Mar 25, 2015

Things you can do when you're bored on the plane.

This post was thought of when I was on a plane a few days ago from Subang back to JB. It was a night flight, at 8pm. I was on the plane, happily took off and on the way back to JB, chatting with my mom on the plane when she suddenly told me to stop talking, she wants to sleep. I was like, oh okay then. The lights were off, there wasn't any music, I couldn't sleep due to the seats being so straight (I don't know how to make the seat go down and I don't wanna make a racket.) I had at least another 45 minutes before landing and I am dead bored.

I'm sure many of you may encounter this situation before. When you're sitting by the window seat, tight space, no phone, no internet, no books, no pen or paper, cant sleep. You're basically just staring into nowhere because it's a night flight and outside the window is pitch black, there's no even any scenery to enjoy. gosh.

So because I was so so so bored. I came up with stuff to do to entertain myself.

1. Stare at someone until they feel it and look over at you.
2. Find a long word from the instruction manual thingy and make words out of it. No paper and pen? It's okay. You can write it down in your notes in your phone. As long as you're not on the phone line while taking off or landing, i'm sure it's fine to use it.
3. Sing to yourself. Not too loudly, mind you. Unless you have a really good voice and you're super thick skin, I guess i wouldn't mind if you sing while i'm on the plane hahaha
4. Stretch your fingers and see how far can they go.
5. Take selfies. They usually keep the lights off when taking off and landing but after that they on the lights again so use the lighting and take selfies! A camwhore gotta whore.
6. Eat. Honestly I was pretty full when I got down from the plane. I had like a mini sausage bun, 2 biscuits, two cups of mineral water, you know, the kind in a plastic and you stick the straw from the top and loads of candies. I would have more sausage buns if they dont smell so strong.

Stuff that I could have done if I had any of those stuff:
7. Play with the games in my phone. Unfortunately, I deleted all my games in my phone the other day.
8. Listen to some music. Unfortunately, again. I didn't bother to load any songs into my phone and only used spotify and of course, being on a plane, i cant possibly get wifi or 3g to play those songs right.
9. Draw or scribble. I have paper, vomit bag, actually, and had no pens. So I can't draw too, or play tic tac toe by myself haih
10. Talk to someone. Mom's asleep so can't do this too...

So yeah, these are the stuff that you can do when you're bored on the plane hahaha
Pretty useless post tbh, but hey! I updated! Like, finally, after almost 3 months. oops