeass + heavy DSLR to camho!?!!!
Of course a nice compact camera would be the best choice for us, the vain female (or male) camhos!

Before I tell you what can Ex-ZR700 do, I must remind you about this caption contest that can win you a ZR700 of your own! More details at the end of the post (:

Now, lemme show you how it looks like so that you can get an idea when I tell you about some of the buttons.

Look at the pop up flash light! It's so cute cause you only have to push that button (no, not the on/off button) and the flash light would pop out. To close it, you'll just have to erm, close. By pushing it down. hahaha if you get what I mean?

First of all, my favourite setting - BEST SHOT.

After rotating the wheel thingy on the top of the camera to BEST SHOT, click the SET button and this will appear. Select the bottom button and you'll see Scene select.

These effects will appear and I will now show you the best part of this camera that most camera cannot do.

Select the 4th square. It is 'High Speed Night Shot'. This is best for using in a dark place. As we all know, night sceneries are damn pretty and when we want to take photos, the photos tend to come out dark. It's either full of noise effect or pitch black. Or if you turn on the flashlight, you get this.

(yeah, under my bed LOL)

But if you select the 'High Speed Night Shot', deng deng deng deng. This is what you can get.

Without flashlights.

Another example.

Without 'High Speed Night Shot'

With 'High Speed Night Shot' (:

Just the normal 'Slide Panorama' effect. This is behind my house btw haha

'Wide Shot'

Oh yeah, another awesome thing about this camera is the zoom.
It can zoom in up to x36 and it will still be damn clear, like some cameras that will come up with a lot of pixels after zooming in. Dont believe? See for yourself!




Awesome zoom in or whaaaaat! Super good for sneaking photos in a concert! hahaha I keed. Your camera kena confiscated by the securities are not my probs ok.

Other than those effects show above, they will have these effects in the BEST SHOT.

& these as well. I wanted to try recording my gwiyomim video with the 'YouTube ready' but it kinda failed... hahaha I'll probably try again. Recording other random stuff.

Ah yes, did you notice that white paper on the 4th square, it is the 'Text' effect. It is really quite good. See,

This was taken with 'Snapshot' from BEST SHOT.

'Text' effect from BEST SHOT.

Nice leh? Never bluff you right! (;

Ok, lastly is ART.

Again, turn the wheel thingy on top and click SET then Scene select & you will see this,

I tried out some off the effects on the same object & here are the results.


Pop Art


Toy Camera

Soft Focus

Light Tone

Oh wait, this aint the last sorry. I almost left out the most important part of the camera.

Confirm very important to all ladies!
This could be found at the letter 'P' on the wheel thingy on top.

They have 12 levels of make up. Don't know what it means?
Nevermind, I show you.

Make-up level : 0

Make-up level : 6

Make-up level : 12

Can see the difference? Ok, maybe not the obvious because I have no make up or contact lens on when I took this photo but can you see my skin getting smoother and smoother? It's very nice lah, can improve your looks and can look less dirty and oily. I love! I usually take my photos with the 'Portrait' or 'Snapshot' in BEST SHOT.

I really like this camera. Although it is sponsored for a review, I think I am actually considering to buy this for myself cause I quite like the design and settings and the size. It is not very big, like the size of 2 iphone 4 stacked together so it's quite convenient to bring out. Plus the night modes are all very superb one. I think the only con about this camera is that it has no front camera. But then, I can get used to it. Haha


Before you go, stand a chance to win yourself a EX-ZR700 Camera!

All you need to do it so like Casio Exilim Singapore's Facebook Page and follow the instructions given here, summit and stand a chance to win this camera!

You just have to give it a caption that you think is interesting and then you might win these prizes!

First Prize - EX-ZR700
Second Prize - Ex-N20
Third Prize - Casio G-Shock AW-591SC-7A

What are you waiting for? Hurry. It's the last week for you to win it! 

Apr 13, 2013

TOP 10 Things I Do When I Am Bored

Or when I actually have stuff to do but I just don't feel like doing them.
(Be it on my iPhone or on the computer.)

