Apr 14, 2013

Casio EX-ZR700


Hello, you guys! 
I haven't been blogging properly for quite some time hehe sowwie :p
Anyway, as a girl. A vain girl, I love cameras.
And when I say camera, I mean this.
When I say this, I mean the Casio Exilim ZR Series, the EX-ZR700! 

What I love about this camera is that it is a compact camera.
I know I know, the pros must be judging me right now.
WHAT? Compact Camera? What can you do with a silly COMPACT CAMERA?!?!!
HAHA, yes. I can almost heard you.

Yes, it's true that Professional/Semi Pro cameras are much better but excuse me?
Have you noticed that I am a girl? A skinny girl to be precise. 
How the hell do I carry a hugeass + heavy DSLR to camho!?!!!
Of course a nice compact camera would be the best choice for us, the vain female (or male) camhos!

Before I tell you what can Ex-ZR700 do, I must remind you about this caption contest that can win you a ZR700 of your own! More details at the end of the post (:

Now, lemme show you how it looks like so that you can get an idea when I tell you about some of the buttons.

Look at the pop up flash light! It's so cute cause you only have to push that button (no, not the on/off button) and the flash light would pop out. To close it, you'll just have to erm, close. By pushing it down. hahaha if you get what I mean?

First of all, my favourite setting - BEST SHOT.

After rotating the wheel thingy on the top of the camera to BEST SHOT, click the SET button and this will appear. Select the bottom button and you'll see Scene select.

These effects will appear and I will now show you the best part of this camera that most camera cannot do.

Select the 4th square. It is 'High Speed Night Shot'. This is best for using in a dark place. As we all know, night sceneries are damn pretty and when we want to take photos, the photos tend to come out dark. It's either full of noise effect or pitch black. Or if you turn on the flashlight, you get this.

(yeah, under my bed LOL)

But if you select the 'High Speed Night Shot', deng deng deng deng. This is what you can get.

Without flashlights.

Another example.

Without 'High Speed Night Shot'

With 'High Speed Night Shot' (:

Just the normal 'Slide Panorama' effect. This is behind my house btw haha

'Wide Shot'

Oh yeah, another awesome thing about this camera is the zoom.
It can zoom in up to x36 and it will still be damn clear, like some cameras that will come up with a lot of pixels after zooming in. Dont believe? See for yourself!




Awesome zoom in or whaaaaat! Super good for sneaking photos in a concert! hahaha I keed. Your camera kena confiscated by the securities are not my probs ok.

Other than those effects show above, they will have these effects in the BEST SHOT.

& these as well. I wanted to try recording my gwiyomim video with the 'YouTube ready' but it kinda failed... hahaha I'll probably try again. Recording other random stuff.

Ah yes, did you notice that white paper on the 4th square, it is the 'Text' effect. It is really quite good. See,

This was taken with 'Snapshot' from BEST SHOT.

'Text' effect from BEST SHOT.

Nice leh? Never bluff you right! (;

Ok, lastly is ART.

Again, turn the wheel thingy on top and click SET then Scene select & you will see this,

I tried out some off the effects on the same object & here are the results.


Pop Art


Toy Camera

Soft Focus

Light Tone

Oh wait, this aint the last sorry. I almost left out the most important part of the camera.

Confirm very important to all ladies!
This could be found at the letter 'P' on the wheel thingy on top.

They have 12 levels of make up. Don't know what it means?
Nevermind, I show you.

Make-up level : 0

Make-up level : 6

Make-up level : 12

Can see the difference? Ok, maybe not the obvious because I have no make up or contact lens on when I took this photo but can you see my skin getting smoother and smoother? It's very nice lah, can improve your looks and can look less dirty and oily. I love! I usually take my photos with the 'Portrait' or 'Snapshot' in BEST SHOT.

I really like this camera. Although it is sponsored for a review, I think I am actually considering to buy this for myself cause I quite like the design and settings and the size. It is not very big, like the size of 2 iphone 4 stacked together so it's quite convenient to bring out. Plus the night modes are all very superb one. I think the only con about this camera is that it has no front camera. But then, I can get used to it. Haha


Before you go, stand a chance to win yourself a EX-ZR700 Camera!

All you need to do it so like Casio Exilim Singapore's Facebook Page and follow the instructions given here, summit and stand a chance to win this camera!

You just have to give it a caption that you think is interesting and then you might win these prizes!

First Prize - EX-ZR700
Second Prize - Ex-N20
Third Prize - Casio G-Shock AW-591SC-7A

What are you waiting for? Hurry. It's the last week for you to win it! 

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