Mar 8, 2013

Outing w honeybees

Wasn't in a really good mood last last week so jio-ed my honeybees to go out for karaoke session again LOL also because we haven't met for quite some time & I have stuff to rant. They're really nice la I love them so much super steady one. Say go out then can go out. Plus always when I have complains or rants or happy things or I am just bored I can always spam their whatsapp & they wouldn't mind. Ok I dowan to make a long mushy post about them here. hahaha

my #OOTD for that day

make up in 10 minutes cause I woke up late. Forgotten to draw brows wtf hahaha

Supa hungry cause I no have breakfast yet! ):
So I ordered fried kueh teow & it was meh cause got a lot of bean sprouts! I mega hate the taste of bean sprouts. Whenever I eat them I feel like puking. bluegh.

Nothing much to say cause it's just singing. Oh ya, these 2 girls keep picking songs that they don't really know how to sing! Tsk. When the song starts they dn't know start already & I had to start for them hahaha. So all the verses I sing & they join when the chorus come. Why both of them so cute one omg haha
I actually planned to make a video but I forgotten haha. So here's some pictures. 

WS & I 

She looks so cute in this! Lika chipmunk yay for rodents :D
My sister says I look like a hamster when I do that face.
So I'm not insulting her ok! We are the same kind lol.

CY & I :D
I think this is our 2nd photo together, not to include our fugly class photo haha

WS & mine. Hers in white (:

Super love this tank top I got from bugis (;

I love this shot cause I look very fair hehehehe :p

bye. xx

PS: I'm currently addicted to listening to songs on soundcloud cause omg these DJ people are so talented! No, no need to follow me cause I don't have any songs. haha, maybe will post next time.

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