Nov 23, 2012

Sweet Lips

Nail Tutorial

I saw this design on Instagram awhile ago and decided to paint it (:

Things you'll need:
1. Turquoise 
2. White
3. Pink
4. Thin brush

Paint as shown as above

Using a thin brush, dip into white paint (or acrylic paint) and draw 3 lines on each of the turquoise base. Start from the middle line so that the space between your lines will be balance.

Start drawing the lips by drawing 2 pink lines. Make sure they are of equal length.

Draw two small triangles on the top & draw another line for the lower lip with a little curve like that.

Top coat & done! 

Have fun! ^^


Nov 22, 2012

Hyuna - Ice Cream

Nail Tutorial


This nail design is inspired by HyunA's new song - ice cream! Mad love the MV cause its full of happiness.
Ice cream is happiness.

"my dimond ring, so bling bling"

You'll need A LOT of colours for this, really, no joke.

Things you'll need:
1. Light pink
2. White
3. Platinum pearl
4. Pastel blue
5. Pink
6. Pastel mint
7. Pastel yellow
8. Black
9. Orange
10. Peach
11. Red
12. Chestnut
13. Turquoise
14. Dotting tool

Really a lot right? I never lie to you hahahaa

THUMB - light pink
INDEX - white
MIDDLE - platinum pearl
RING - pastel blue
PINKY - pink


draw leopard prints using pink, pastel yellow and turquoise (:

inspired by hyuna's blazer/jacket/coat


draw a star using orange. then draw the spade. start with an upside down heart shape & join with a triangle.

inspired by her eye tattoo


draw a mickey mouse head using black by drawing filled circles

inspired by her headband


1. using a darker shade of pink, draw circles
2. using peach, draw a triangle
3. using pastel yellow, randomly draw a shape of a cloud like thing
4. add a little pastel mint on top, dot it with chestnut as the 'chocolate chips' and red dot as 'cherry' plus a stick on top using chestnut again.

inspired by this cover

Make a melting effect on the pinky nail, top coat & you're done!

Have fun 4Nias :D

Nov 21, 2012

What I Use To Paint My Nails

Sara asked me to make a post about this. I'm not gonna link her cause that bitch of mine is going to change her blog link AGAIN. tsk tsk, cant she just decide & stick to one? *pouts*


Starting with my blings & stuff that is used to stick on

TIP: Use a dotting tool to pick up the blings by touching the tip with clear nail polish then the blings will stick to it, then place it on your wet / semi wet polish. Apply top coat to prevent the blings from dropping.

Eye shadow sponge - for gradient nails.

Make up tips - to clean edges.

Fake nails plate - to paint a design that I don't know if it will come out nice

Palettes - to dip my dotting tool in. but this dries really fast, so you have to be quick.


Toe separater (my mom hates this)

filer (I only use after I cut my finger nails)

nail art pen (mad love this)


Acrylic paint

Dotting tool

DIY TIP: open up a bobby pin & you have a dotting tool of two different sizes (both side)

Thin brush (which I seldom use)


How I clean my brushes:

#1 drop a few drops of nail polish remover into the palette

#2 dip in your brush & swirl it around

#3 dry it with a tissue paper (NEVER cotton cause the wool will stick to the brush)

BTW, my nail brush alrdy too long never clean so its stuck alrdy. But still can use cause the colour won come out one. IDK if you all one will come out or not lah but just in case, to prevent this remember to clean straight away after you finish using it!

Those were the tools, here come the nail polishes. Brands that I use frequently & price if I can remember it hahaha

TADAH! I got more space to fill up this box (; I'll never get enough nail polishes. btw, some of them belongs to my mom.

PS: the white bottle at the very front is nail cuticle softener which i never use cause I cannot stand the smell.

ELIANTO : My number one favourite brand.

Why? Because it is by far the cheapest & best nail polish I have. The price is only RM5.50 per bottle (normal) and they have various colours! They also have the cracking series and glitter series which are more expensive. Not sure about the cracking ones but the glitter ones are (if i am not wrong) RM10 per bottle, just like their base coat, top coat, strengthener, cuticle oil & big bottle polish remover (small is RM8)

Left - Right :
Strengthener, Top Coat, Base Coat, Cuticle Oil, Alice Blue

Platinum Pearl, Lime Green, Lawn Green, Chill Red, Shine Opal, Yellow, Chestnut, Silky Brown, Peach, S06 

*the number code is because the new new polishes now don't come with names anymore ):

Blue Splash, Black, Rose Wood, S03, Eggplant, S09, White, White

ETUDE HOUSE: I forgot the prices but its a bit more expensive than ETUDE HOUSE's. Love this brand too especially the ones with series (: I think they have matte series, glitter series & neon series. Not sure if they have other but I only remember these. And oh, these polish all never write english names underneath the bottles one, it's all korean words so I have to make up the names by how they look like LOL.

