Sep 4, 2012

Puffy Dandelions

Hi, i'm here to rant again. Since i have deleted my facebook, twitter and instagram app in my phone, i have nothing to do before i sleep. Which is kinda good? LOL so now i can blog more and sleep earlier hahaha. Ok, English wasn't hard and i hope moral would be easy too. *cross fingers* had lunch with umma in a taiwanese restaurant today. It made me miss taiwan so much! Ahhhhhh. I wanna go back. Haha next time i think i'd go tainan. Gaohsiung! Cause i see the book and like a lot of nice place there. Got the hello kitty theme park ah, or what? I forgot. Ugh my memory. K lah, i want to sleep alrdy. Goodnight homosapians!

Random fact about me:
I'm a sucker for cute things.

Oh wait, look who's married? (;

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