Jul 15, 2013

Poly Life

I can't believe it.

Today marks the 4th month I'm in poly. Woah, time flies doesn't it? LOL. Before I knew it, I'm gonna be in Year 2 then Year 3 and graduate with my Space & Interior Design Diploma and prolly continue my studies in architectural somewhere. Hahaha, I'm think too much. I might die later and not even complete sem 1 *choi choi, touch wood* 

I haven't said much about poly right. Maybe because there's nothing much to talk about. Before this, I didn't think I would blog anything about poly cause I wanna keep it as my private life. But after thinking, I realized that if I don't blog about them, what if I get amnesia and forget about everything? Rumours said that a girl from the cheerleading club fell and went to the hospital and she had slight amnesia, she can't remember why or how did she hurt herself. I might fall down the stairs and hit my head and forget, I don't wanna forget anything. These memories, they are precious. Nice or not, they are a part of my life and if I forget them I'll feel like a part of my life is gone. Just like that, because of a fall.. ok, I'm over thinking and going too far again LOL #girlsbeinggirls

Anyway, it's not like poly is not fun. It's fun. Really. I just don't know how to express them in words.
Like, I have a funny lecturer who blabbers a lot called Larry and his teaching partner is called Sean which is a lecturer of mine too. Sean's more of a serious guy but tbh I realized he has a nice eye smile. Haha don't worry I'm not interested in either of them. Sean's married with 5 kids and Larry's too old for me, ok la both also too old for me and teacher-student relationship is big no-no for me. Too gross LOLOL. My model making lecturer is called Wayne. He is not very tall and not ashamed of it. I remember him saying "I'm asian, and a short asian" when someone asked about door height difference in western and asian countries.. Then, I have this very nice young yet fatherly lecturer called Alan who teaches us drawing and rendering. Why I say he is fatherly leh? HAHA, because he once said this, "If any other staff scolds any of you please report to me, I will go and scold that person. I am your lecturer and I will not allowed anyone else to scold any of my student. I will scold you all but no one else can scold my student." WAH, after I heard this I suddenly look at him in a different way, like he is a father figure that protects his kids, students, in this case. Oh, I also have this ang moh lecturer that I dislike the most. She is the most boring ever person. I really hate her class. She's also fussy, troublesome and never makes her point clear AND she repeats herself a lot and puts too much make up on her eyes so that it makes her look like a freaky witch. And then I have a few other lecturers who don't belong to our school since they are not teaching extremely important subjects like, comm skills, material tech and gsm..

On the day of orientation, I met 2 of my current poly bffs (Joy & Xiao Hui). On the first day of school I met another (Eunice) who is in the same group as me. Now the 4 of us are inseperatable. It's always the 4 of us and 4 is a good number. Whats best is that 2 of us are in the same group (2) and another 2 are in the another group (1). And none of us are in group 3. I don't care if any of them people from poly are reading this but I have no idea why, I have this dislike for group 3 people. Nope, I don't hate them. Hate is a strong word. I just don't like the presence of them and prefer not to have anything to do with them. That's all. After a few weeks of school, I got to know other nice people such as Geraldine, Cherrie, Eugenia (who recently just quitted the course! '~'), Thira and of course, my other coursemates who are in the same group as me and also my roommate. Growing up really made me realized that it's not important to have a lot of friends, just a few close ones are really precious. Some problems cropped up between the 4 of us last month and we sorted everything out by being 100% truthful. Thank God we're still friends hahaha

Ok, I guess thats all for now la, I need to sleep. Will talk more about poly life next time! (:

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