Jul 31, 2013

Good Shoes Will Bring You To Good Places

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. For me, I think it's shoes..
Yep, I love shoes, I love buying shoes as much as I love eating rice.

This post had been requested since a long time ago and I have yet to do anything to blog about it since that time cause I was either too busy or I forgotten to take photos of my shoes in jb. So yep, here are most of my shoes, I didn't bother about the slippers cause I have like, 4 of them which are all just flip flops. For slippers, I only wear flip flops.

#1 a really dirty sneakers bought many years ago, no idea where I bought it from.

#2 I call this my red dancing shoe. Bought from Taiwan, dont rmb the price but it's super cheap compared to here! I think it's about rm40..

#3 Converse. Also bought quite some time back. It was new arrival at time that so it's about rm200+

#4 Recycled Form 1 school shoes hahaha cause I changed to wawa shoes until form 3 cause they changed to fugly blacked shoes when I went to form 4. So yep, this shoe became my normal outting shoe. Just change shoe lace then it's a /new/ shoe alrdy hahaha. Actually you can see inside alrdy spoil but I still like this shoe. Got feelings alrdy lol

#5 & #6 Ballet flats from Cotton On when I broke my shoe in SG and these were 2 for $30 so I bought the same pattern in different colours.

#7 Calf length (or height or wtv you call it)boots! Bought from Holiday Plaza if I rmb correctly, I dont think that shop is still there though.. Don't rmb the price either. Actually I have another knee length boots I bought from Takeshi (spelling?) but I cant find it. (was a bit rushing out when I took all these photos)

#8 One of my fav pair of heels. Bought from a random shop in Ang Mo Kio (Singapore). Don't rmb the price also!

#9 Wedges. Bought from Li Jiang, China. It was freezing cold winter at that time and mom and I was like omg so nice, try! Then we took off our warm shoes and socks and tried on. My feet were freezing I tell you. 

#10 Another fav pair of heels. Got this from Taiwan. Mom and I got the very same pair of shoes on a different day at a different shop. We both don't rmb that she bought this pair of shoe that day cause she bought so many pair that day in that shop. Then on the 2nd last day of our trip, my feet were hurting from the pair of shoes I was wearing that day, so I bought these. When were packing our stuff, we were like omg? Why got 2? Hahahaha.

#11 Don't really wear these anymore :x Bought from mixit.

#12 Love these but don't fancy wearing it cause it's damn hot inside. It's furrr wtf did I buy these hahaha. Bought during cny this year at The Zon, the shop next next to the shop selling traditional chinese clothings.

#13 New navy high cut sneakers. Bought online with Eunice for $17. Took more than a month to arrive wtf...

#14 Pink high cut sneakers. Bought in Bugis Street, the shop is quite behind and hidden and tiny at level 1.

#15 Studded high platform shoe. Yep, I sound soooo professional in naming shoes. First thing I bought in Taiwan. Food not included. Hahaha. 

#16 Running shoes. Bought it ages ago in Plaza Pelangi's sports shop. Rm200+?

#17 Sandals! My fav cause it's in between formal and informal and I can wear it to school (slippers not allowed in studio) 


Yep, Ok. So, Thats all for my shoes. 
I do wanna buy creepers but I have yet to see one that I feel that it's THE ONE for me LOL. Like choosing husband hor? LOL. Shoes eh, don't play play. As I said in my title, good shoes bring you to good place so must be careful of the shoes you buy and don't buy on impulse, make sure you wear them often and dont neglect them, they will be sad! ):

Jul 30, 2013

Dream #2

Ok since I'm on the mrt now and have nothing to do (lost my ear piece wtf). I'll blog about the dream I had last night. A short one cause I only rmb a bit of it but nice one (at least for me lah). Would you all be interested in what I dream about? Cause since I have nothing interesting to blog about now haha. I'll just tell you all my dream. Tell me if you would like it or not ok? (:

Ok so, last night I dreamt that I was a mermaid & I can turn into human form whenever I want to. This time when I went on land, there's this cute ang moh who fell in love with me and wants me to be his gf but he had no experience at all. Then, his father came to me to told me about it and asked me if I would be his gf. Since he is cute and is caucasian, I agreed so. On our first date, he brought me out to have chicken rice. He was shaking when he talked to me and was so shy to over come near me. It was all very formal and I had to make the first move to go hold his hand and talk to him. Omg, he is so cute when he give his shy smile. His golden curly hair is freaking cute as well. When he held my finger (goodness knows why he is only holding my pointer finger), he held is damn tight and I could feel him trembling. He was even stuttering when he spoke to me. How adorable. Then we went somewhere else and I forgot what happened hahaha. 

The end lah. 
Here is my face to end this post. I'm reaching my station. Baiii! 

See you soon! 

Jul 25, 2013


Sorry for not updating this space for awhile. Trust me, I haven't forgotten here. Things has been a little rough for me recently and has no mood to blog, or do my work properly. Or do anything properly, most of the time I just feel like a walking zombie and I just wanna sleep. Or if I'm in school I just wanna laugh and forget all my worries and troubles. Above all, I'm still fine and trying to cope being alone in sg without my family and my beloved, warm and safe bed...

Also, I've been a little self conscious and having low self esteem on my looks recently. I think Imma start applying make up for cover up that pale, dark eye ringed, tired face of mine. Time to buy some eyelashes, I wanna have pretty, big eyes like those japanese girls. I wanna start looking pretty like a doll. Like, dakota koti.

And, this Joy ah, tempted me with her $25(?) victoria secret set of fragrance. Dunno when are we going to do our eyebrows.

Cant wait for nothing-to-do holidays to come.

BTW, CY's coming back tmw!

