Dec 31, 2013

2014, Loading...

Hi there dearies, so, how was your 2013?
As I said in my last post, mine sucked but I'm not gonna elaborate on that.
But as sucky as it seems to be, it was a not bad year too *counts blessings*

So, there usual year end post, here is a short summary of what I did this year! (:

Went to Lasalle and NAFA's open house.
Click here to read about it. I might go again this year for fun. IDK hahaha.

Photo shoot for mom's friends's friend for her shop banner *shy*

Dyed my bottom half hair red for CNY!

Met Kim Jong Kook!
Click here to read about it :D

Got sponsored a camera ZR700
Click here to read about it.

Went back to SSI for Hari Koko!

Officially started school in NYP.

Prayed a lot of Malaysia (changing govenment)

End of 1st semester, end of first time submissions (:

Nose bleed a loooooooot and went to see the doctor to get 7 different types of medicine ):

GD OOAK Concert In Singapore!
Click here to read about it :D

Super Show 5 in Singapore!!!
Click here to read about it :D

Went to Hk Town in Johor but couldn't get inside due to sold out tickets ):

Did hair extensions that dropped after 2 days to a week.

Baked macaroons for the first time

Had my first outdoor photo-shoot.

Baked rainbow cupcakes!
Read about it here.

celebrated darling Travis's 2nd birthday.

Second outdoor photo-shoot at night!

Celebrated my 18th birthday at my house with a few people.

Started my online shop, Fashion Bling Online.

Fan girled over Shio wtf hahaha

Celebrated CY's birthday

Broke up.

Model submission that I'm very proud of hahaha. Will post the photos next time!

TF camp!

Celebrated Christmas at church and it was all awesome.

And right now, I'm getting ready to meet Lee Hom for count down. Cheh cheh like my friend hahaha.

GTG bye everyone,
thank you for reading all these and hopefully you'll be here to read next year's year end post too :D

Sending a lot of love to my loyal readers.

Dec 30, 2013

La Vie

Well hello there.

It's a night post again.

As you have seen from my title -- La Vie, which means the life, in french, I'm talking about my life. The life, actually. The life I want, to be specific.

So, what do I want in my life?
What is THE LIFE that I'm craving for?

Probably due to my current boring school life, or because I am an 18 year old youngest daughter of my protective parents and sisters, I somehow crave for an adventurous life.

Yeah, I know. But a girl can dream right?

I'm always dream of how would it be like to have a very happening life.

To be an air stewardess to be travelling all over the world.
To be a cover model taking photoshoots for magazines and advertisements.
To be a make up artist making people even prettier.
To be a dancer joining all sorts of dance battles.
To be a singer performing on stage to many people.
To be an actress trying out many different characters.
To be a photographer taking photos of beautiful sceneries everywhere.
To be a fashion designer designing clothes to be shown on the runway.

I, I don't really want a quiet peaceful life.
For me, I'm only young once and I don't wanna grow old regretting not doing any of the things that I wanted to do. I can have the quite boring life when I am old and not able to walk anymore. I'd then tell my grandchildren what i did when I was young and to tell them to do the same as I did because if they don't, they'll soon be old like me, without much time left and energy to do so.

2013, haven't been the greatest like I always thought it would be, due to being 18 years old. Actually, 2013 sucked ttm. For my close friends to know, I had a real sucky year. But however sucky it was, I managed to tick off half of my list.

1. This blog to become popular / instagram hit 1k followers / twitter 500 followers
2. Attend a countdown party 
3. Go to Disney Land / Sanrio Land
4. Go to Korea / Greece / Japan
5. Keep my hair long
6. See the Eiffel Tower (Go to Paris)
7. Date someone
8. Dancing on water
9. Sleeping under the stars
10. See my bias 

Haven't been able to travel this year, but it's okay. It's gonna be 2014 in 3 days, in 3 days, it's been a whole new year to start. So, have you all set your new years' resolution? I haven't really done mine yet. But here is a draft of it.

1. Instagram 2.5k (currently 1.7+k, almost 1.8k)
2. Splits. (lost them and my flexibility!)
3. ZR1000/TR150
4. FBO to go well.
5. Go to church more often.
6. Directors's list (WHO AM I KIDDING WTF)

hahaha stupid list, i know but it keeps me going. Just so I can have the sense of archievement of ticking it off every year (:

ok, going off bye.
(oh I saw this pencil case or whatever case it is at *scape that day that says xoxo, so tempted to buy but I know I woudn't us it so yeah hahaha)

Dec 27, 2013

have you ever...

have anyone of you had this feeling before?
one minute you're happy and another minute you saw something you don't wanna see and your mood instantly turns bad.

