Sep 3, 2012

비탄에 잠긴

It must be because of the exams. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat well. I feel emotional and feel like crying at every little thing, no matter it's a happy thing or sad thing. I hope all these ends soon. I need my sleep back. I need my appetite back. I want to stop being so emotional.

Anyway, today is the first day of spm trials. It was pretty hard cause the teacher lied to us. She did not come out with any of the questions that she spotted. Whats the use of having trials if she didn't give us any questions that might be coming out for spm? Ugh. Weird people does weird things.

Oh, have you all heard of the new GD song? Oh gosh, i think i'm falling for him 😱 Aimi is gonna kill me. Haha no lah, chillax. My priority is still eunhyuk, then key and lastly kai. Yes, i know i like a lot but these 3 are not just it. I havent counted nichkhun, taecyeon, zelo, sungmin, yonghwa, heechul, jonghyun, taemin, tao, baekhyun... And dont forget the girls. LOL oh gosh, i nan nv tong chi! :x

Ahhh, tomorrow's English. Let's just hope its gonna be easy cause i did not read a single thing for English! Before i go... AH LOOK! I DYED MY HAIR! How do i look? LOLOL

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