Jul 14, 2013

Lunch w Honeybees


Scheduling allllll the post now cause I am in a blogging mood.
My blog stats now very low leh, I see alrdy damn sad. Need to buck up and continue blogging to get back the old numbers I had ):

This was a lunch after koko day (went back to SSI!) LOLOL it was in April wtf hahaha. A day after I posted my gwiyomi video on FB. Bad move, shld have posted it after koko day cause a few juniors was like eh I wanna see you live gwiyomi leh & some of my friends see me will do the gwiyomi actions omg. embarrassing ttm sia T^T

(photos are all taken with my iphone 4s except those that have a * underneath the picture, those are taken with Casio EX-ZR700)

* In SSI, can any SSI-ians guess where is this? hahaha




Me & my bitch :D

Anyway, we actually decided not to have lunch together after that cause CY need to go home early & I need to go somewhere too (I think is church). But after Cy went back, WS & I decided to go for lunch at KSL. So we took and taxi over to CY's house to pick her up to KSL. Wandered around shopping a little and had lunch at El Migo's! My favourite restaurant. I love their steak & chicken chop there leh idk why hahaha. So yummy! :p

* CY's pasta omfg i'm feeling hungry looking at this D:


* The only thing to do before the food comes to is selca hahahaha


* prettayyy

* hahahahhhaha omg


* WS's!!! omg so hungry now...

* Mine! I love mushroom sauces hhehehe 

After eating we still had time before my mom comes over to fetch me so, CAMHOOOOOO!!!!

Starting with me first cause I am self obsessed like that :p

By then I think they got pretty tired of taking photos & then there is me, the selca bitch, who continues snapping photos of myself LOL

End of the photos! haha, sorry for such a shitty post :p Better than nothing right? hahaha

I miss them alrdy! I wish 26th July will come soon. CY willl be back from Kl then we have to meet up!!!
Cannot wait! *inserts 2 big big heart emoji for both of them* 


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