Jul 31, 2013

Good Shoes Will Bring You To Good Places

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. For me, I think it's shoes..
Yep, I love shoes, I love buying shoes as much as I love eating rice.

This post had been requested since a long time ago and I have yet to do anything to blog about it since that time cause I was either too busy or I forgotten to take photos of my shoes in jb. So yep, here are most of my shoes, I didn't bother about the slippers cause I have like, 4 of them which are all just flip flops. For slippers, I only wear flip flops.

#1 a really dirty sneakers bought many years ago, no idea where I bought it from.

#2 I call this my red dancing shoe. Bought from Taiwan, dont rmb the price but it's super cheap compared to here! I think it's about rm40..

#3 Converse. Also bought quite some time back. It was new arrival at time that so it's about rm200+

#4 Recycled Form 1 school shoes hahaha cause I changed to wawa shoes until form 3 cause they changed to fugly blacked shoes when I went to form 4. So yep, this shoe became my normal outting shoe. Just change shoe lace then it's a /new/ shoe alrdy hahaha. Actually you can see inside alrdy spoil but I still like this shoe. Got feelings alrdy lol

#5 & #6 Ballet flats from Cotton On when I broke my shoe in SG and these were 2 for $30 so I bought the same pattern in different colours.

#7 Calf length (or height or wtv you call it)boots! Bought from Holiday Plaza if I rmb correctly, I dont think that shop is still there though.. Don't rmb the price either. Actually I have another knee length boots I bought from Takeshi (spelling?) but I cant find it. (was a bit rushing out when I took all these photos)

#8 One of my fav pair of heels. Bought from a random shop in Ang Mo Kio (Singapore). Don't rmb the price also!

#9 Wedges. Bought from Li Jiang, China. It was freezing cold winter at that time and mom and I was like omg so nice, try! Then we took off our warm shoes and socks and tried on. My feet were freezing I tell you. 

#10 Another fav pair of heels. Got this from Taiwan. Mom and I got the very same pair of shoes on a different day at a different shop. We both don't rmb that she bought this pair of shoe that day cause she bought so many pair that day in that shop. Then on the 2nd last day of our trip, my feet were hurting from the pair of shoes I was wearing that day, so I bought these. When were packing our stuff, we were like omg? Why got 2? Hahahaha.

#11 Don't really wear these anymore :x Bought from mixit.

#12 Love these but don't fancy wearing it cause it's damn hot inside. It's furrr wtf did I buy these hahaha. Bought during cny this year at The Zon, the shop next next to the shop selling traditional chinese clothings.

#13 New navy high cut sneakers. Bought online with Eunice for $17. Took more than a month to arrive wtf...

#14 Pink high cut sneakers. Bought in Bugis Street, the shop is quite behind and hidden and tiny at level 1.

#15 Studded high platform shoe. Yep, I sound soooo professional in naming shoes. First thing I bought in Taiwan. Food not included. Hahaha. 

#16 Running shoes. Bought it ages ago in Plaza Pelangi's sports shop. Rm200+?

#17 Sandals! My fav cause it's in between formal and informal and I can wear it to school (slippers not allowed in studio) 


Yep, Ok. So, Thats all for my shoes. 
I do wanna buy creepers but I have yet to see one that I feel that it's THE ONE for me LOL. Like choosing husband hor? LOL. Shoes eh, don't play play. As I said in my title, good shoes bring you to good place so must be careful of the shoes you buy and don't buy on impulse, make sure you wear them often and dont neglect them, they will be sad! ):

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  1. Like mother like daughter, I love buying shoes too!