Sep 29, 2012


This post is once again, scheduled hahahaha. I'm super loving this schedule thing loh. Last time saw it but never occured me to use it. Why, brain, why?

Anyway, this post is about my outing with Ze gossipy friends to celebrate our end of trials LOL and we're supposed to go for a jog in Istana Garden but ended up taking pictures at somewhere near CS.


she fell down...

i super like this cox my legs damn nice hahaha

and him trying to imitate me hahahha

fuhh i'm so chio can

him: a very uncomfortable pose


i didnt know i was going to be in the picture hahaha. look, my hiao deskmate! :D

she insist on posing this cause she say she haz nice figure LOL

crazy people do crazy things

group photo! :D

you see, i fully prepared for phototaking loh LOL

again, i think he is crazy. LOL there were cars!!!

After all these we went to Music Band for karaoke. CY & I rocked SJ's songs man LOL
the best people to hang out with (:

oh yeah, by the time you see these, i'm about to/is now performing in teenz in church (which might be a video and i'll link it here for you all) and gonna be at my travis's 1 y/o birthday bash soon! teehee

byeeeeee ^^


Please, please let me try what I want to do. I alrdy have all things planned. I could write a freaking long blog post here.

Sep 28, 2012


Although this is my life, I could never be what I want to be......

Sep 26, 2012

Girls Generation - SNSD

Nail Tutorial

Are you a hardcore fan of Girls' Generation (SNSD)?
Here's a simple paparazzi inspired nail design specially for you :D

Things you'll need:
1. Pink 
(I used neon pink cox I couldn't find pastel rose pink - their official colour)
2. White
3. Black
4. Red
5. Glittery nail polish
6. Dotting tool

Oh look, the neatly filed nails :D 

(I used a nail art pen, you can use a dotting tool) write SNSD on the thumb

Do french nails on both the red based nails

1. Draw lines.
2. Fill in.
3. Draw a bowtie.
4. Make dots! 

Apply top coat & you're done!
Have fun! (:

Big Bang

Nail Tutorial 

Hi VIPS somewhere in the ocean of yellow crowns and blakc & white bandannas :D
Here is a post calling out to you!
Always wanted simple Big Bang inspired nail designs?
Right here, I have the nicest nail design for you to wear to the BIG BANG ALIVE concert! :D

Things you'll need:
1. Silver
2. White
3. Brown
4. Red
5. Yellow
6. Black
7. Blue
8. Dotting tool

 Using a dotting tool, paint the Big Bang logo on the thumb like this.

Also using dotting tool, make a 'monster scratch' on your pinky nail.
This was inspired by the big bang MONSTER teaser photo.

Draw leopard prints on the middle finger.

Then, draw a crown on your ring finger.
1. Make dots.
2. Line the crown shape.
3. Fill in.
4. Put 3 silver dots on top & 3 black dots on the crown.

Write on "VIP" (Big Bang official fanclub name) on the index finger.

Apply top coat and you're done! :D

Have fun!^^

Food Cravings

Ugh, everytime I fall sick I sure crave for some food that I either cannot get right away or cannot eat.

This time, its quite a lot of food I say.
1. Starbucks : java chips frappuchino w hazelnut topping & caramel YUMS
2. Snow skinned pandan/liang rong mooncake
3. Sushi : onigiri & temaki!
4. Cold soba
5. Mcflurry : oreooooo
6. Popcorn : w lotsa caramel
7. Korean food : samgyupsal, ddeobokki, ginseng chicken soup & kimchi pancake
8. Potato chips
9. KFC : cheesy potato wedges & fried chicken
10. Cream puff : beard papa πŸ˜‹

Sep 24, 2012


Heh, I am now typing this on Saturday. The day I posted the below 3 posts. Actually I'm in an extreme blogging mood and want to post everything today but I scared you all never see my last few posts. So yeah, I scheduled it to be posted today so if you see this the first time, I am currently having tuition in Omega at Mr Lim's Chemistry class.

Anyway, here's the shopping haul I promised. 

on ze car


totally loving the back of this tank top ♡

stuff i bought. LOL technically its stuff daddy bought for me cause umma claimed money from dad.

bought this for Travis from KSL :D kinda expensive but super cute loh, put battery dy can move and sing and shine one! hahhaha, he confirm will LOVE it! its 17.90RMB

and this bloody cutesy pair of shoes :D baby stuff are all damn expensive can. this is like about 24RMB after 30% discount ._.

masks from sasa! 10RMB for 4.

shorts! :D 2 for 50RMB 

floral dress. super comfy one! its on sale at 29.90RMB

from sgp forgot the price cause the girl keep saying "oh if you buy this then this one cheaper that one can mix with this then how much..." yada yada so i got blurred. 

the back of the shirt up there! :D

tank tops (: i think they are 2 for 10SGD. 
when i reached home and tried them it was actually quite fitting. if my boobs where any larger I couldnt have fit in it. HAHAHAHA

ok, next post coming up: SNSD & Big Bang nail tutorial ^^