Apr 28, 2013

2nd Week of College

Hi I'm terribly sorry for not updating this space. Actually, I'm not sorry. I have been busy. Busy with school. So, it's almost the 3rd week I've finally started going to college (polytechnic) and it was quite nice. The only thing I hate is that I have to think of what to wear and what to eat every day! LOL. The assignments are still fine. Some seems quite ridiculous to me though, like, taking a photo at a memorable place in town in singapore. How on earth.... Anyway, I did mine at Gardens By The Bay.

During the first week, we had orientation week & it was boring. Really boring. Tell you what I did.

Monday: Meet the course manager and lecturers and listen to them talking about life in SID, what to bring for next class, lunch, dismiss.

Tuesday: Listen to my lecturers blabber (they like to do that a lot, half of the stuff totally unrelated to our module), got lost in poly (actually is dismiss)

Wednesday: Boooooring Design Primer talk, go to Singapore Art Museum, go home

Thursday: Boring Design Primer talk again and also by our seniors that just graduated, check out the Club Crawl (CCA), go home.

Friday: Talk about our Design Primer activities in groups and design something that tells people about what we learnt (nothing!), took photos, went home.

Second week was better.

Monday: Listen to Wayne (lecturer) talk with power point (damn sleepy! and we never use the freaking heavy bag full with cardboards & other stuff). Listen to Larry (lecturer) 's blabbers. dismiss.

Tuesday: Missed Nirit (lecturer)'s class cause we thoughts it was cancelled wtf . (yes mom, i missed a class alrdy cause i didn't know, sorry) . Introduction to Blackboard so no class. General studies module (gsm) with a funny young lady who speaks damn fast cause she was a debater and she sometimes speaks witha british accent.

Wednesday: Mad boring comm skills with a lady that told us a funny story about her mentally challenged students who 'fired' her. Then Drawing & rendering class with Alan (lecturer) who speaks damn softly and because the door was jammed, we can hear everything the lecturer was talking about next door. to which Alan kept answering her questions to us / talking about her. I tell you hor, wtf I really hate it when we have this class cause we have this super heavy drawing board to bring -.- and i'm carring it from jb to nyp... Oh ya, we(foreign students) had this TG talk that day so I skipped half of Alan's class.

Thursday: Reached too early in sg cause I thought class starts at 12 but actually is 1. So i want shopping at causeway point LOL. A freaking boring GSM again. Something about cameras and photography..

Friday: Briefing from Mr Teo (course manager) then Sean & Larry talked again. Then it's Alan's class again & lastly Mr Kuou's class about Material Technology.

It's quite boring actually. Haha, I know. But I'm happy cause I'm busy (:
So, how was your week?


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