Jul 16, 2013

I, me, myself

Cause I suddenly just feel like putting my selfie. hahaha
And my views are seriously getting lesser and lesser. 
Why is this happening?
Please tell me if you all want longer posts! I ask if you all mind short post or not and no one reply but then now no one is reading anymore! ):
Readers, please come baaaack...


My friends had just recently started an instashop @fashionxstylexo ! Go follow and support them :D

Jul 15, 2013

Poly Life

I can't believe it.

Today marks the 4th month I'm in poly. Woah, time flies doesn't it? LOL. Before I knew it, I'm gonna be in Year 2 then Year 3 and graduate with my Space & Interior Design Diploma and prolly continue my studies in architectural somewhere. Hahaha, I'm think too much. I might die later and not even complete sem 1 *choi choi, touch wood* 

I haven't said much about poly right. Maybe because there's nothing much to talk about. Before this, I didn't think I would blog anything about poly cause I wanna keep it as my private life. But after thinking, I realized that if I don't blog about them, what if I get amnesia and forget about everything? Rumours said that a girl from the cheerleading club fell and went to the hospital and she had slight amnesia, she can't remember why or how did she hurt herself. I might fall down the stairs and hit my head and forget, I don't wanna forget anything. These memories, they are precious. Nice or not, they are a part of my life and if I forget them I'll feel like a part of my life is gone. Just like that, because of a fall.. ok, I'm over thinking and going too far again LOL #girlsbeinggirls

Anyway, it's not like poly is not fun. It's fun. Really. I just don't know how to express them in words.
Like, I have a funny lecturer who blabbers a lot called Larry and his teaching partner is called Sean which is a lecturer of mine too. Sean's more of a serious guy but tbh I realized he has a nice eye smile. Haha don't worry I'm not interested in either of them. Sean's married with 5 kids and Larry's too old for me, ok la both also too old for me and teacher-student relationship is big no-no for me. Too gross LOLOL. My model making lecturer is called Wayne. He is not very tall and not ashamed of it. I remember him saying "I'm asian, and a short asian" when someone asked about door height difference in western and asian countries.. Then, I have this very nice young yet fatherly lecturer called Alan who teaches us drawing and rendering. Why I say he is fatherly leh? HAHA, because he once said this, "If any other staff scolds any of you please report to me, I will go and scold that person. I am your lecturer and I will not allowed anyone else to scold any of my student. I will scold you all but no one else can scold my student." WAH, after I heard this I suddenly look at him in a different way, like he is a father figure that protects his kids, students, in this case. Oh, I also have this ang moh lecturer that I dislike the most. She is the most boring ever person. I really hate her class. She's also fussy, troublesome and never makes her point clear AND she repeats herself a lot and puts too much make up on her eyes so that it makes her look like a freaky witch. And then I have a few other lecturers who don't belong to our school since they are not teaching extremely important subjects like, comm skills, material tech and gsm..

On the day of orientation, I met 2 of my current poly bffs (Joy & Xiao Hui). On the first day of school I met another (Eunice) who is in the same group as me. Now the 4 of us are inseperatable. It's always the 4 of us and 4 is a good number. Whats best is that 2 of us are in the same group (2) and another 2 are in the another group (1). And none of us are in group 3. I don't care if any of them people from poly are reading this but I have no idea why, I have this dislike for group 3 people. Nope, I don't hate them. Hate is a strong word. I just don't like the presence of them and prefer not to have anything to do with them. That's all. After a few weeks of school, I got to know other nice people such as Geraldine, Cherrie, Eugenia (who recently just quitted the course! '~'), Thira and of course, my other coursemates who are in the same group as me and also my roommate. Growing up really made me realized that it's not important to have a lot of friends, just a few close ones are really precious. Some problems cropped up between the 4 of us last month and we sorted everything out by being 100% truthful. Thank God we're still friends hahaha

Ok, I guess thats all for now la, I need to sleep. Will talk more about poly life next time! (:

Jul 14, 2013

Lunch w Honeybees


Scheduling allllll the post now cause I am in a blogging mood.
My blog stats now very low leh, I see alrdy damn sad. Need to buck up and continue blogging to get back the old numbers I had ):

This was a lunch after koko day (went back to SSI!) LOLOL it was in April wtf hahaha. A day after I posted my gwiyomi video on FB. Bad move, shld have posted it after koko day cause a few juniors was like eh I wanna see you live gwiyomi leh & some of my friends see me will do the gwiyomi actions omg. embarrassing ttm sia T^T

(photos are all taken with my iphone 4s except those that have a * underneath the picture, those are taken with Casio EX-ZR700)

* In SSI, can any SSI-ians guess where is this? hahaha




Me & my bitch :D

Anyway, we actually decided not to have lunch together after that cause CY need to go home early & I need to go somewhere too (I think is church). But after Cy went back, WS & I decided to go for lunch at KSL. So we took and taxi over to CY's house to pick her up to KSL. Wandered around shopping a little and had lunch at El Migo's! My favourite restaurant. I love their steak & chicken chop there leh idk why hahaha. So yummy! :p

* CY's pasta omfg i'm feeling hungry looking at this D:


* The only thing to do before the food comes to is selca hahahaha


* prettayyy

* hahahahhhaha omg


* WS's!!! omg so hungry now...

* Mine! I love mushroom sauces hhehehe 

After eating we still had time before my mom comes over to fetch me so, CAMHOOOOOO!!!!

Starting with me first cause I am self obsessed like that :p

By then I think they got pretty tired of taking photos & then there is me, the selca bitch, who continues snapping photos of myself LOL

End of the photos! haha, sorry for such a shitty post :p Better than nothing right? hahaha

I miss them alrdy! I wish 26th July will come soon. CY willl be back from Kl then we have to meet up!!!
Cannot wait! *inserts 2 big big heart emoji for both of them*