Mar 6, 2013


Before anything else, I wanna apologize for not blogging for sooooooo long. I've been quite busy recently doing my portfolio, going to driving class, art class, candy crush, line pop... LOL
Anyway, I'm back with a post - an exciting post! For me, at least (:
As you can see from my title, can you guess what am I blogging about today?

Kim Jong Kook's (or rather, Sparta Kook or The Commander as all Running Man fans know him as) fan meet showcase in Singapore on 22nd February!!!

& I went and saw him! TvT Like, real live person right err not exactly in front of me cause I was on the balcony so we were quite far. He is only 1 cm to me & I can squish him dead with my fingers hahahaha kidding. But it's okay. We were under the same roof (;

my #OOTD to a date with KJK haha

Only 1/5 the amount of people who are here..

I saw a lot of people taking photo with this banner but I'm very shy to do so hehehe so I only took the picture of the banner :p Saw some people with the RM shirt or RM name tags. I find it hilarious idk why. I mean, he came here to promote his album not running man.. But people cam do whatever they like & its none of my business.

about 1/3 of the people cause mostly of them are downstairs.


Before it started.. Waited for super long. haih, I hate how concerts always always always starts late! ): they'll make you wait damn long & then suddenly off the lights & make you think its starting soon and then you'll have to wait for another 15-20 minutes. tsk.

When he came out, everyone was screaming except my row I think hahaha, idk why on my row, everyone was like damn calm & chill. After he sang the 1st song, which I have already forgotten what was it cause I;m not very familiar with his songs. In fact, I only know 3 of this songs. LOL.

The tiny person in white is him ahhahaha

Ok la, here is a bigger shot of him on screen..

After the song, he talked with the host. Although he has a translator, he spoke english almost the whole night. I was quite surprised that his english is so good cause most koreans' english are not very good & speaks with a slang. He don't (: The host super pong him & taught him singlish (again) 1st was pai seh (sorry) 2nd was yeng dao (handsome guy) & chio bu (pretty girl) and 3rd was sotong (squid - which we mean a blur person). The host taught him what is chio bu & he immediately pointed at us and say "you all are chio bu" and everyone screamed again. hahaha

Apparently, it was his 2nd time to Singapore & his impression with Singapore is "There are many many big big trees!" I almost went ROFL literally when I heard this. omg XD big trees. Then the host asked him, "what about the food?" & he said what I knew he would 100% say: "the chilli crabs are nice." OMFG HAHAHAHA TYPICAL! Everyone that comes to SG must eat their chilli crab. Seriously so nice meh? I never tried before leh. JB also got what. Y U NO COME JB!!! Hahahaha THEN. The most important one, "how do you find the girls in Singapore?" *screams* KJK: "Oh, they are err. They're all so hot!" *screams crazily eventhough I am not a singaporean but I am from Jb so I dont care hahahaha* & then the MC has to spoilt market & say because Sg is so hot thats why the girls are hot hahaha.

After that, It was games session with KJK. 12 lucky fans got called up to the stage to play games with him *envious eyes* There was this girl a few row in front of me who got picked screamed & jumped up when her seat number was called. Another girl cried when she went on stage& KJK FREAKING HUGGED HER OMG!!!!! They were divided into 6 groups which means 2 person in a group. Then they started the games.

They played the flamingo game! Whoever that watches the earlier episodes of runnning man must know this. Initially they say whoever that can make him go out of the box in (how many seconds i forgot omg scumbag brain) but he is such a nice person, he saw that there are many girls and he said to cut the time to half so they wouldnt be so tired or lose easily. Anyway, I think he is too nice cause everyone won him except one group who couldnt force him out of the box..

After that they played tug of war & once again he proved himself as a nice person cause he changed places with his opponent cause he said he cannot face his butt to the audience. hahaha actually i dont think the fangirls would mind looking at his ass. like seriously. you'll understand if you are a fangirl hahaha. anyway, he lost to everyone & some people said that might be because he havent recover from his leg injury but to me, I feel that he is being TOO NICE. I think he did that on purpose cause its all girls & he could easily win them with one hand because if you watched the 4th & 5th (if I am not mistaken) episode of running man you'll know that he stood up to 5/6 people who were pulling him for 20 minutes and he managed to walk up the stairs. This shows how strong he was. I think he could lift me up single hand without any difficulty at all. Seriously.

Halfway through the tug of war game, he asked the host, "actually, why am i doing this? I've never done this on stage before.." & everyone was a little speechless haha. i forgotten what happened after he asked though.

After the games. The host asked if KJK has found his ideal girl or has an ideal girl to which (of course, as an idol) said no. But he did told us about his ideal girl which has big eyes because he has small eyes (HE SAID THIS HIMSELF OK! not I make up one..  in case someone wanna bash me), no specs, medium length hair, and medium height. Then the host asked all the girls to stand up but I didnt cause the girls nears me all never stand & I'm very pai seh to stand haha. He said that KJK likes girls that are sporty and is wearing sneakers, skirt & medium length hair to come out. OMG EVERYTHING IS ME OK. except for not wearing skirt. who the fuck wears skirt to a concert/fanmeeting. Some more skirt PLUS sneakers. walao. ahaha. Anyway those girls that KJK picked to come up the stage aren't wearing skirts & they are wearing specs.

They were told to tell KJK why he should chose them as their ideal girl & this girl won.

SO LUCKY!!! Actually everyone got a hug, so yeah. All so lucky! ):

Then they had a singing competition, 3 people came up to the stage & see who can sing his song the best. This little boy won! He is only 6 years old & he sang 'All Men Are The Same' awww. so cute. A man sang 'One man' and another girl sang 'Loveable'.

Lastly, he sang a few more songs & spoke in korean.

After singing 'All Men Are The Same', he told us that this is just a song & he is not this kind of man. THIS IS JUST A SONG! He said, not all men are like this. They are good men too LOL

A very artsy bokehful photo taken by me during one of the songs. Photos are actually not allowed inside so I anyhow snap & turns out not focus. LOL but quite nice, I like the effect, thats why I'm posting.

DISCLAIMER: Those very pro & close up photos are taken by the running man blog.

bye! (;

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