Mar 25, 2014

After a long time (Rooftop Prince OST)

The talks we had as we looked at each other
The stories that only we knew
I guess I can’t erase them,
I can’t throw them away,
I can’t forget them.

I look around these streets for the first time in a while
Whenever I pass this street, the good memories
They keep floating up in my head so I stop my footsteps

After a long time, I am here right now
Because I long for that time,
Though I tried to live without knowing,
I keep thinking about it
That’s how I am, it keeps coming into my eyes
The times we spent together, the memories -
they fall like stars
How about you?

The people look only happy
It seems like I’m the only one left in loneliness
I try to pretend that I’m not
but I keep thinking of you

After a long time, I am here right now
Because I long for that time,
Though I tried to live without knowing,
I keep thinking about it
That’s how I am, it keeps coming into my eyes
The times we spent together, the memories -
they fall like stars
Tears fall

If I wait here,
will I be able to see you?
Then will I be able to tell you
how I feel right now?

Because I miss you, because I am missing you
That’s how I am, I only know you
Living without you makes me filled
with regret about everything
Because you’re not here,
because there are so many empty things
Again today, I long for that spot and
my footsteps won’t move and I call out to you

Mar 21, 2014

Would You Rather

It's almost a tradition to start all my blogposts with my face hahahaha
JSAW & NJY kept saying that the stupid annoying song selfie is my theme song wtf. Ok fine whatever. hahahahaha

Anyway, this is a crazy difficult one, read through the questions and I'm like, should I even answer these? /cries/ but for the sake of entertainment, yes, challenge accepted!

So, here goes nothing, (bold fonts are my choices and then explanation)

1. Would you rather...
Live one 1,000-year life? - uhm千年老妖? muahahahhaa
live ten 100-year lives?

2. Would you rather...
Have hiccups for the rest of your life?
feel like you need to sneeze and not be able to for the rest of your life? - cause i get hiccups a lot and i think hiccups are mad annoying

3. Would you rather...
Have the ability to read minds? (You will be illiterate.) - well, idk bout other people but I picture stuff in my mind more than word them so it doesn't matter if I cant read hahaha
have just have the ability to read?

4. Would you rather... (WHAAAAAT)
Watch your parents have sex every day for a year? - wtf I will never join them
join in once to make it stop?

5. Would you rather...
Eat chocolate-flavored poop? - DUHHH, chocolate flavour k!
eat poop-flavored chocolate?

6. You're on a desert island with a beautiful woman or man. Would you rather...
They are top-half fish?
they are bottom-half fish? - merman! hahahaha

7. Would you rather...
Fart popcorn?
have your past and future web browsing history available to everyone? - nothing to hide babeh, i think hahahaa if i ever went to any stupid webpages last time

8. Would you rather...
Go to Hogwarts and still be a muggle? - cmon man, it's Hogwarts k, emma watson!
live in a world with Pokemon, but only be able to catch Magikarps?

9. Would you rather... (DEFUG)
Have a vagina on your forehead?
have a row of penises down your back like a stegosaurus? - I can err, surgically remove them...

10. Would you rather...
Have a bell go off every single time you were aroused?
Feel a sharp pain in your side every single time someone said your name? - shut up or call me something else other than my name!!!

11. Would you rather...
Have accordions for legs? - it's music everywhere I go man hahahhaa
have a huge belly button 10 inches long that swayed to the beat of popular music?

12. Would you rather...
Have sex with a goat, and no one knows that you did it?
NOT have sex with a goat, but everyone THINKS you did it? - people can think whatever they want, as long as I know my conscious is clear

13. Would you rather...
Live in a world where huge, friendly gummy bears walk around? - yay and then we can sing the gummy bear song together!!!
live in a world where hover boards exist?

14. Would you rather...
Live the rest of your life with Cheeto dust on your fingers? - yums
have taste buds in your butt?

15. And now, the hardest would you rather question you will ever be asked: Would you rather...
Have a side soup? - how is this hard? soup anyday, i hate salad!
have a side salad?

HAHAHAHA. Some questions are so ridiculous!!! Took me awhile to decide.
Anyway, I got this off the internet too, feel free to do it if you want!
Or maybe you can send me some WYR questions to me on at the sidebar! :D
Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Mar 20, 2014

Boom Boom

On a blogging streak right now!!! OMG idky hahahhaa

Things I feel like doing right now:
1. Drink green tea frap
2. Pizza
3. Movie
4. Blanket
5. Cuddle till I fall asleep

Ah I guess all these can only be done after I find myself a boyfriend or get married.
hahahaha #foreveralone

My first ever countdown party

NYE? This has been like 3 months? HAHAHAHA. Oops #sorrynotsorry

So, for my first countdown party, I spent at of the Singapore's biggest party which are,

With the company of...