(im not even bothering abt grammar spelling and punctuation and spacing and paragraphs now)

this year had been super roller coaster to me. but at the end of the year, i realized its probably a test from god. and god's way of asking me  to go back to him (not as in die lah of course).

if you were to ask me what happened, tbh. i really dunno whats going on.
all i know was my life has been up and down a lot in a fast speed.
one day im in the sky and another day im in the mud pit with pigs (no offence, pigs)

it could be abt friends or relationships or school or my emotions
its like its all messed up
my life is all messed up

and right now, when i first started typing this paragraph for some reasons i was in the verge of tears
then now im feeling better again probably because of some friends who never abandoned be despite all the shitty crap i went through and ranted abt to them. fyi im always spamming them whenever i got angry or upset or happy or anything. well, they usually just ignore me (stares angrily at you all) but you know i still love you all.

anyway, since im feeling better now i thought i might just finish up my homework that i was doing halfway until i decided to rant  bit here.

just to let you all know im not an emotionless robot who just types random stuff and not feel anything
i do have stuff going around my life
its not actually as boring as i always made it sound like

oh well, i guess i typed quite a bit of stuff here. gg off soon
heart you all

Dec 25, 2013

20 Questions

Since i haven't any time to properly do a blogpost, I figured I might as well just do a quick short random question post! (; Please feel free to copy off the questions as I got them from the internet as well.

Let's start!

1. Thing you cant leave the house without. 
- my iPhone and purse

2. Favorite brand of makeup 
- Etude house? IDK, I hardly apply any make up.

3. Favorite flowers. 
- sunflowers & orchids!

4. Favorite clothing store 
- as long as they sell pretty and cheap clothes hahaha

5. Favorite perfume 
- Victoria Secret

6. Heels or flats 
- flats!

7. Do you make good grades 
- no...

8. Favorite colors 
- b&w, neon colours & pastel colours

9. Do you drink energy drinks
- nope

10. Do you drink juice 
- orange juice is love!

11. Do you like swimming 
- brb, drowning.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork 
- who uses fork when you have fingers!

13. Whats your favorite moisturizer 
- currently using hada labo

14. Do you want to get married later on in life 
- duh

15. Do you get mad easily 
- depends

16. Are you into ghost hunting 
- no

17. Any phobias 
- cats and butterflies and anything that flies or is furry

18. Do you bite your nails 
- gross

19. Have you ever had a near death experience 
- not really, i guess.

20. Do you drink coffee 
- i'm a chocolate kind of girl

the end hahahaha
I'm sorry it's so boring.
Will be back soon k.




I haven't been blogging for such a long time. Have been too busy with camp and christmas. Hahahahaha.

Not to worry, i'd be blogging (and spamming photos) asap about TF camp and also christmas. And maybe by then I've done with 1314 countdown already hahaha. Going to meet Leehom omggggg and The Wanted! OMGGGGG.



OK, just a super duper short short talk here with no photos cause i havent put any photos into my computer.

follow me on instagram @felindabling & my instashop @fashionblingonlinee.

Wo hen love all of you.
God bless!
Will be back soon,

Dec 1, 2013

Little things

So bored of doing my homework already! So, here is an update hahaha. 

Bucket list with my boyfriend/husband.

1. Record a song. 
2. Sleep under the stars/moon.
3. Cook a meal. 
4. Go to disneyland.
5. Go on a picnic.
6. Cuddle.
7. Movie marathon.
8. Decorate a room.
9. Take funny polaroid/purikura photos.
10. Go to europe. 
11. Do manicure or pedicure for each other. 
12. Fly a kite. 
13. Draw a portrait of each other. 
14. Paint fight. 
15. Play an instrument. 
16. Go to gym. 
17. Clean the house. 
18. Bake something. 
19. Elope for a day or two. 
20. Own a shared blog or instagram account. 

HAHAHA. A girl can dream right? I'm still looking for someone who would be willing to do these with me. And can tahan my stupidness and also me being super close with my male bffs. And also someone who would be my best friend as well as my lover. Not the time yet, but i believe when the time is ripe, god will surely give me one. So for now, I would just be enjoying the company of my friends and bury myself in assignments. 

Goodnight everyone, xoxo.