Nov 4, 2012


From the post title, you will know that this post is all about me me me.
post with only big head vain selca & #lamecaption or even worse, no caption.

PS: from now on i will be posting most of my pictures on my blog & instagram only. FB will have pictures for the sake of statuses only. Cause I dont like posting statuses :x (and also my dad doesn't like me posting pictures of myself on facebook -.-)

used this snail trail mask from natural republic. its so geli but very nice to useif you dont think about it. hahaha

Hello Miss Vampire, Halloween is over..

that's my real hair! :D

Oh, look. Le husband staring at me. *shy* :p

my maid calls this the mickey mouse hair LOL

#iamaquitter (not that I smoke!)

SPM tomorrow! Need all the luck & blessings I can get for this exam. 
This is my last scheduled post.
Will be back after 27th Nov !!! Stay with me, I love you all! 

God bless me & all the 2012 SPM candidates!

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