Sep 26, 2012

Big Bang

Nail Tutorial 

Hi VIPS somewhere in the ocean of yellow crowns and blakc & white bandannas :D
Here is a post calling out to you!
Always wanted simple Big Bang inspired nail designs?
Right here, I have the nicest nail design for you to wear to the BIG BANG ALIVE concert! :D

Things you'll need:
1. Silver
2. White
3. Brown
4. Red
5. Yellow
6. Black
7. Blue
8. Dotting tool

 Using a dotting tool, paint the Big Bang logo on the thumb like this.

Also using dotting tool, make a 'monster scratch' on your pinky nail.
This was inspired by the big bang MONSTER teaser photo.

Draw leopard prints on the middle finger.

Then, draw a crown on your ring finger.
1. Make dots.
2. Line the crown shape.
3. Fill in.
4. Put 3 silver dots on top & 3 black dots on the crown.

Write on "VIP" (Big Bang official fanclub name) on the index finger.

Apply top coat and you're done! :D

Have fun!^^

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