Gold mini french (not selling anymore), Moss Green, Barbie Pink, Pink Mix Glitter, Scandalous Pink (this one got write on the cap, I super love this!)

TONYMOLY : mad love the pastel colours but this one VERY expensive. One bottle liddis is more than RM10 ._.

MK03, MK06, MK09

THE FACE SHOP: This one also mad love because quite cheap also. I think its about RM6+/- (: They also got sell cracking polishes.

PK102, PK101, WH003 (this one inside is pink hearts + glitters)

OKAY, those are the ones that I use frequently! (: Others I don't really use them. Look at my nail polish box! hehehe


Any ideas on what you want me to post about? Or any nail request? You drop me a comment / tweet me (@/felindaleaf) or if you are shy you can DM me also (: 


Nov 19, 2012

Ulzzang Style

I'm gonna start this post with my big face again.
[this post is gonna be filled with my face]

MEOW. Lol, I hate cats. (No, Hello Kitty is not a cat, its a lifestyle.)

I'm like, into the Asian fashion recently. Ulzzang style to be exact.

What is ulzzang?

Ulzzang, also spelt as eoljjang or uljjang  is a popular South Korean term literally meaning "best face" or "good-looking". Originally used as a slang term, this word in the English lexicon has evolved into describing a person that follows specific style of fashion.  A person desiring eoljjang status would gain popularity on the internet through entering contests where their photos are judged and chosen by voters, though many became well-known eoljjangs from having popular Cyworld accounts or have gained popularity in school for being attractive.
Many eoljjangs model for popular Korean fashion websites, and some have entered the Korean entertainment business and have since risen to stardom. 
Although the word originated in South Korea, followers of such trends could be seen in China and Japan, but can also be found in Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Indonesia, Europe, and Malaysia.
[copied from wikipedia cause I'm lazy to type it all out]

So, as an Asian, I must support Asian fashion right? But since I am korea-crazy now, my fashion style is no doubt the korean fashion instead of japanese fashion (which is more exaggerating for me) 

How to be an ulzzang? You ask.

First, you must look asian. Have flawless skin, pale, big eyes & small, round face because koreans love these kind of face.

Next, it's just gonna be make up & photoshop (but I never do that cause idk how)

How to do that?

1. Wear circled contact lens / enlarged contact lens.
2. FACE - Apply foundation to achieve the pale look, you can also apply a small amount of pink blusher on your cheeks. 
3. NOSE - Contour your nose because most ulzzangs have a small, sharp & pointed nose (but I also never do this cause I suck in contouring)
4. EYES - Apply black eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes. Draw the eyeliner straight to get the droopy eye effect. You can also use white eyeliner to line your waterline to make your eyes look bigger. Apply a coat of mascara on your lashes. Fake eyelashes are not usually needed but if you want, its okay also. Just don't be too dramatic cause ulzzang make ups are suppose to look as natural as possible. (like no-make-up make up)
5. FASHION - nothing much, just wear cute asian clothes & not too sexy ones. Cute accessories are important also, like hipster glasses, sunglasses, cute hairband or hair clips.

Lastly, THE HAIR. Nothing much also, just make sure it is neat & tidy. But bangs are rather popular for ulzzangs cause it looks cute. Of course, no bangs also can. Later I show you all real ulzzangs with bangs de hair style cause I dont have bangs anymore.

#1 curly w/o bangs

You can clip up your bangs with a cute hair clip. I used a bow tie (:

#2 two low, loose pony tails 

#3 loose braids, one or two also can. Just loose.

#4 full up pony tail

#5 messy bun (so you dont look like ballerina) 

Ok, now here are the real ulzzangs. Real models. Not like me, cheat one, just copy cat only hahahahaa
[photos taken from google]

- Song Ah Ri -

- Park Sora -

- other ulzzangs that I don't know their names -


After that, take lots of cute selcas & you can add some effects. These are the apps I used (iPhone) :

(cute graphics)
- Cymera
- LINE Camera
- Mustache Mania
- PhotoWonder

(chio effects & filters)
- Pixlrmatic
- PuddingCam
- Space Effect Free

- Body Symbol Free
- HeartBooth (they dont only have hearts)
- Multilens

- can photoshop
- make gifs
- colleges (up to 5 photos)
- picture in picture (this one dont really like cause no mirror image -.-)

OKAY, that's all. TATA!!!

Forgot to say I don't really use my iPhone camera. I use camera360. Favourite camera app!