Shaun! :D (no, he is not my bf)

Ok, it's been so overdue that I cannot really remember every single details so imma just post all the photos and probably caption a little here and there if I happen to remember ok (:


Free clappers! hahahahaa, this shaun super buey pai seh went and took like 3 of them (cause I took one of his) when we were only entitled to have one each hahaha I love the colour! It's like going to super show hahahahaa which reminds me that maybe I should have kept mine and bring it to the next super show, if i am going instead of giving it to my mom.

Why hello there!

We were actually sitting quite far away from the stage but we saw that there were a lot of empty seats in front, so we moved seats hahaha #badass

Since it haven't start, we just took selfies, a lot of them. Bad choice cause we ran out for battery real quickly.

and more selfies....

and some more....


And then it started. I think this was Jeanette dancing.

This was were the fireworks were placed at, super pretty cause those lights changes colours!

And then,



The fans were like screaming "WE WANT THE WANTED WE WANT THE WANTED" since it just started, they finally came out at 10pm. We had to watch those other boring stuff before they came out. haih


Most pictures are actually quite blur cause of my phone's ow resolution ): Furthermore, as I already said before, we were quite faraway so I had to zoom and cause the photos to be even more blur. I understand if you all just scroll down without looking hahaha. I seriously need to save up and get a camera. haih but my dream camera is like RM3000 wtf

The boys sang quite a lot of songs for that whole hour, had some talking sessions too, omg their accents are to die for. 

After The Wanted, there's more crap stuff and then it's finally fireworks time!

This was my first time ever seeing fireworks so closely and i must admit, as much air and sound pollution it was causing, i actually like them. They are really pretty. It lasted for like 10 minutes I think. Funny how we actually tried to take photos with the fireworks instead of videos -.- but ahh nvm hahahhaa now only thought of it is already too late.




and more blur photos of us

Cannot see the fireoworks at all loh -.- wtf


After the firework works, another highlight of the night is WANG LEE HOM!!!
He only appeared during countdown! Had been waiting for soooooo long!!! But it's okay, good things are worth the wait. And Lee Hom is definitely a good thing to wait for. Both of our phone were seriously running out of battery then. Mine was already sleeping while Shaun's was at like 30% and we need the battery to last until we go to the sentosa beach party! So only  few photos of Lee Hom ): Better than nothing lah! All the good parts are saved in my memory (:

I am totally in love with him, ugh. So handsome. Uncle liao still so handsome, how can!?!!!!

After WLH's performance, we left MBS and it was superrrrrr lots of people!!! Took us like a whole 30 minutes to go to the MRT station cause we had to make a huge round to reach there. Really! People mountain people sea. Like chinggay. hahahhaa

So we finally got on the train, to realize we went the wrong way hahahahahaha. 2 blur sotongs. Then we took another train back and it was empty. So, of course, photo time!

When we finally reached vivocity, there wasn't any buses or taxis that we can get to reach Sentosa Island we had a super long walk, until I almost gave up. And on the way, there were so many wet/half naked people, like everywhere. When we finally reached, we almost couldn't find the place as it was deep inside. And the road was dark and quiet too. When we finally went in, I saw someone puking wtf. The floor was sticky and gross. People were in swimming attires, eating and drinking and laughing. There were polices too. People were sleeping all over, the bench, the grass, the stairs, the floor. 

We decided to look for his friends first then only change, met them otw in and decided to go and change while they eat at the super packed mcd. I didn't bring any extra clothes so I had to borrow his hahahhaa. Took off our shoes and walked around a little. Many people dancing, shinning lights, water, foam pool, surfing pool, sand and more people. 

After awhile we decided it was boring and so we left. It was about 3.30am then.
Wandered around a bit outside USS and saw the candyman! hahaha I mean M&M mascots or whatever you call them. Fooled around while he took photos for me.

Couple shirt! hahaha

We're on a date (;

Then I was really tired after all the walking since afternoon and couldnt' stand anymore.

This face, because i didn't know he was still taking photos -.-

What? Stop liao lah

Ok, seriously, last warning ah hahahhaa

There's actually more photos but those can been seen on my instagram (@felindabling) on the video.

Then his battery went off. HAHAHA.
It was 4+am.

Walked out (actually, dragged my feet out) to a place where there are more people sleeping.
We also lied there and snooze until its' like 5.30am then decided it was too cold. But i was too tired to even move, so, quite embarrassing to say, he had to piggyback me all the way to the MRT station, which was a super super long way and cause I was too tired, I think I kinda fell sleep and got very heavy and kept slipping off hahahaha. I must have looked like a drunk person.

On the MRT, I fell asleep standing as well wtf. So many people on the mrt, it was 7am I think. then I had to go back to my place in sg to get my stuff and then we came back to JB. No sleep at all for the night. Ugh dead tired.

Right now, thinking of it, it was really fun. Like a homeless person wandering around hahahhaa ok before anyone criticizes me, i know homeless is nothing to be made fun of. I'm just saying ok. Chill hahahhaa

Ok, here goes, my overdue for almost 4 months NYE post. byeeeee