Sep 16, 2012

When September Ends

Hi fellow readers, thanks for staying with me despite all these irregular updates. I'm once again updating with my phone so its gonna be yet another short post.

It is now 8 down, 1 to go (≧∇≦)

Biology! My worst subject ever. Even worse than history. I really really regretted entering science class. Should have transferred to convent to the art stream. Accounts..? Whatever! Better than taking physics, chemistry and biology. But on the other hand, SPM ends earlier (; so yeah, there's pros and cons for everything. Gotta give and take.

September is ending real soon! October is coming and oh, my birthday too! Hahaha. Ok, i'm excited and i dont know why. I alrdy have a list of things i need and things i want but do not need in my mind. My birthday presents ahhh *wink wink* LOL

Things i want but do not need:
Pink/HK polaroid instant camera
Pink compact camera/DSRL
A trip to Japan to buy all those cute shit thise bloggers always get
Pink hair (LOL)
Walk in wardrobe full of new clothes, shoes and apparels
Macbook air
More nails polish

Things i need:
More concentration to study for SPM
Perfect & flawless milky white skin
SM TOWN singapore tickets
Lee Hyukjae

Fan girl will always be a fan girl.
Goodbye! Will be back for an official post from the computer with new nail tutorials soon!

RUNNING MAN, wait for me.

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