Jul 8, 2013

The Four of Us

Was scrolling through my photo albums cause I'm pretty bored of doing my studio work about wood and I realized that I never blog about my latest outing with the BFFs. We went to sing k that day & end up taking a lot of photos and screaming and running around the room and me losing my voice hahahaha

I always love hanging out with them cause they're the only people I can truly be 100% me and not be judged. They're always tolerating my nonsense, bad temper and princess attitude, and as a return, I get bullied by them hahaha. But still, really, I don't know what to do without them.

Photos are all taken with Emily's iPad (;

BEWARE: Crazy + Retarded photo spam! LOLOL

*proof of them bullying me!* (trying to push me away from the screen)

I disappeared cause I was laughing too much

Them, trying to imitate me cause they ran out of actions.

I kena pushed out wtf hahaha

Jack Jack the serial bully!!!

Tsk, selca ah someone hahaha

And I think below are mostly photos of Ryan acting dumb as usual lol

Spot a flying Jackren LOL

I hate my gummy smile wtf

ugh my fishball cheeks

As annoying as they are, I really thank God for putting them into my life.
Got close since '08 til forever.
If any of you see this, please don't be too touched. Buy food for me can alrdy hahaha :p

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