Apr 13, 2013

TOP 10 Things I Do When I Am Bored

Or when I actually have stuff to do but I just don't feel like doing them.
(Be it on my iPhone or on the computer.)

1. Instagram
2. Twitter
3. Youtube
* Favorite accounts: Jenna Marbles, GermaniProductions, Celeste Chen, WahBanana, NigaHiga, MondoMedia (Larva), dope2111 (Promise Phan/Tamang), clicknetworktv (Guide To Life, Budget Barbie, Tried & Tested, Chick VS Dick), Tosh13 (Tosh Rock/Zhang aka Sergent Ong from ABTM), waitformelah (Noah Yap aka IP Man from ABTM)
4. Facebook
5. LINE Bubble
6. Candy Crush
7. Blog
* Favorite blogs: Miyake, Ashley, Chukei, QiuQiu, XiaXue, Ben, Eric, Rachell, Leshan (my twinnie), Zoe
8. Random selca
9. Pick out clothes to wear
10. Sleep

Additional :
11. Watch a movie/anime at home with a bottle of drink and/or food such as biscuits or chips.
12. Stretch
13. Random dancing
14. Paint


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