1. Instagram
2. Twitter
3. Youtube
* Favorite accounts: Jenna Marbles, GermaniProductions, Celeste Chen, WahBanana, NigaHiga, MondoMedia (Larva), dope2111 (Promise Phan/Tamang), clicknetworktv (Guide To Life, Budget Barbie, Tried & Tested, Chick VS Dick), Tosh13 (Tosh Rock/Zhang aka Sergent Ong from ABTM), waitformelah (Noah Yap aka IP Man from ABTM)
4. Facebook
5. LINE Bubble
6. Candy Crush
7. Blog
* Favorite blogs: Miyake, Ashley, Chukei, QiuQiu, XiaXue, Ben, Eric, Rachell, Leshan (my twinnie), Zoe
8. Random selca
9. Pick out clothes to wear
10. Sleep

Additional :
11. Watch a movie/anime at home with a bottle of drink and/or food such as biscuits or chips.
12. Stretch
13. Random dancing
14. Paint


Apr 11, 2013


I say swag, you say check (;


Just came back from Nanyang Polytechnic School of Design Freshmen Orientation (phew, what a mouthful).
Woke up at freaking 5.45am today cause I have to reach by 9am.
Sadly, this will be the time that I need to wake up and maybe ever earlier everyday starting from next Monday.
And yes, it's confirmed. Finally confirmed, that I will be studying Space & Interior Design (SID) in Nanyang Poly! (: I got the offer letter on 8th April & I'm reporting on first day of school on 15th April. Mad rush I tell you (next time).

Anyway, the orientation was fine. Better than I thought it would be. I got friends and I wasn't late.
More details in next post cause I'm very sleepy nao! hehe.
Goodnight (;

PS: follow me on instagram, twitter & nuffnangx @felindabling !!!

Apr 5, 2013

What is gwiyomi?

So.. Everyone has been doing that gwiyomi thingy & I don't know what came over me. I actually followed the trend and did one. But before that, some people may be asking, what exactly is gwiyomi and why is it such a hot thing recently???

The answer is. It's a cute korean song and it is cute. End.

HAHA kidding.
Gwiyomi (also known as kiyomi) is a cute and sweet song about a korean girlfriend's love for her boyfriend and wants him to promise that they will be together forever, ending the song with 6 kisses. The 'ildeo hagi ileon gwiyomi' , 'ideo hagi ineun gwiyomi' ~~~~~ part means 1+1=gwiyomi , 2+2=gwiyomi and so on until 6, hence the hand gestures of 1 - 6. It is sung by a korean singer Hari but she never got famous singing this until IIhoon (BtoB rapper) started singing this song in a variety show called 'Diary Many' with his own hand gestures. After he did that, a few more kpop singers started singing this song with the hand gestures and the song quickly became famous in Korea.
(CR to myfatpocket)

However, I still dont know how can such a long ago song suddenly became famous here...

You can see the english and romanized lyrics here!

ANYWAY, before I show mine
here is some cute version (at least I think so, I don't care if you think I am bias) of gwiyomi by kpop stars & some other people!

(or you can just scroll down and find mine)

(start at 0.35)

OK, prepare for mine.

You sure you wanna see it?

Seriously, it's not nice.

Confirm ma???


Here is it.

Ugh. Looking so awkward. I think I took at least 100 trials before I got the most ok one. I cannot say it's perfect but it's okay. LOL :/ I actually didn't plan to make a video but only a photo but ugh me & my big mouth. I captioned my latest profile picture with '100 likes and I will post a video of me doing gwiyomi' without thinking because my photos don't really get more then 50 now. But ugh who knows. The likes went up to 174 (now got 209 #humblebrag) ~.~ These people ahh. I don't know is my photo really that nice or they just wanna see another gwiyomi. Anyway here is the video in case you're not my facebook friend.

I got 240 likes and 16 shares for a stupid video #humblebrag

and here is the photo of me doing gwiyomi that got 123 likes (now 167 likes #humblebrag again) hehe

am I cute? LOL kidding, don't puke. I know I'm not.
bye! (:

Apr 4, 2013

Reasons I Have Not Been Updating Much

Before anything else, here is a nice selca of me.

I know I have been posting a lot of crap posts recently.
I know I have been giving a lot of excuses for not updating this space.
I also know that people still visit my blog everyday.
For that I thank you all.
And I apologize for giving crap posts.

First of all, I'm not lazy. I'm busy. For real.
I know no one is complaining but I feel oblige to blog sometimes.
To keep this space alive.
To keep my readers.

I don't know. I don't even feel like typing these. It's long crap. I don't know who bothers reading these words cause most people tend to scroll down and ignore these words and go straight to pictures.

Secondly, I haven't been going out. All I do was to stay at home. Checking for schools. Emailing. Contacting schools. Camping on NYP, NP and SP's website. Calculating budgets. Mope at home feeling sorry for myself.


