Nov 13, 2012

Halloween x Hello Kitty



Yes, I know I'm late for this post :x sorry! 
Ok, so it was halloween late month 31st. I think a lot of people celebrated but I never celebrate it. LOL

BUT! ...
Just to get some feeling of it, I painted my nails Halloween theme :D
Ok lah, I admit. I painted this because I want to enter this Halloween Kitty competition on instagram. 
(I never win lah haiyo, gonna do a pastel Movember theme one soon, also competition. this one got good prizes shipped from i forgot UK, USA or Australia)

Anyway, I'm going to change my nail tutorial style. The kind without caption for direction but only tell you its for which finger. Cause I think caption are very terlebih.. I don't know how to caption them sometimes cause to me, see them know liao ma. Why need caption? So now I try this style, if you all don't like then leave a comment or tweet me okay! (:

AND ALSO, Sara complain that my pictures are too small :x so now I'm making them larger.
Hope you like this size, sampat! ♥

Things you'll need :
1. Neon Pink
2. White
3. Black
4. Yellow
5. Red
6. Dotting tool / Thin Brush

Remember your base coat! (:

*Oh, no! Sorry, I forgot to label the numbers! But I'm sure you all very smart, can guess one right? kkkk :p*






Ok, that's all. 
Have fun! ^^

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