Mar 7, 2013


Not all thing seems perfect as how it seems to be.
Believe it or not.
I'm the most fucked up person right now.

What happened?
I'm sick & tired of everything I'm going through right now.
That's what happened.

Remember me saying I've been busy for the past few weeks?
Its true. It's not an excuse to not blog.

As a starter, I don't like kids.
No, I don't like noisy kids.
In fact, I detest them.
I cannot stand their noise or super loud laughter or screaming.

I cannot stand noise.

It gives me a huge headache & I instantly gets irritated easily whenever I heard people being noisy, especially kids (maybe because of their high pitch voices).

Imagine, having 2 BABIES yelling their heads off at absolutely nothing everyday.
From morning till evening.
Don't you get a headache?

Now imagine, (I'm really testing your imaginations right now)
Having a baby with a louder voice screaming his head off & crying for 4 days.
From morning since you woke up until 10pm he went to sleep.
Aren't you gonna get annoyed & fustrated?

If you say no, I salute you.
You must either have a high tolerance for noise or you're a very good tempered person or you are just plain deaf.
If you say yes, congrats.
You are now officially in the anti-crying-babies-and-noisy-kids group with me.
& yeah, high 5 for that!

Now back to the main topic.
I fully understand that babies cry for everything because they can't speak.
They can only shout or cry when they want/need something.
But what I CANNOT stand is.


Why would I say nothing?
1. They scream, you carry them, they continue screaming. (and pulling your hair as well)
2. They scream, you feed them, they refuse to eat/puke out the food.
3. They scream, you talk to them, they reduce their voices to shouting.
4. They scream, you check for poop, nope, nothing at all.
5. They scream, you check for bruises, also nothing at all.

SO, dear tiny-supposed-to-be-cute-babies,
What do you want from us?????

BABY: I want you to carry me & talk to me & walk around. Nope, you are not allowed to sit down while carrying me cause you'd be sitting on my ass. Oh ya, give me that food you're eating *grabs* No? What do you mean no? *screams* ARE YOU NOT GONNA GIVE ME THAT?!!! Seriously? I shall pull your hair then. NO YOU BIG PERSON. Don't you dare put me down. I'll yell me head off. You shall carry me & walk around & talk to me. What? Are you ignoring me?  Ok, ok. Here goes......


Got your attention? Good.

Seriously? DEFUG.
Their screams & cries are not what annoys me the most.
You know what annoys me the most?


You can't even scold them.
The thing is, you cant do anything except giving them LOVE, ATTENTION & PATIENCE.

If babies could understand me/I can scold them, you know what I'll tell them?
I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind & tell them what I think.

ME: Shut up you immature little thing. You do nothing all day except play around & sleep & eat & peep & poop. You don't have any homework, tuitions, assignments, housework... You don't even have to think. You don't need to do a single thing. You have no stress at all. Why are you screaming & crying? Why are you torturing the adults with it? Don't you think you can get away with they silly ridiculously adorable face with everything. Please, spare a though for your parent who need to work & are stress about life. Teenagers who are under the stress of school stuff & their socially awkward lives (some). Please, just stop the noise & be a good kid. Please. Stop that noise pollution. Cry and scream only when you really need to.

(Who am I kidding, I have so much to rant at I need another blog post or else this would be too long.)
I cant believe I made a post ranting about babies that cry too loud & too much.


Mom, I know you are reading this. I'm not allowed to complain to you about this cause I understand it's your job to take care of these kids. Right now, I'm only venting on my own space. I'm stressed & him screaming is making my mood worse. You know how loud is his screaming.
*verge of tears and close to tearing all my hair out & sticking them back cause I don't wanna be bald*

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