(This content isn't really fitting into my title anymore but I cannot be bothered to think of another title.)

Yes, I'm gonna rant again.


Wait, I don't even know how to start or where to start...

I'm .. I'm .. I'm stuck with this word for so long. I don't even know what I feel now.

Tired? Upset? Disappointed? Complicated? Lost?

I think I feel lost. I don't know where to go. I used to be so sure. I was so sure I will be able to enter SME and become a trainee. I was so sure I will get into SIM and study business. I was so sure I will get into poly and study mass comm. I was so sure I will get into Lasalle and study product design. But right now. I don't know. I really don't.

My results was one of the reasons I've been feeling depressed. I knew I wasn't great at studies. I knew I wouldn't get more than 5 As because even during normal exams, I only got 1 or 2 A(s). That was why I only targeted for 3As. But I never even got 3As. Yes, I only got 2As. 1A+ for English and 1A for Mathematics. Go ahead. Go ahead and be shocked. Go ahead and laugh. Go ahead and think: omg qw I thought you study in SSI should be quite smart? How come only 2A? Don't lie la. Huh? 2 only? I thought your studies quite good one? Eh SSI leh, don't lie la, only 2As.

YES. 1A+1A2B+2B3C. OK, HAPPY???

Please, I NEVER claimed to be smart or my studies were good. I have always always told you all, not all SSI students are smart. Why you all don't believe? Why must you all be like this? Dah lah I'm already upset that I never even got 3As then you all just HAVE TO say such things. Also, what are my results got anything to do with you or not? HUH? Why so kepoh? Kepoh already still be so mean and say such things. You think I like it is it? You think I don't feel embarrassed enough? I already felt bad for getting such results. I feel like I failed my parents and school.

Yes, I was never good at science subjects or history. I already said this so many times I don't understand why there are still people who would think I am good in these subjects. I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE WHO ASSUMES.

Actually I don't know why am I even telling you all these. I don't think you guys can understand how I felt.


I have been looking for schools since I decided to take design courses.

I've been searching for the course I am interested in. Asking people for their opinions. Hearing 'advice' from people who 'knows better' that would pour wet blanket on me for choosing design. "You science student leh, why you take design?" or "you can draw one meh?" Then they will start telling me about design students who graduated and cannot find any jobs and in the end also became clerk or promoter or whatever jobs that has nothing to do with design.

But I didn't care. Cause if I become success, they are nothing to me and I could even say "PAH, IN. YOUR. FACE. Look who has a nice job that she loves now?"

So I went along and applied to enter Lasalle and NP, NYP & SP just in case.
Then we realized we had a problem.
The fees are waaaaaay too high without TG. And TG ain't easy to get, for international students.

I see my daddy struggle for the fees and I feel damn bad.
I'm not a studying type and yet he wants me to study.
I wanted Lasalle and he has to find ways to get money for me.

Lemme rephrase and tell the story properly. (a lot of 'thens')

At first I didn't know what to study and my dad told me to study SPTM or A LEVELS. But I didn't want to because I hate studying. Then he suggested business, since I'm still unsure of what I want to be. Then I realized that if I were to study about business, I would have to study about accounting too, which I hate to the core because balancing the numbers always makes me feel like I'm gonna puke. SO, I refused and said I don't want it. Then my mother suggested mass communications because it has some links to working with tv producing stuff like being a producer or even an artiste. Everyone was fine with this except my dad who was unsure of this and still hopes me me to study business. My sisters even helped me to look for schools in singapore and explained what I needed to find out about to apply. I went for edu fairs and search for allll the schools in Malaysia that has mass comm. Then discussed with my sisters, which school is the best. Then, I realized that being a mass comm students require me to be more outspoken and talk to a lot of strangers which is a really hard task for me. I cannot. I simply cannot talk to strangers. I don't care if the situation is awkward or not. No, just don't talk to me. You ask a question, I reply your question and say no more. For example, "Hey, the weather is nice isn't it? It's a nice day to swim right? Do you like swimming?" ME: "No, I cant swim." "Oh, you should learn, in case of emergency." ME: "Ok" conversation ends. Well, I don't know. I just dont feel comfortable if some strangers try to be chummy with me. I feel disgusted. Maybe that why I don't have much friends. Maybe they feel like I am too proud to be their friends. Ok I'm side tracking to the next topic. SO. When I decided to study design, my dad wasn't really keen on it and told me my life would be really tough after I graduated and I will have not enough money and all those negative stuff. So I sorta forget about the idea and decided maybe I don't wanna go to college anymore. I wanna take up make up/hair/manicure courses and then just work. I went to evouge and some other manicure shops and asked about the course fees. I told my dad about it and I think he objected strongly saying I must go to a college (is it really THAT important?). But I think this decision kinda affected him because eventually he told me I would study anything I want, mass comm or business or design. As long as I get a diploma. So thats the story of how I got to study design.

The rant doesn't end here. It only started.

I had to check all the schools that has design courses, my 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice of course, check out the fees and TG, bank loans, how to pay, when to pay, interest rate, living fees, accommodation fees, traveling fees.

You may think its easy but trust me it's not. Because these stupid schools love to play hide and seek with me. They don't display everything, you have to google and google and google for an answer : online application form. FUCKING HARD TO FIND I TELL YOU. TMD. They don't put it in the website, I forgotten how by now but it's all quite complicated and troublesome I got so mad I wanted to call them and scold them.

Also, I didn't know which bank to find, they are not replying my emails. I don't know what are they doing. AND I FUCKING HATE PHONE CALLS CAUSE ITS MAD AWKWARD. I get tongue tied whenever I speak on the phone. Which is why I never order food delivery if my parents are not with me. I never call taxi as well, I rather walk and look for one.

After getting all the answers, we realized we don't have enough money. I know my dad is already disappointed with my results, yet he still wants me to go study. I feel so bad. I feel like I'm gonna waste his money because the truth is, I hated studying. So I had to look for school all over again in KL. Still in the process of looking.

I'm feeling so dead and no life right now.
I need a rest from all these but whenever I rest I feel guilty cause I'm not doing anything.



I hate my life right now.
I still hate high school.
I don't have any friends. Not that I actually did have any.
If I make any sense.

I'm always the last choice for pairing up work. My friends all have their friends. I'm just a spare tyre.
I'm always the last to know about anything. They are always talking about stuff I don't know with secret codes in front of me. They're always whispering in a corner and laughing and I will be a dummy not knowing what they are talking about and pretend not to mind.
I never celebrated my birthdays. I understand it's always during exam period but I don't know. Maybe singing a happy birthday song for me will make me feel appreciated.
I tried my best trying to join your conversations but I cant. I felt like I was forcing myself into your circle.

I dont know what is wrong with me. No matter how hard I try I still felt that I don't belong. I'm always the odd one out. The forgotten one unless you need me. The weird one unless the stuff I like started to trend. The dumb one because I'm in the last class. I feel like I'm running after you all trying to join in but in the end getting elbowed out and punched in the face screaming "YOU'RE NOT WANTED" I don't know... I just felt that I'm the girl that tried too hard and at the end of the day gets nothing but hate and disgust.

Now I don't even feel like talking anymore. I feel like deleting everything. Everything I typed.

Apr 3, 2013

Happy Birthday ♥

Lee Hyuk Jae

eunhyuk/myeolchi/captain hyuk/hyukkie/monkey boy/jewel boy/treasure on top

Thank you, my parents-in-law for this boy man

Although you don't know me or don't remember me (I still believe you actually seen me before) or will ever see this. I still wanna wish you happy 27th birthday. I'm crazy, I know. To be writing this to you & having all my readers judge me for being a psycho fangirl.

You know what? Being your fangirl is the most awesome thing that ever happened to be. The second most awesome thing was to be able to see you in person. I could never forget that day. The excitement. I felt like it was my wedding day. A dream come true. I still remember screaming your name like nobody's business but you never turned around because everyone else's voice had drowned mine. Then during a song where everyone does the head shape with own arms, you turned around to me (my direction) with that heart shaped arms and flashed your gummy smile. That smile that only looks damn good on you. ; I still remember spam tweeting until I got 4444 tweets for your birthday last year. I even made a diamond card for you which is still in my box of memories. And I tweeted everything with the hashtag #AllRiseSilverDay. Told everyone in school that it's my husband (you) 's birthday that day and forced everyone to call me Mrs Lee. ; I still remember you celebrating your birthday last year in Paris with Donghae. Such a sweet couple xx. It was 3 days before SS4Paris. You and Siwon celebrated your birthdays with those fans. You drank for the first time & got drunk tipsy. On the way back to the hotel you stopped your driver and went down to take photos with Kyuhyun and Shindong. Silly boy. ; I still remember fighting with CY because she sorta insulted you when I told her you're gonna be on running man 104 episode. She said you confirm lose because you're lousier than donghae which made me super mad at her. I ignored her for 2 days and even moved my seat away from her because of that. ; I still remember getting really upset over that incident of you and IU. I was super mad at you at first but then I'm sure you're a good guy and will never do anything bad. So then I started defending you from those 'fans' that are scolding you. Especially those IU fans that keep scolding you. I was so mad at IU's fan to the extend that I hated IU. I hated her for 'accidentally' posting that photo and causing so many commotions. I was really mad at LOEN entertainment and SM entertainment as well. LOEN for defending IU and SM for not saying a thing about this issue and even wanted to cancel all of your activities and bring forth your military service. But eventualy everything went back to normal and I like IU again.

Because of you number 4 became a really special number (your birthday this year is on thursday!);
Because of you age is just a number;
Because of you distance is nothing;
Because of you fat & short fingers doesn't matter;
Because of you height is fine as long as he is taller than me;
Because of you gays (eunhae) are acceptable;
Because of you gummy smile is no longer ugly;
Because of you I feel bad when I have to eat anchovies;
Because of you choco is not edible;
Because of you I think Singlish is quite cute;
Because of you broken mandarine is adorbs;
Because of you jawlines are really sexy;
Because of you my fashion style changed;
Because of you I wasted so much money;
Because of you I fell in love with the stage once again;
Because of you I tried my best in everything I do;
Because of you I actually tried to pursue my dreams;
Because of you dance has became the most important thing for me;
Because of you superman exist;
Because of you perfection exist.

Thank you.
Thank you Mr Lee.
Thank you for not giving up on your dreams and became such a perfect man.
Thank you for persevering.
Thank you for loving your fans me.
Thank you for being so perfect.
Thank you for existing.

I said it once & I will say it again.
Loving you is the best thing I've done.

Once again, my love.
Happy 27th Birthday.

Take care of your health alright.
All the best for Super Show 5.
You're a really good temporary leader.
Remember to eat and remember to rest.
Take more selcas with Donghae and Choco ok!

God bless you.
I love you.
I'll see you soon.

(published on 04/04/2013 12:00am kst)



HA NA, she is taller than me.

I got so much to say to her. As usual. But I shan't say it here cause you all may feel like disgusting & naggy. hahahaha. Anyway everything is basically all in that letter so just re-read it la ok! :D

Happy birthday bitch I heart you more than he does :p

Stay happy, pretty, awesome, lovely, sampat, kepoh, smart and love me always!

Apr 1, 2013

Camera Is Love


Hi everyone, so I got invited to Casio Office in Singapore that day to get this EXILIM camera to make a review on it. No, it's not the 自拍神机 TR150/ZR1000 la. It's EX-ZR700! The ZR series (: 

Ok. You all must be thinking, Wah your blog so terror meh? Can get to review a camera??? Hahaha. How I got to review on this camera, I want to thank MrStyleKing for tweeting about it & asking who is interested in getting sponsored a camera and his very kawaiii girlfriend Zerika for contacting me (: As I was saying, I saw the tweet & I since I was contemplating if I should buy a compact camera at that time, I tried my luck & KABOOM. I was chosen & invited. Wah, I can tell you all how trilled I was at that time. Even though it's just a small small meeting with otw to famous bloggers, I'm still damn happy cause it's my first time joining a blogger event! I was really kanchiong that day & ahh shy me came again. Ok, will talk about this more next time. Now I shall show you how does the EX-ZR700 looks like!

It looks something like this. (will making another post on this & more of the technical stuffs next time. then you'll get to see the full view of the camera)

deng deng! pretty or not! haha, I think it's really nice lah. They come in a few different colours - white, black, red, pink and brown. But the P.I.C only gave us red, white & black. I had a really hard time choosing between red & black but eventually chose black cause red were all taken LOL. It's ok. Black is cool.

(to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that it doesn't come with a front screen. you know, it's important for selca bitches like me)

Sorry I'm blabbering too much. Here are the photos la. I forgot which photo is which effect cause I anyhow use different ones to experiment. If I remember I will state ok? (:

This was taken in the office, Best Shot - Text effect.

Flowers for my grandpa...

Ok no more.

I love this camera! It's super convenient to bring out cause it's not too big. This size is like 2 iphone 4s stacked together. Also, the shutter also very fast. I'll be experimenting more of it then I'll share more ok! (:


Oh ya!
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All the best folks!